Justin Timberlake To Host Album Listening Session – At Prince’s Paisley Park Home

Published: Saturday 13th Jan 2018 by Sam

All roads lead to Super Bowl week for Halftime headliner Justin Timberlake.

Beyond the high-profile gig, the Pop titan will also be releasing his fourth solo album ‘Man Of The Woods’ during said frame.

And it’s clear, he’s keen to launch the LP in a major way.

So much so that he’s secured the residence of late legend Prince for a super exclusive listening session.

Full story below…

According to Star Tribune, JT will host the first playback for his project at the Purple one’s home – Paisley Park – in partnership with American Express.

Situated in Minneapolis (the location of this year’s Super Bowl), the iconic residence will play host to the session on February 1st – a day before the album arrives at retail. And three days before the Halftime Show.

Tickets, which were priced at $80, disappeared almost as fast as they went on sale – despite arriving as a surprise for AmEx cardholders.

It’s expected that the presentation will take place at Paisley Park’s famed Soundstage, which can accommodate 1,800 and regular played host to Prince’s jam session for fans.


The listening session is sure to raise eyebrows given Prince and Justin’s interesting history.

Indeed, while the ‘Filthy’ singer has been uber endorsing of the legend – especially after his death in 2016 – they have in fact traded subtle jabs at one another.

For, when questioned about JT’s single ‘SexyBack’ and it’s implied suggestion that it was reviving something, Prince (in trademark form) clapped back with the following in an interview:

“For whoever is claiming that they are bringing sexy back, sexy never left!”

Said line clearly found its way to Timberlake, who sung the following lines on Timbaland + Nelly Furtado collaboration ‘Give It To Me’ that same year:

“I saw you tryin’ to act cute on TV, ‘Just let me clear the air’/ We missed you on the charts last week/ Damn, that’s right, you wasn’t there/ Now if sexy never left, then why is everybody on my sh–?/ Don’t hate on me just because you didn’t come up with it.”

Things that make you go hmmm.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mike January 13, 2018

    What kind of ritual is it?

    • Credits January 13, 2018

      The indoctrination. Lol

  2. Minaj Mania January 13, 2018

    So he’s charging people to enter Prince’s home? This man is a weirdo for true.

  3. Stephy January 13, 2018

    This is so disrespectful. Prince would’ve NEVER approved of this. smh

  4. Suicide Blonde January 13, 2018

    I love Prince but he shaded JT first, just because you’re a legend doesn’t give you the right to come for anyone, this site is always hating on JT, the only white artists they like are Adele, JoJo and Beyoncé.

    • SuxMyCockiness =o January 13, 2018

      I don’t think that was shade from Prince. He was asked a question and he stated a factual opinion.

    • California January 13, 2018

      Stfu you racist looking mongoloid..yet you stay having Beyonce’s name in your yuck filled mouth.

    • Ropeburn January 13, 2018

      Justin Timberfake molded his whole career after black artists like Michael Jackson and Prince. So if any one of them had something to say to him, he should have shut his mouth and listened to his superiors! Especially when he copied the concept of Prince’s Lovesexy for that reductive Timbaland song.

    • Hmmm January 13, 2018

      Welp…there’s always the option of finding another blog to troll. This is an URBAN entertainment blog run by people of COLOR. Hit up PerezHilton if you’re looking for a blog that kisses JT’s ass.

      • Mark111 January 14, 2018

        He can’t, he won’t standout, he’ll be one of many racist gay white boys. He uses this urban blog because he stands out, just like JT uses urban music to standout, or he would be just another white male artist doing pop rock or country. So that explains why he defending JT, they’re the same fake attention seeking demon.

  5. xtina4ever January 13, 2018

    Lmfao if his album is number 1 and later filth makes it into the top 10. That wouldn’t be a flop at all. Bruno Is good, but it has been around for a long time and will be here to stay.

    • ??? January 13, 2018

      Lmao please timberb*tch is already a flop, bruno ended ha lmfaooo

  6. JohnnyBlaze82 January 13, 2018

    SO disrespectful!!!!!!!

  7. California January 13, 2018

    His ugly fake ass stay trying it.

    • Fancy BISH January 13, 2018

      lol ?

  8. Lake Erie January 13, 2018

    Smh… Justin Timberlake is really something else.. I would really like to hear his reason for doing this.. .. I wonder would he ASKED to do this if Prince was still here? .. Smh.

  9. eric January 13, 2018

    Always taking from a black artist. Janet, Michael, Prince… it never stops. He has no identity without attaching himself to other artists and Timbaland.

  10. Latina chick January 14, 2018

    B|t#h please Prince is so salty he even tried to diss Michael Jackson.

  11. Mark111 January 14, 2018

    I swear this guy is obsessed with Black culture. He couldn’t go to Elvis’s Graceland, Mr. Man of the Tennessee Woods? He literally dissed Prince in 2007,along with Janet on the same track. As soon as the man dies, JT is all of the sudden inspired and a fan. He did the exact crap with MJ, he wouldn’t claim he was inspired by MJ during the trials, but as soon as MJ passed, he was all over the man’s dead body. This is what I’m talking about when I say JT is fake he’ll do anything for a check or a good look, just like how he was called how with his Mee Too fake stunt, but just did a movie with Woodfield Allen, a known r*****. This is going to fall I can’t wait.

    • MessyBoots January 14, 2018

      Well he did build his solo career off destroying his bigger, more famous ex girlfriend’s reputation by making his biggest hit about her alleged ‘betrayal’… Lord knows how many groupies he cheated on her with during the Nsync days lol…’cry me a river’ indeed.

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