Madonna Scolds Fans For Criticizing New Album’s Producers

Published: Saturday 20th Jan 2018 by Rashad

Camila Cabello‘s ‘Havana,’ Rihanna‘s ‘Needed Me,’ Nicki Minaj‘s ‘No Frauds,’ and Katy Perry‘s ‘Swish Swish,’ are just a few of the credits lining the resume of songwriter Starrah…and one of the reasons she’s being branded by some as “the biggest songwriter in the game right now.”

With such an impressive list of hits to her name, it’s no secret she’s being sought out by many – including Queen of Pop Madonna (who’s reportedly hard at work on her 14th studio album).  Making the reveal earlier this week, some fans of the legendary songstress were thrilled to learn she’s not only working with Starrah, but also reconnecting with ‘Ghosttown’ producer Billboard.  Other fans, well…not so much.

Fielding criticism for “chasing hits” or “making hip hop records,” some of the diva’s followers made no secret of their displeasure of the 59-year-old singer presumably making music that would appeal to younger music buyers.

Never one to mince words, M had enough and took to Instagram to clap back:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde January 20, 2018

    Some of the things the fans said were true, she should work with real musicians again, no Djs and “hit producers”, but she always does the opposite of what people want her to do, watch her drop a rap album just to p*** everyone off, lol.

    • Stephy January 20, 2018

      They are “real musicians”. These people are creating, producing beats/music from scratch. They play multiple instruments, knows how to work the soundboard and can write music (not just lyrics). You just want her to work with classic musicians of yesteryear but that’s not going to happen. Madonna has always changed with the times, and this is the ratchet era – so she’s going with that… after all, she’s always been a trend-hopper (at-least since 1990). Madonna’s last real good album was released in 2005. She peaked with Ray of Light tho. The reason why her music was so good back then b/c she surrounded herself with legit musical geniuses. But these new producers are real musicians, just not geniuses like Patrick Leonard, Stephen Bray or William Orbit

      • Suicide Blonde January 20, 2018

        No, I don’t want her to work with classic producers, there are plenty of young producers that create amazing music, hence, why I don’t refer to these producers she is working with, as real musicians. Madonna used to work with unknown producers, rather than with “hit producers”, she’s just not interested in making quality/experimental music anymore, this is her main problem today, she’s just not interested, she just want to have fun, she was a trendsetter, no one can’t deny that, she used to lead, whatever was original or not, now she follows, anyway, we know her, she will please herself, not fans, casual listeners or music critics.

      • XYZ January 20, 2018

        @stephy, that was really well said. You hit the nail on the head with your last sentence

    • China January 20, 2018

      Dear SB: Do your HOMEWORK girl. Madonna started out with JELLYBEAN a DJ. Holiday, Physical Attraction, a RAP song: Sidewalk talk and it still rains as HER BEST music. Bedtime Stories is a classic. MADONNA has RnB tones from DAY 1. Urban Culture. ALLOW her to get her LIFE in the Rnb World. VOGUE is partially rapped honey. HOLIDAY is 100% an RnB record – its in her roots. She learned to Dance at a ALL BLACK BALLET company.

      • Suicide Blonde January 20, 2018

        Jesús, you’re trying to lecture me on MADONNA, child, how long you been on this site?…..Holiday an RnB récord 🤣 that’s a dance-pop song.

      • Its me Gowrl January 20, 2018

        Ok now even tho I hate Madinosaur and suicide, y’all gotta fall back off Suicide. Stop tryna school her on Madge when she IS Madge. Now if u wanna just drag Madonna then do that but don’t lecture this girl on her. U will loose horribly

    • Teflon Boy January 20, 2018

      Ray Of Light her Grammy winning slayage album was produced by a dance producer, same with Music, Confessions On A Dancefloor, Bedtime Stories, Something To Remember etc. Casual fans are delusional if they think Madonna’s best loved/most critically acclaimed work was created by any other type of producer.

  2. Stephy January 20, 2018

    I love Madonna. Always speaks her mind and keeps it moving. I hope she lives well into her 90’s

    • Its me Gowrl January 20, 2018

      😐I thought she was already IN her 90s!!??

      • Caleb January 20, 2018

        Definitely not.

  3. Fancy BISH January 20, 2018

    I love Madonna as a person and as an artist! But her music hasn’t connected with me since she dropped that 🔥 Confessions On A Slay Floor 🔥 Since then, it’s been kind of dry…but The Queen will do as she pleases…I respect that..the only thing I ask is that she sings instead of talk sing…but the BISH will do as she pleases lol 😂 Love her tho! ❤️

    • China January 20, 2018

      Bish. You girls listening to the wrong songs. HARD CANDY. is the CD…. 4 mintues with Justin Timberfake was hot. MILES ALWAY is the best song she’s done in years. SHE’S NOT ME — is the woman’s anthem….She’s not me, she’ll never be me. Give it 2 me is a cardio dream. BEAUTIFUL SCARS also is the most Rnb record she has every done. MADONNA STARTED OUT RNB with Holiday, Physical Attraction and Lucky Star and RAP MUSIC with SideWalk Talk….do your homework.

      • Ropeburn January 20, 2018

        he problem is Madonna never promoted the “good songs” so the casual listener never got to hear them. Miles Away was good but she never released and promoted it as a single. And Rebel Heart is full of great songs like Beautiful Scars, Best Night, etc. but instead she chose to promote Bish I’m Madonna. That was objectively the worst song on the album.

      • XYZ January 20, 2018

        Tbh she had some really good songs on every of her last albums, songs that deserved to become classics. But her albums haven’t been as consistent after „confessions“. That was a record you could listen from start to finish, while on the albums afterwards there were songs you just wanted to skip.

      • IWISHABITCHWOULD January 24, 2018

        @china YESSSSS THAT HARD CANDY ALBUM WAS TRUTH! It is by far my favorite Madonna Album of the 2000s. FROM BEGINNING TO END NOTHING BUT BANGERS AND GOOD MUSIC. INCREDIBLE, MILES AWAY, SPANISH LESSONS. I could go on and on but I loved that album AND THE TOUR KICKED ASS TOO!

        Plllllleeeeassseee Madonna give me an album like that!

        P.S.: Fans really do need to chill with the stereotypical b******* though.

  4. Barbara ‘Hunnychile’ Perez January 20, 2018

    She does seem to chase musical trends these days rather than set them but hey ho she is and always will be a legend even if I’m not personally feelin’ it music wise. Credit to her for defending though what she says is too true.

    My advice for the next record would be to do something with the vocal to make them less shrill – successive records are getting higher in pitch (same applies to Dame Kylie Minogue). No hate though, love them both.

    • XYZ January 20, 2018

      Another slow album would be great, like „something to remember“

  5. truthteller January 20, 2018

    This post reminded me how people slept on Ghosttown, one of the best songs Madge put out in years

    • XYZ January 20, 2018

      True words. Never understood why that wasn‘t a hit, it‘s a really good song

  6. Meteorite January 20, 2018

    Madonna always tries to do something different each album, that’s why her discography in retrospect, is amazing.
    I also applaud her for nipping those stereotypical claims in the bud. Just because people dress a certain way doesn’t mean they’re about that life.
    Example: when Christina Aguilera worked with DJ Premier, a hip-hop producer, was Back to Basics in anyway hip-hop sounding? No, it wasn’t.
    People need to stop judging.

  7. XYZ January 20, 2018

    I really like madonna for always speaking her mind. She might be a b**** behind curtains, at least from what people, but she always fought for a good cause even if she stumbled cause of it. She fought for gays and h** infected people in times where her career could have really ended because of it. You may not like her music or her antics, but she always stood for something

  8. JOHNVIDAL January 20, 2018

    I agree with suicide. She has come to an age that it is probably impossible to create your best work no matter who you work with. But she could be doing better music if she weren´t working with these people. Her albums are not going to sell like that regardless cause nobody sells anymore especially at that age. So she could do a fantantic experimental album and risk it all. Wouldn´t hurt her one bit. It´s a similar thing Mariah has been going through for a while. They are not interested in spending that much time creating the best of musics. I suppose even for such monumental artists it comes to a point they want to enjoy life instead of going through all the trouble they used to go through to create the best album possible. Madonna is doing worse than mariah in this regard though. Mariah still records different types of songs at least.

  9. justafan January 21, 2018

    this wannabe Mariah Carey should stop tryna be all hip hop and rnb.

  10. CX January 21, 2018

    Gather mama

  11. christopher m metivier April 4, 2018

    Christ sakes, she’s almost 60 years old and is entitled to make whatever music she chooses to. She’s already done everything and if she’s inspired by some of these younger peoples musicality and wants to work with them so be it! It’s a testament to the fact that Madonna is “young at heart” which at 48 I can relate to because I still find myself getting excited about new pop artists where most people walk from the mainstream music making at a certain age much younger than mine. I always think it’s exciting when Madonna makes an album and some are better than others but there are ALWAYS at least a few really good songs even if the entirety of the project doesn’t always work. Her last project generated over 40 songs that most of us real fans got our hands on and within that massive set of recordings there was a great Madonna album for all of us. We got to pick and choose. Who the hell cares if songs are hits anymore? Radio plays the same twenty songs for months on end, there is not nearly the room for songs to be hits the way there once was and that’s been the case for nearly thirty years now. In the 80’s songs came and went in a matter of a few months. Every week there was an average of 4-6 new debuts within the top 40. It was fun back then, now it’s boring and I don’t give a crap about if a song is a hit. Some of the best music these days is not on the mainstream airwaves and that certainly is not the barometer for quality. I admit at this point I’d be pleased to hear that Madonna was working with an unknown because it would be more exciting, but that doesn’t always mean the finished product will be great like it was with Ray Of Light or Confessions. Bedtime Stories was made with a number of known producers at the time and that is a great album. I would prefer that she stick to just a couple producers and not go crazy with a half dozen different ones for the same project, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to be open to what she’s working on. What I do know is that if there is any artist out there poised to have a hit record so good that age won’t stand in the way, it’s Madonna. It would be a perfect bookend for her to have one more album that generates a song or two that radio plays. Cher managed to do it in 1998 with Believe while in her early 50’s at the time. It’s not likely, but it’s not impossible either that Madonna could pull through once again with something completely fresh and unexpected.

  12. Rene April 26, 2018

    Let Madonna be Madonna …She doesn’t have to prove to no one she a master of talent in her own disguise….I’m sure at almost 60 she will present an Album that’s in good taste to music lovers at all ages …Let the Queen of pop work her magic and when the New album is release..she’ll give us Something to Remember #madge2018#NewMusic#Newalbum

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