Remy Ma Announces New Single ‘Melanin Magic (ft. Chris Brown) / Asks Fans To Select Cover

Published: Monday 15th Jan 2018 by Sam

After warming up the masses with ‘Wake Me Up,’ Remy Ma is ready to sprinkle a little ‘Melanin Magic’ on the charts.

The fiery femcee has enlisted Chris Brown for what she says is a celebratory and empowering single.

Set to debut this Friday, the track is the latest taste of Remy’s long-awaited sophomore album ‘Seven Winters & Six Summers’ – due later this year via Columbia Records. 

Ahead of its arrival, the femcee is asking for your help.

See what we mean below…

Taking to social media, the rapper revealed that fans will be able to choose the official artwork from three options:

Check them out above and below…

Are you excited for new Remy and C. Breezy? Also, which cover would you pick? Let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bey Sting January 15, 2018

    Didn’t she stab a black woman?

    • NT January 15, 2018


      • 👧 + ✈ = 💀 January 15, 2018


    • Justinincredible January 15, 2018

      Didn’t Nicki call black woman monkeys who need to go back to their habitat on Stupid H**? Doesn’t Nicki still have a deal with racist company H&M? Hahaaha

      • Electrikblue January 15, 2018

        No Nicki said that to Kim after she dissed her. Nice try. Also Nicki had a capsule collection with H&M it’s not an ongoing thing. She’s been paid the deal is done. Carry on.

    • Jasmine January 15, 2018

      She dit not kill anybody and she already served time in prison for it so move on.

  2. NT January 15, 2018

    So here’s the thing with this, the general public is over hearing Chris Browns voice at the moment, so I’m not sure how commercial this single could be… Sadly she’s been planning this single for a few months.

    • Faf January 15, 2018

      Chris is the same type of artist as Wayne

      Just bc u put him on a song doesn’t mean it’s gonna chart

    • Caleb January 15, 2018

      But radio still play his s*** no matter what, so I guess you can’t go wrong with putting him on the song.

      • whut January 15, 2018

        Yeah they’ll play it, but the issue is that nobody will buy it.

  3. GurlWepa1989 January 15, 2018

    what happened to Wake Me Up? That S*** is dead asleep.

  4. BaduIzm January 15, 2018

    Isn’t this the same woman who shot a fellow sister over money? If she thinks melanin is so magic why did she try to take a black Woman’s life?

    • Jasmine January 15, 2018

      She did not kill anybody. Stop bringing up the past queen. People have done worst in simple fist fights. Remy paid her dues with prison time. Move on queen.

  5. whut January 15, 2018

    All 3 covers are horrid…but the first one is the least horrid of the 3.

    • Meme January 15, 2018

      😂😂😂 my exact thoughts

  6. James January 15, 2018

    Remy shot a h** about a stack and lets not act like #wakemeup wasn’t her first try at a single that #putustosleep so she’ll try again and nicki and cardi will eclipse her

    • DanYiel Iman January 15, 2018

      Wake me up did well, only folks mad are THE HATERS!!✌🏽😂

  7. Meme January 15, 2018

    All 3 looks hideous. Is ppl still listening to her? Cuz I think her 15mins hype she got off of nickis name is drizzling down now.

    • RealRapQueens January 15, 2018

      You are such a f*****. Lol

  8. Stoney Jackson January 15, 2018

    [email protected] her record, im listenin..You, might wanna ask What songs.. should make it!!👂

  9. RealRapQueens January 15, 2018

    Went from “These nappy headed h*** need a perminator. “Look bubbles go back to ya habitat,” and gorilla emoji’s to “Melanin Magic” and #BlackLove.

    Thank you Remy for changing the female rap narrative that’s been poisoned for years. #BlackIsBeautiful

    • Faf January 15, 2018

      And she meant it

      Next case 😭😭😭😭 kim look like a zoo creature

      • Justincredible January 15, 2018

        Just like all nicki’s Racist fans dropping 🦍 emojis over Remy social media, they really meant it! Aww, it sucks y’all never can have the last word. There’s a rebuttal to the f*ckery each and every time!! 🤣That’s Why y’all use the “at least she got money!” One cuz y’all WEAK sunken place asses holding on to that last straw. Remy and lil Kim are monkeys but that little boy at H&M isn’t. The hypocrisy.😂

  10. Justinincredible January 15, 2018

    Remy fills the void that Nicki’s gentrified built ass ignored all these years. Rather tell black women to perm their God given nappy hair to appease to the white standard of beauty instead of self-love anthems like what Remy’s about to drop! That’s why y’all mad. It’s sooooo easy to sh!t on Nicki’s sell out fake behind. HAHAHAAHAHAH!

    • Electrikblue January 15, 2018

      Y’all are so fake! Like y’all never heard or called someone nappy. Please. You’re talking about a song 6yrs old. If you wanna dog that far back y’all about Remy shooting a black female. Exactly drop the fake support just to drag Nicki.

      • RealRapQueens January 15, 2018

        All Nicki non black fans singing lyrics like “Nappy headed h*** but my kitchen good” like it’s nothing. That s*** was never cute. Y’all wanna say nicki bigger than rap and has influence yet deny her awful, self hating lyrics.

    • ??? January 15, 2018

      Lmao is that why one of remys covers has her with white makeup and a blonde shake n go dollar store wig? Lmfaoooo black girl magic huh? Lmfaooo

  11. Lester January 15, 2018

    This women is beyond beautiful but idk about her rapping voice.

  12. MessyJessy January 15, 2018

    The first one is fire. Hope this song pops off for her! She deserves it tbh.

  13. Blqlkme January 15, 2018


    • ??? January 15, 2018

      Lmao then why is she also offering the one where she’s wearing a cheap blonde wig and pale makeup? Lmfaooo

  14. Alexis Jackson January 15, 2018

    All the photos are bomb the queen did justice but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the full body pic where she is standing up it she slayed that one

    • Alexus Jackson January 16, 2018

      I’m meant to say she slayed in it and I hope this song hit/top the charts she deserves it so much come on queen rem!!!!!

  15. Ocean January 16, 2018

    Remy is necessary for the culture not for chart success. This album needs to drop already…

    • January 16, 2018

      the culture is sexist, yall just hyping Remy ma up to get at Nicki.

  16. TRUTH SERUM January 16, 2018

    Remus, please stop styling yourself. You got a major record deal worth millions. Invest in a real stylist!!! Bronx chic isn’t working.

  17. DoubleMM January 16, 2018

    lets take the second one because that one can show ur melanin

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