Rita Ora & Liam Payne Preview New Single ‘For You’ [Listen]

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jan 2018 by Sam

Rita Ora proved herself to be one of Pop’s most dependable hit vendors on Euro shores last year and she looks to take her winning streak worldwide with new song ‘For You.’

A duet with Liam Payne for movie ‘Fifty Shades Free’ (due February 9th), the song arrives this Friday.

Ahead of its debut, the pair have shared a preview while also showcasing behind the scenes footage of themselves recording the track.

Check it out below…

Hit or miss?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ocean January 3, 2018

    she loves a duet

  2. Your Name January 3, 2018

    Her music never goes anywhere. How does she get a budget? How is she still signed? I honestly believe that she f**** for tracks. I’ve never seen someone get soooooo many chances to flop….

    • tru.tea.ldn January 3, 2018

      She has f u c k e d so many man in the industry typical eastern european smut w h o r e slapper of the highest order….even tho the guys running this site are G A Y wouldn’t be suprised if she let them a*** her or gave them top

      • XYZ January 3, 2018

        Not a fan of hers, but she has 4 no. 1s and 4 more top 10 songs in the uk, which is the third biggest music markets. Two top tens in the last year and the aforementioned are just her singles, all of her features not counted. So actually, she is not a flop. I never got how she got all of these advertisement deals and movie gigs etc, as she was more a UK thing, but somehow she got them. She is definitely doing something right. Maybe she f***** for tracks, but as we all learned now, so did a lot of Hollywood actresses and definitely a lot of female singers

      • Bam January 3, 2018

        Lol, oh my word!

      • StarXavi January 3, 2018

        i hate to say this….but I don’t doubt this.

      • Stan January 4, 2018

        Hate on her all you want, she’ll be around for a long time.

    • DanYiel Iman January 4, 2018

      She’s actually very rich she’s been wealthy before actually becoming a singer!!

    • Overpaid Consumer January 4, 2018

      Have we forgotten that bih Nicole Scherzinger??? Rita is on some Nicole level thirst for relevance and with much less talents/looks….. Seriously, enough is enough with her trying to make fetch happen!

  3. tru.tea.ldn January 3, 2018


  4. IG : mixedboy January 3, 2018


  5. truthteller January 4, 2018

    I love how this blog continues to perpetuate the myth that Ora is a “hit vendor” in Europe when the reality is it’s just the UK

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