Tamar Braxton Responds To “Divorce Scam” Accusations / Deletes Instagram

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jan 2018 by David

Tamar Braxton has responded to outrageous claims that she is pretending to divorce her husband for publicity.

What’s going on?

Full story below…

Tamar announced that she was splitting with her husband and former manager Vincent Herbert last year.

With news of the separation came the unearthing of details on a marriage Tamar’s mother revealed was filled to the brim with abuse.

So, with this in mind, Braxton fans were shocked to learn that she spent New Year’s Eve with Herbert and took to the net to accuse the pair of fabricating their split to support their reality tv show ‘Tamar & Vince’ and its ratings.

Tamar’s response?

The above did little to kill talk of a PR stunt prompting Braxton to delete her page on Instagram to kill the noise.



Your thoughts?


Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH January 3, 2018


  2. Fan January 3, 2018

    Stop using the baby as an excuse. Vince needs to be free to be a good father. Tamar we love you but you are very extra and can’t see what you are doing wrong.

  3. Jasmine January 3, 2018

    She did this fake breakup for ratings. She is trying to hold on to her show.

  4. MissImpartial January 3, 2018

    You can’t start a fire and then be surprised by the flames it creates?

  5. Sleazy January 3, 2018

    Tamar starts this whole mess and then retracts ? She is messy and desperate. She can dish it but cant take it. Toni would never

  6. Mami January 3, 2018

    This mess just comes off so shady….IF this man (your husband) was beating your a** left and right…and THEN you find out he was cheating on you & possibly have a baby otw, at this point the only thing that should be going on is co-parenting IMO. Vince just went on vacation with her and the fam..and she claims its for their son but y’all don’t have to force mess just because the kid is involved smh..that makes it worse.

  7. The Wig Snatcher January 3, 2018

    Tamar has yet to grow up. She starts so much mess without the realization of what can backfire upon her.

  8. The Wig Snatcher January 3, 2018

    I’m so glad that Beyoncé has not stopped so low in her celebrity like Tamar, and she is years younger than Tay.

    • Jasmine January 3, 2018

      I agree. Tamar is a Beyonce wannabe.

    • SMH January 3, 2018

      Right. Instead beyonce chose to remain a dumb ass and stay with her cheater who constantly rubs it in her face and makes her out to be a fool. Great choice.

      • KurtisLeeSinger January 3, 2018

        You really think that? Bey and Jay are the king of minoulating the general public the life his album her album
        I don’t think he cheated on her at all
        I think they made it up for album and tour sales…

      • Jasmine January 3, 2018

        @SMH Once you get married you will see that other people’s marriages are individually unique…meaning what works for them may or may not work for you. Beyonce and Jay-z have a friendship and business relationship on top of marriage which makes their combined net worth over 1 billion. If I were Beyonce I would have stayed in the marriage too because why would you leave a successful relationship over a little infidelity. Cheating is not that big a deal. Tamar’s case is greatly different because the reason she should leave Vince is the physical abuse, not the cheating.

      • Hmmm… January 3, 2018

        @Jasmine Agree. I think cheating is a big deal but it’s really up to the individual to decide if infidelity is that big of a deal to them. If you can forgive your partner, be secure in your marriage again and move forward, that’s cool. Some will fight to save their marriage. And that’s okay. Going to counseling, separating and trying to get back to a healthy place, rebuilding trust, etc. That doesn’t work for everyone but it certainly works for some people.

        @SMH seems pretty immature regurgitating the same generic statement wherever it can, regardless of the different dynamics people have in their relationships.

      • SMH January 3, 2018

        Blah, blah, beyonce fans grow more and more delusional as the days pass. Writing novels & essays defending a DUMB B*TCH for staying with a man who REPEATEDLY cheated on her, but cursing out Tamar & Vince for putting the well being of their child ahead of their own personal mess. All of you can have several seats along with that DUMB B*TCH who’s still popping out babies for a man who repeatedly cheats on her.

      • Jasmine January 3, 2018

        @SMH You are the one who brought up Beyonce. You compared Tamar to Beyonce as if Tamar is even remotely close to Bey’s level. Now you are on here calling people “DUMB B*TCHes” because they are not agreeing with your simple minded nonsense and hatred of Beyonce. You are an undercover Beyonce fan which is why you bring her up on EVERY post even when it has nothing to do with Beyonce. Women are not dumb for forgiving their husbands of cheating when there is more benefits to staying in the marriage rather than leaving the marriage. In Tamar’s case, Tamar and her mother reported that Vincent beats her. You are a “DUMB B*TCH” if you do not understand the great difference between physical abuse vs infidelity. You are also a “”DUMB B*TCH” if you are not able to see when your fav is SCAMMING the public.

  9. Shade January 3, 2018

    She is beyond pathetic.

  10. The F*** I Saw Wrong With Your Thinking January 3, 2018

    Upon Tamar rentering the entertainment industry it was clear that she has major internal issues that deserve time, attention, and healig. Note, this is her 3rd traumatic and 2nd abusive marriage. And that’s not to say she’s worst off than the average person. The bigger issues is mixing fame with a person who hasn’t had to time to heal along with connecting them to another broken person, I. E. Vince. What they’re going through seems very real and happens all the time. We must stop dehumanizing celebs and think they have super powers just because they have artistic talent and skill. She’s a woman married to someone she loves but that person isn’t in a healthy position. Actually, neither of them are.. and now they have a child. That’s a HUGE deal and definitely changes how you consider things. But seeing how much Tamar lacks emotional and physical control explains why she didn’t make it in her initial career. And now the main person that helped her get her dream is broken and may not be apart of her life. You surface thinking people or out of order and are harshly judging these humans for being human smh

    #FallBack and or live a little. You’ll soon see how hard life and love is. #GrowUp

    • The F*** I Saw Wrong With Your Thinking January 3, 2018

      3rd traumatic relationship^ typo

    • Keith January 3, 2018

      Some truth in all this conversation! Thanks…

    • Jasmine January 3, 2018

      “You surface thinking people or out of order.” I’m sure Tamar’s numerous social media posts about the problems in the marriage and her mother’s press tour about Vince’s abuse caused the public conversation about it and perhaps a little bit more interest in her reality show. Don’t PRETEND like Tamar did not start this fire! She shoved her personal “problems” on social media and in the news and now she must deal with the repercussions. Celebs cannot control how the public reacts, responds, or gossips about things they themselves put in the tabloids.

      Furthermore, I think the only “surface thinking” person are people like you who lack the ability to see through this scam! Critical realistic thinkers like me think a lot deeper. For example, if Tamar has had three abusive relationships already (all 3 with record producers) one can conclude that there is something in her that seeks abusive men that can perhaps boost her singing career. I recognize the patterns. Can you?

      #TamarStartedThisFire #PeopleWillGossip #TamarIsAScammer

  11. Casual January 3, 2018

    I believe her. If they were faking this and wanted to be consistent to the narrative, not appearing together in public would be the easiest thing in the world to do. Tamar is a world class drama queen, and her and Vince go up and down on a daily basis. Things between them could totally be on the skids with them still being physically together on a daily basis.

    • Jasmine January 3, 2018

      After she told everybody he beats her, her mama confirmed he beats her, he gonna have a new brother or sister from the side piece, etc lol Shes losin her fame….she gotta try somethin…..trust me, a lot of these celebs are BROKE!! Their popularity cant keep up with what they spent….

      • ??? January 3, 2018

        lol chile shut up, u sound as dumb as a roach fan lmfaooo

      • Jasmine January 3, 2018

        Jasmine is highly intelligent and capable. She is not a Beyonce fan but she admires Beyonce’s accomplishments in music and business. You could learn many things from Jasmine so show her some RESPECT.

  12. Your Name January 3, 2018

    She is so lame….

  13. CrackIsWack January 3, 2018

    I am all for making your marriage work out. We are not perfect, we do things and say things out of anger, without thinking of the consequences. I hope that this family can work through their issues as NO FAMILY IS PERFECT.

  14. ??? January 3, 2018

    lmao if roach can scam people into thinking she had marriage issues why cant tamar lmaoo

    • Jasmine January 3, 2018

      Because Tamar is not on Beyonce’s level. Beyonce was selling copies of Lemonade and making millions from tour money. Tamar’s record flopped and Tamar is no headliner of a solo tour. Tamar resorted to social media backfire while Beyonce resorted to a strategic promotion concept to make millions with. You comparing a broke ho to a billionaire ho. Get the message? Enough said.

  15. juni January 3, 2018

    Girl your the dumbest of all! your the one putting it all out there! GO AWAY GIRL
    Your Fake , your Life is Fake ! please take your corny fake self to another country that doesnt know english! stop using your Son for excuses ! Now live in the S*** hole you built!

  16. Wanda Mccollum January 3, 2018

    The truth of the matter is things will get worst because if it was about family the abuse never would’ve happened it’s sad because it will effect the child he is so confused……..

  17. Sommer January 3, 2018


    She wasn’t the smartest Muppet in the bunch!

  18. Oh puhlease January 3, 2018

    Tamar grasping for straws because her time is almost up! A Phenomenal Singer and a magnetic personality, but something is off. Her attitude sucks! She’s overly spoiled and overly ghetto to the point it’s exhausting. She needs to take her own advice and “Get Her Life” and “Have Several Seats”. This is ridiculous and then how Ms. Evelyn going all around black Hollywood and TMZ hollering Vince gon kill her? WTF? She starting s*** on the Xscape tour by trying to dis Toys “Toyota” Carter Williams Jefferson Jackson and Reginae “Resume” Carter, low keyed threw shade to Monica over sone damn boots all of Hollywood is wearing. Whew I’m exhausted talking about it. She needs a seat and so does Vince. Give us all a rest. Puh-leeese!!!!

    • Oh puhlease January 3, 2018

      Corrections: low-key threw shade….
      over some damn boots

  19. DanYiel Iman January 4, 2018

    See what happens when you drop all your personal business to IG and the crowds gather it and let yo Fake FAVE HAVE IT!! ✌??

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