Tinashe Teases Return With Mysterious Video

Published: Sunday 7th Jan 2018 by Sam

After sitting out much of 2017, Tinashe is finally gearing up to drop new music and the acceleration begins…now!

The singer’s sophomore album ‘Joyride’ has experienced a start-stop roll-out since 2015, but it appears that trajectory is over.

Recent weeks have seen the 26-year-old share teasers and the latest came moments ago.

Check it out below…

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We appreciate that she needs to re-build buzz, but we’re keen to hear what she’s cooked up. Because the term “now or never” feels oh so applicable here.

We’re rooting for her.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MessyJessy January 7, 2018

    no one cares

  2. Tori January 7, 2018

    I feel like her time is up. Not because the public wasn’t interested but the label wasn’t interested, some of the music was good but there was no promo besides a video. She going to have to pull a Ciara and don’t give up till people finally stop and listen, but even then Ciara has had a hit single (sometimes 2) EVERY album cycle except “Basic Instinct”, this child can’t get pass “2 On”…that was 2014!

    • Me January 7, 2018

      Ride was certified platinum. Do better and C name shouldn’t be brought in the same sentence.

      • Tori January 7, 2018

        “Ride” is NOT listed on the RIAA website therefore it is NOT certified platinum in ANY kind of way!

    • Mark111 January 7, 2018

      Lies, her label pushed the heck out of her. She just can’t connect with an audience, or at least the audience she wants. She wants the Rihanna and Beyonce success without putting in the work. The girl had several videos for this Joyride mess since 2015.

      • Tori January 7, 2018

        Her label stop trying a long time ago. It’s become a waist of money.

  3. Black power January 7, 2018

    She’s coming!!!!

    • Jamie January 7, 2018

      And will be leaving just the same…

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan January 7, 2018

    “26 Yr Old”….. When?
    You mean 24yr old.

    And I can’t wait to hear the singles just as bad as her haters want to as well. ??

  5. Hmmm… January 7, 2018


  6. Liam January 7, 2018

    I want this girl to win I love a couple of her songs Company is still my song tho…that song was IT

  7. Meme January 7, 2018

    I love tinashe music so much. I think at this point she should just stop chasing mainstream success because it’s not going to happen. Instead take the FKA twigs route.

  8. CX January 7, 2018

    I wonder what is it that RCA sees in SZA that they don’t see in Tinashe. Both had bubbling under the radar appeal but SZA has just taken off!! “2 On” was a platinum record just like “Love Galore”, but oh well.

    • Tori January 7, 2018

      SZA is just the new girl on the block. If a girls comes along and popularize a new or old style, she won’t be a priority anymore.

  9. DanYiel Iman January 7, 2018

    I say do whatever your heart desires…

  10. eric January 7, 2018

    Let it remain a mystery.

  11. A&R January 7, 2018

    Tinashe is f****** hArd headed! And sees herself in a way that’s a touch more further along than she really is. Sad thing is, I believe she’s talented enough to pull herself out of the hole she created…but it’s moments like this she sets herself back. At this point, Tin.. we don’t really care about the drama and build to a single or ablum release. For you we just want to know you’ve committed to making good and brand consistent music. You are a new artist that can benefit from letting your supporters organically and genuinely grow with you. Much like your peers, SZA and Kehlani. You’re not at Beyonce or Rhianna’s level where the next step is to prove how creative and artistic you can be. This teaser video is distracting and unnecessary. Meaning, the music that follows can make an impact with or without it.
    In short, she’s making me feel like she hasn’t learned nor changed her ways from before.

    For those who always guess at why she didn’t make it… from sources that have worked with her… it’s because she’s hard headed. Her team wanted new Urban pop girl and Tin wanted edgy indie.. and whenever she got a chance to do what she wanted she did and it caused her to not connect.

    My gee… she had creative people Fromm beyonce team and still fell flat..

    • Meme January 7, 2018

      I hear you but I gatta side with Tin in the fact that I connect with her mom when she makes edgy indie type music and that’s how I see her as an artist. I absolutely hate when she makes pop urban music. She comes off very generic.

      • Yan January 8, 2018

        I agree. She did “Flame” and “Superlove”, those were generic and boring. She shines the best at the edgy stuff like “Company”. That song and video were IT.

  12. Lana del fan January 7, 2018

    Usually I refrain from commenting because there’s always so much negativity going on but honey, Tinashe, between the beef with Chris brown, shading Aaliyah, bey, and Rihanna, black people as a whole (claiming her being biracial is why she hasn’t popped off) I can truly say no one is interested. She has talent, yes but her attitude sucks ! These new artists and one hit wonders always wonder why their careers end so abruptly. Well that’s why! Your attitude. All these divas in the industry worked for decades and these newbies have one hit and want to be on Beyoncé’s level. Tina, Aquarius was great but it’s no ones fault but yours that you’re not the it girl.

    • A&R January 9, 2018

      This is spot on. And, yes, I understand her fans connecting with her edgy music. When it comes to authenticity, she’s naturally that person. However, when it comes to being a artist that’s also a biz person who wants to become a Brand, there’s a certain formula you have to follow. Tin was lucky to get the attention of the big execs. They backed her and was doing what they’re doing with Cardi. What I’m sayin is, instead of Tin playing the game and making the formula work for her, she came in like a true late millennial and projected his entitled personality.. and that got in the way. Hey, if Indie is the route she truly wants, I support that. She just needs to except that may not be mega super stardom. But if you want to be the next BIG deal, you have to humble yourself and play your cards. With solid follow ups and brand consistency, Superlove and Flame had the potential to get her the commercial and mainstream backing she needs to later on create her “Lemonade and Anti” moment. Your follow? But hey.. let’s see what happens..

  13. Ajm265 January 7, 2018

    We didn’t want the original Mya. we don’t want her

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