The Final Numbers Are In! Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man Of The Woods’ Sold…

Published: Friday 9th Feb 2018 by Sam

For Justin Timberlake the Super Bowl was the goal-post that his entire comeback campaign was built around.

Indeed, in a move initially hailed as genius, the Pop crooner set the release of his album ‘Man Of The Woods’ for two days before he took to the stage at the Halftime Show.

However, his performance was unanimously panned by the media and most of the 106 million who tuned in.

And the result saw what looked like slam dunk strategy on paper quickly descend into a dismal disaster. One we’re sure he’d prefer wasn’t attached to the LP.

With the final numbers tallied, how did Justin do in the end? How bad was the damage? The answer to both awaits below…

Per Hits Daily Double, JT will open at #1 on the Billboard 2oo – BUT with the lowest first week sales of his career. The figures are:

[Sales Plus Streaming]
[Pure Sales]


A number 1 is  number 1, so that’s a win and a spinnable angle for JT and his team.

However, no matter which way it’s diced or sliced the sales represent a dire dip from what was initially touted. After all, early forecasts (pre-release) earmarked the album to deliver north of 700,000. The end result was less than half.

Perhaps most alarming is the limited impact of streaming on his numbers.

Granted it remains to be seen how the project’s pure sales will hold up in the weeks ahead, streaming has proven a powerful metric for other artists to maintain steady sales and ultimately visibility on the charts.

Justin seems to be struggling on that front; a reality which could prove problematic for the LP’s longevity.

That said, the project appears to have birthed a brewing hit in ‘Say Something (ft. Chris Stapleton),’ so that “could” be the game-changer.

But in here and now, everything about this campaign looks like it’ll be an uphill battle for the ‘Man Of The Woods.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. S****** Blonde February 9, 2018

    I’m glad this flopped. Garbage album and garbage artist. Even though I am trash Justina is more trashed than me. I regret defending Justin in the past. He needs to apologize to Janet and Prince ASAP just like I am going to start apologizing for my racist comments

    • tru.tea.peckham February 9, 2018


      • Shaquiiii February 9, 2018

        So Adele and Sam Smith are cultural appropriators now? smh.

      • Jasmine February 9, 2018

        Adele will never flop you stay a hater. You must be the first person I know to be proud to be a poor person living in Peckham going down the Jobcentre every two weeks bless you.

      • Jasmine February 9, 2018

        S****** STOP impersonating me you racist garbage. What kind of man impersonates a woman? A punk that is too afraid to state his opinion like a man! Get lost loser trash! Keep it up and I will come for you b|tch.

      • Jasmine February 9, 2018

        Trashmine you know I’m not S****** but thanks for stopping by and stalking me.

      • Jasmine February 9, 2018

        Suicude did you forget that you apologized to me for impersonating me in another post:**-marlon-brando/

        Why do you keep impersonating me? I do not have any issues with anyone on this site other than you. I have had minor issues with that Uncle Tom JOHNVIDAL, but she is too scary and weak to ever come for me, and minor issues with some weirdo stalker named Paulo but his/her issues with me were self-created / imaginary so that leaves only you S******.

      • Jasmine February 10, 2018

        How dizzy are you? S****** may have apologised but he is not me how many times I am NOT S****** I am Latina! And you started it by using my name first remember so I’m just returned the favour.

  2. ??? February 9, 2018

    Lmao FLOP! and she opened at #2 in the uk with 19k. SuperFLOP! Lmfaoooo???

  3. Aaliyah Haughton February 9, 2018

    Britney Spears: 88k
    Usher: 28k
    Eminem: 197k
    Bruno: 195k
    Triangle Nose: 109k

    keep sucking his d*** and having his c** in yo mouth LMAO
    Justin won

    • Citi February 9, 2018

      Actually Britney was 111k with no Superbowl performance or hit single.

      • Aaliyah Haughton February 9, 2018

        Pure sales chile, not SPS

    • Jasmine February 9, 2018

      Britney Spears, Usher, Eminem, Bruno, and Triangle Nose did not have the huge promo budget Justin had to promote his album. They had 1/4th the budget Justin had. If they had the promo budget Justin had they would have pulled in triple the numbers Justin did.

      Compare Justin to Taylor Swift. Taylor had a huge promo budget like Justin (not as high as Justin’s though). Taylor got over 1 million sales first week.

      Thus, Justin is a FLOP FLOP FLOP and you are in DENIAL DENIAL DENIAL!

      Who is “winning”? Bruno is! Adele is! Beyonce is!

      Who is losing? Justin is. His next week sales drop will be the biggest of the year.

      • Aaliyah Haughton February 9, 2018

        Justin’s been at it since 1997, how are you gonna compare him to Taylor Swift? Mind you Justin did this without tour bundles. P!nk needed a tour bundle or else she would have sold 135k. Taylor pulled her album off of spotify, and had multiple formats of reputation so she could get multiple sales. It worked and props to her. Justin sold 243k without discounts. Y’all also overrate superbowl hype. Justin promoted his album just at two places. Jimmy Fallon and at the superbowl. He’s doing quite well despite what some internet trolls may spit out at their screens. Timberlake is an icon, have a problem with him being white? Go stan for Usher Brown Jr.

      • Jasmine February 9, 2018

        You are pressed! STOP LYING. Justina’s album is very discounted compared to Taylors on Amazon and Itunes. Beyonce been around since 1997 and she outsold him without any tv performances. Get lost troll.

      • SMH February 10, 2018

        Please don’t bring Usher into this & get timberflop dragged. Usher has sold more, has more hits, more NUMBER ONE hits, more talent and more everything in general compared to this boy. And that was all before he released “Confessions”. So let’s not. Just deal with Timberflake’s karmic flop and move on like you’ve been telling Janet fans to do for the past 14 years.

    • ??? February 9, 2018

      LMAO u keep sucking his flopped d*ck h0, he had the sb and his people thought he would do 700K. issa FLOP bisshh, suck on that. Lmfaooo

      • Xtina4life February 9, 2018

        Lmfao flop not a change. Keep wishing he still winning 2 top 10 hits from the album and still outsold all of Bruno first week sales from both his albums no matter how much u wanna drag justina. She will have the last laugh lol. She says hi with another number 1 album. Sam Smith and adele will not flop.

      • Aaliyah Haughton February 9, 2018

        A c** full of success, not everyone can shoot that load unless his name is Justin Timberlake. Be gone triangle nose apologist.

      • SMH February 10, 2018

        Apparently Timberfake is shooting blanks because these sales are tragic for him & will fall next week faster than his career did this week.

    • Retribution February 9, 2018

      Pink: 380,000 just 2 months ago with no hit song. You forgot that one.

    • Bravo!! February 9, 2018

      Thank you!

  4. S****** Blonde February 9, 2018

    Justin can still hit it though even though he flopped but he has to get in line after my baby daddies Rick Ross and Gucci Mane double team me. I love me some chocolate. Yum

    • Let it be known February 9, 2018


    • Jasmine February 9, 2018

      @S****** Rick Ross and Gucci Mane do not want you racist trash! Get lost racist b|tch. Even Justin TimberFake don’t want you.

      • Jasmine February 9, 2018

        Leave him alone Trashmine your only on her to be racist F off back to your own country.

      • Jasmine February 9, 2018

        S****** STOP impersonating me b|tch. Calling me names like “Trashmine” is bullying me. Leave me alone you racist trash b|tch.

      • Jasmine February 9, 2018

        Trashmine how’s things with your made up husband Kevin.

      • Jasmine February 9, 2018

        Who is Kevin? My husband is very real. How do you even know I am married? Why are you stalking and impersonating me so much? You need to get a life.

  5. Jacob February 9, 2018

    She did better than Janet will ever will do for the rest of her career

    • ??? February 9, 2018

      LMAO bisshh bye, cuz Janet still has more #1 albums, more records sold and ONE album that has outsold flopstin’s entire discography. he’ll NEVER sell as many albums as Janet has for the rest of his career h0 lmfaoooo.

    • Retribution February 9, 2018

      LOL. Janet has sold way more albums than Justin Timberlake in her career, more #1 songs, more 10 songs and more #1 albums. Whether she never sells another album, her career will still s*** all over his. Sorry about it.

    • SLH February 11, 2018

      Damita Jo did 380k first week while being blacklisted.

  6. Retribution February 9, 2018

    Well….this is a flop. I see the Justin d*** riders are on here defending and saying he sold more than Bruno did in the 1st week but he won’t sell as many albums as Bruno did with 24k. That’s a promise. The reason is because he has already put out 4 or 5 songs already and none of them have been what you would call a hit. Bruno had plenty of mileage left on his albums because of the forthcoming hits he would put out. He had the Superbowl platform with his album released the same week, and all this money spent in marketing and this is all he sold? FLOP. He finally got his karma for being a dirt bag. Enjoy the ride back down…

  7. Aaliyah Haughton February 9, 2018

    Comparing triangle nose’s sales to Justins is stupid. That’s like comparing Bruno Mars album sales to Michael Jackson. Also Justin and his white privellege aren’t losing any sleep, if anyone is losing sleep it’s the bitter internet trolls who stan for 20k selling flops and hide behind Bruno Mars.

    • Retribution February 9, 2018

      Yes it is stupid to compare anything of Janet to Justin Timberfake because one is a bonafide legend and the other is a jock strapping appropriation artist. LOL. Man Of The Woods is a FLOP!!!!! Deal with it and cry us a river, but accept it. It’s a FLOP!! He released 5 songs from his album already trying to get a hit or boost the sales, did the Superbowl, has his marketing machine going and he couldn’t even do 250,000 pure sales the first week. He’s already released half of the album and did videos for them so there’s nowhere else to go but down. He’ll be lucky to do a million pure sales.

    • Case February 9, 2018

      NICE TRY Aaliyah H, opps, I mean S****** Blond. You know Mark111 drags your fav, so you’re using Aaliyahs name to try and get her dragged. You’re the ultimate troll on this blog.

      Talk about being a trash.

  8. Bravo!! February 9, 2018

    Justin pure sales is good. Everyone need to stop with the hating, especially with people not going out buying albums. How many of ya on here will sell more than what Justin sold??

    • Jasmine February 9, 2018

      Actually plently of people on here would do better in sales than this. The promo budget for this project is well over 2 million and the amount of profits is well under 2 million which means negative return for the label. I’m sure you could sell bootleg CDs and movies from the trunk of your car for more profit because you would habe spent 0 on promo budget. It is not the quantity that necessarily counts but the revenue generated that does.

  9. Bravo!! February 9, 2018

    How many of ya can get into the top or a number one hit on the billboard?? All ya haters are deeply jealous of artist succes and it shows in the comments.

    • Jasmine February 9, 2018

      If you feel so passionate about Justin’s album why don’t you shut up and go buy 100 copies of it to help him out? If you can’t do that then you are just trolling so STFU.

      • Jasmine February 9, 2018

        Leave Bravo!! Alone Trashmine your the residential bully on tgj.

      • Jasmine February 9, 2018

        Why are you stalking and impersonating me so much? Make it plain EXACTLY what I ever did to you for you to loathe and stalk me so much?

      • JC February 11, 2018

        Jasmine, don’t you have some trolling to do on YouTube? Or are you downsizing? You always tell other people to STFU while you’re the main one in need of having your lips sewn together and your hands amputated. Guess your weekends are boring since there are no small children to stare at longingly on the school playground. Girl, get a life and seek mental health.

      • Jasmine February 11, 2018

        S****** / Latina chick / JC Let’s handle this like adults. Write out EXACTLY what I have ever done to you to make you loathe me so much and want to impersonate me and let’s see if we can make this right. If you cannot do that then you are just bullying me for no reason. I will not tolerate that if that is the case.

  10. Mark111 February 9, 2018

    Flop, moving along.

  11. S****** Blonde February 10, 2018

    Can TGJ do something about that troll person impersonating me above?…..It’s getting annoying, be professional and do something about it.

    • Jasmine February 10, 2018

      It’s Trashmine she done it to me that’s why I took her name, she has blue avatar.

      • Jasmine February 10, 2018

        S****** aka Latina Chick do not blame sh!t on me. I dont stoop that low. You probably impersonating yourself and you need to stop calling me names like Trashmine. My name is Jasmine. You are racist trash.

      • Luke Cage February 10, 2018

        Jasmine S****** Blonde is definitely Latina chick so he is the one impersonating you. That man has serious issues.

  12. LB February 10, 2018


    • Mark111 February 10, 2018

      “numbers will go up after the Superbowl.” – Deadbun

  13. Boytoy1814 February 10, 2018

    You’re so together boy, but just
    at a glance. You’ll do anything if
    given a chance.

    Scheme & plan your lies 2 get what u need. So full of promises
    that u never keep. “Black Cat.”
    Karma is so EPIC!

    • SMH February 10, 2018

      LOL amazingly fitting. And you know Janet wrote that song herself right? Talk about being a visionary lol!

  14. JC February 11, 2018

    Maybe he should buy some crap streaming service like Jay Z did with Tidal. Then he could claim that his album is streaming 50 billion times a day! ??? He could go sell his album to Sprint or Samsung and go fake platinum, he’ll get the plaque and everything. Oh, well… I guess some people prefer to be honest about their numbers?.

    • Jasmine February 11, 2018

      S****** / Latina chick / JC I am going to give you one last chance to STOP impersonating me. You are instructed to STOP using my user name. If you do not cease I will make good on that promise to come for you. I know you are obsessed with me but enough is enough. I should not have to tolerate or be subject to some crazy man impersonating me just because he wants to be me.

      • JC February 12, 2018

        Bitxh, go jump off a bridge and die. No one wants to impersonate your ugly fat ass. You have some shat to say every fcking time I post, so now I’m coming for your sorry kiddie diddling ass. You’re not the only one who can be a low-down bullying piece of sh*t behind a computer screen. I’m turning the tables and I WILL show you what it feels like to be on the other side of your nastiness. Bitxh, your problem is that you fcked with the wrong one and I won’t stop making you regret that sh*t!!! I will make you trashing you my #1 mfcking hobby! I have a busy schedule, but TRUST that I can make time for you!

      • Brozzzi April 2, 2018

        LOLOLOL omg I commented and then read the comment thread and am dyyying ???

  15. Brozzzi April 2, 2018

    Justin tries to pull the (mansy, woodsy) wool over our eyes, but I think we are all seeing that his time has long passed :/ Terrible lyrics, awful and confusing instrumentals and a total deaf ear to the sound of 2018

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