Janet Jackson To Headline FYF Fest / Future, The Internet, Daniel Caesar & More Join Bill

Published: Friday 30th Mar 2018 by Sam

Janet Jackson will be heating up the live circuit this summer.

For the Queen of Pop has been announced as headliner at the 2018 FYF Fest and she leads a list of must-see names.

Full story below…

Taking place at Exposition Park, Los Angeles over the July 21st-July 22nd weekend, the event will also feature performances from the likes of Future, Florence & The Machine,  Daniel Caesar, and many more.

Peep the full list of acts below…

[Click here for ticket details]

The slot sees Jackson beef up her festival run, which currently is comprised of top-billed gigs at the Essence Music Festival and Panorama NYC.

Jackson, 50, recently wrapped up her successful ‘State Of The World Tour’ in the US – completing all 56 dates.


Come though Ms. Jackson!

While Vegas may have seemed like the obvious play to some, it’s great to see her going the festival route.

It’s fresh and packs potential to introduce her to new diverse audiences, while of course attracting her core to a different setting.

Your thoughts?

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    What kind of hairstyle is that Janet Jackson needs to understand that she is a unique beauty I don’t understand why she don’t wear her hair how she did in the past…… whoever is styling her hair is not making her look attractive at all

    • Suicide Blonde March 30, 2018

      My booty hole is moist. It needs some d!!ck or a good fisting.

      • JOHNVIDAL March 30, 2018

        Gurl I done already told u that if you don’t let your booty get some rest u gonna be whining about how your booty hole hurts again. Every day d!!ck, d!!ck, and fist is all you thirst about. Find something new to talk about gurl. Have you heard that new Christina Aguilera song? It is so good.

    • Jasmine March 30, 2018

      That ponytail is a prop in Janet’s whole show, you have no idea what you are talking about. That p


        ……. the ponytail looks like shyt, ,, part of the show or not…. Janet needs a hair stylist

      • Jasmine March 30, 2018

        Sorry girl, ur off. That ponytail is the highlight of the show. Adjust your metro pcs broadband and see clearly

      • Jasmine March 30, 2018

        Why are F A G s so worries about women hair? Janet is a hair genius and has had great hair since the 70s. She is letting her real hair grow out while the extension piece makes her look younger while performing. Yall F A G s know nothing about that so STFU.


        Her hairstyles have been fked up for years… Buns, ponytails dookie braids it don’t look good

      • Jasmine March 30, 2018

        You are too worried about physical beauty that does not belong to you. He beauty and looks is hers not yours so why are you pressed? U trying live vicariously through her huh?

    • Troy April 2, 2018

      Shut up stupid…Janet has worn various hairstyles over her career on stage, and you`ve name just a few. Stop commenting just to be hateful and to get attention because you look, well…stupid.

  2. Jasmine March 30, 2018

    Yes. Janet is going to SLAY. I love her.

    • Jasmine March 30, 2018

      Girl look at Janet’s pony, you should try that type, next time. See no finger waves, no Ashanti side burns, no gelled down side swoop, just clean high and fierce! But her hair is more expensive sis but you will make Due

      • Jasmine March 30, 2018

        Trashmine you stay obsessed with my hair because it is natural. I don’t care about your nappy headed hair hats or cheap asss side ponytails.

      • Jasmine March 30, 2018

        Ok sis I’m being nice to you today. You have to go into the other post where the TGJ staff if having an interview.. her kinekalon extravaganza is at more tragic than urs so I’m laying off you TODAY

  3. Keith March 30, 2018

    Glad to see the west coast fans will have a festival performance….

  4. G7Pat March 30, 2018

    Janet is coming to show the kids she can play!

  5. Olusheyi Banjo March 30, 2018

    I’m super duper excited. I cannot wait to see Janet again

  6. Jacquelyn medina March 31, 2018

    I just wanna commend Janet for staying true to who she is regardless of being a mom now. I’m sure she could have 100 reasons to chill and care for her Son. Thank you Janet for keeping your fans that luv you entertained. I will always luv her.

  7. DanYiel Iman April 1, 2018

    She’s WACK & I can’t with her whispering lyrics!!

    • Jackie April 1, 2018

      I guess if you Can’t DONT!! I luv her enough for everyone

    • Troy April 2, 2018

      You don’t have to b****….she has made millions for that whispering more than you will ever make in your whole miserable lifetime….Now go away, hatin ass troll.

  8. Its me Gowrl April 2, 2018

    When will Bey b. I. T. C. H?

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