Jhene Aiko Responds To Big Sean / Nicole Scherzinger Cheating Rumours

Published: Tuesday 13th Mar 2018 by David

Jhene Aiko has urged her fans not to blast her lover Big Sean after he was accused of sleeping with another woman…named Nicole Scherzinger.

Fans feared the couple had pulled the plug on their romance after noticing that Aiko had unfollowed Sean on Instagram.

Shortly after, these same fans used a report from ‘The Jasmine Brand‘ as their grounds for believing Aiko had dumped him because he was caught canoodling with Nicole Scherzinger.

Read that report here.

Today, Aiko has claimed that the story is false.

Nicole is yet to respond to claims that she attempted to steal Jhene’s man.

Your thoughts?

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  1. olusheyi banjo March 13, 2018


  2. China March 13, 2018

    Nicole Scherzinger grabbed that mic from that talent show from that little boy when her mic failed. AFter that her CAREER has stalled. She’s disgusting and arrogant. Almost as DISLIKED as christina aguilera.

    • ??? March 13, 2018

      lmao just stop it. xtina is a legendary icon, dont put her in the same sentence as that nobody pussycat h00ker lmao

      • Audreyherbsburm March 13, 2018

        Legendary? Arguable. Iconic? Not. That note she didn’t hit that one time on the voice is iconic though.

    • Meme March 13, 2018

      Nicole is vey arrogant an has a track record of being a capital B

  3. Kenhern March 13, 2018

    We have known for years, Nicole will do ANYTHING to advance her career to bad she doesn’t have one.

  4. Ashanti March 13, 2018

    Big Sean does this all the time. Finds a “good hair” girl (not black), treats her like royalty, then gets bored. Looks like Jhene your time is up.

    • Jasmine March 13, 2018

      She’s half black dumb aßs

      • Troll tracker March 13, 2018

        TROLL ALERT 🚨

  5. ??? March 13, 2018

    lmao he most likely is cheating, she just decided to be another dumb broad & continue playing doormat for him just like roach does while camel still cheats lmfao.

    • Audreyherbsburm March 13, 2018

      We’re not here to talk about the roaches in your house, sweety.

  6. DanYiel Iman March 13, 2018

    Nicole is a fraud for y’all fools funds since her music career hasn’t reached its plato ✌🏽😂, I keep thinking of that time she tried to give Simon a Whitney Elizabeth Houston moment!!

  7. Jasmine March 13, 2018

    Jhene is the stupid one here for tattooing his face on her body. Everyone knew he was a hi and Jhene is not innocent either for cheating on her ex husband. Seems like community d|ck and pnssy is what all 3 are toting around with
    Jhene is just the quiet ho while the other 2 are well known hos.

  8. Tribe March 14, 2018

    Y’all posted this gossip b******* but not her Sativa video?

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