Madonna Sets Her Sights On An Oscar

Published: Sunday 4th Mar 2018 by David

In many ways Madonna‘s filmography is one of Pop’s most enviable.

Gliding to theatres on the wings of ‘Evita’, ‘Body of Evidence‘, ‘Desperately Seeking Susan‘ and more, the entertainer has enjoyed a cinematic run many of her rivals are yet to match or surpass.

Alas, she is still without an Oscar.

Today, she has revealed that she has put plans in motion to make a change.

Full report below…

Another Memorable Evening with Oscar !! ???!! Sooner or Later you’re gonna be mine??! #dreams #come #true ????i.

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Do you think she’ll get one?

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  1. DanYiel Iman March 4, 2018


  2. Haters Gon’ Hate March 4, 2018

    Sometimes Drive and Determation do not equal an Oscar. Even if you’re Madonna. She can try but don’t moan about it when it don’t happen girl. ????‍♀️

  3. MessyBoots March 4, 2018

    I love Madge but let’s keep it real, film acting has never been her thing. She doesn’t have ability to bring anything to a role aside from being MADONNA, the pop star.. Beyonce (whom I also love) has a similar issue in her filmography.
    Madge’s best roles (her film debut Desperately Seeking Susan and Evita) both find her playing a fictional version of Madonna herself or in the case of Evita, a famously tragic heroine.

    The best pop star turned actress of the last 30 years, in my opinion, was Cher in Moonlight and Witches In Eastwick.

    • mimi March 6, 2018

      and “MASK” for Cher.

      • mimi March 6, 2018

        and I think you meant “Moonstruck”.

  4. JOHNVIDAL March 4, 2018

    Madonna an oscar for ACTING? LMAO At this point? No guys. Don´t be shady. I thought it was going to be about she wanting to make a song for a movie with oscar chances. 🙂

  5. The Wig Snatcher March 4, 2018

    No one has ever or will ever envy Madonna’s film “career.” Her lack of musical originality will always elude her from an Oscar. She was doing music for almost 20 years before winning a Grammy.

  6. SMH March 4, 2018

    Lmao. This post must be sarcasm because ALL of her peers have surpassed her horrible filmography cinematically by leaps and bounds lol.

    • Caleb March 4, 2018

      ‘ALL’ of them? I don’t know about that. Her filmography is more impressive than Mariah Carey for instance. She even has a Golden Globe.

      • Julian March 5, 2018

        Not so fast, Mariah has had critically acclaimed roles in “Wise Girls”, “Tennessee”, “Precious” or “The Butler”, while almost all of Madonna’s roles have been unanimously panned by critics. Mariah is far from a successful movie star, but at least on the critical front she has arguably surpassed Madonna in that area.

  7. Jasmine March 4, 2018

    She has enough money to just buy someone else’s Oscars award. I’m sure there are auctions for stuff like that. She lacks acting talent.

  8. Sean March 4, 2018

    She was just posting throwback pics. Not saying she wants one! TGJ is reaching with this just like pushing the daily Beyoncé non story

  9. Retribution March 4, 2018

    Why would anyone envy Madonna’s filmography? Most of her movies tanked and her performances were badly panned by critics. Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard alone destroyed Madonna’s “filmography”. Anyways, she wants an Oscar at this point in time? LOL.

  10. Caleb March 4, 2018

    I want her music career to go out with a Big Bang before she starts making movies again, but the Queen will do what she wants.

  11. S****** Blonde March 4, 2018

    I’m bored with this old ho. I like Cardi B now.

    • mimi March 6, 2018


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