Vanessa Carlton Rejects Chris Brown Tribute Over Rihanna Assault

Published: Friday 9th Mar 2018 by David

Chris Brown‘s efforts to celebrate the work of the brilliant Vanessa Carlton were knocked down faster than he could say “57 track LP” hours ago.

Why the pair are now feuding?

Details below…

In 2009, Brown became a persona non grata in some industry circles after the world learned that he had beaten and bitten his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Years later, Brown has been reminded of the assault by Carlton. Why she brought it up?


Disgusted by his efforts to celebrate her on International Women’s Day, Carlton asked Brown to refrain from sharing her work publicly as she doesn’t want to be associated with a “perpetrator of domestic abuse.”

Brown had this to say in response…

The artist felt she was doing her duty as a woman to continue to spread this kind of hatred today. I won’t keep it up long. I just hope she knows she is loved and her song is great.


What do you make of this unexpected spat?

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  1. Meme March 9, 2018

    Chris’s response was epic. I thought he would pop off on her but love how he took the high road. Lol.

  2. March 9, 2018

    I know Christ did some fu stuff, but what Venessa did to him wasn’t necessary at this point in my opinion. I do think that people can change I’m not saying to should forget what he did, but you can forgive and move on it’s was women day that negativity wasn’t needed.

  3. Jj March 9, 2018

    Great give him props for acting like he’s really not mad about it when you know he’s at home cursing her out

  4. Tori March 9, 2018

    B****! The BEYONCÉ video at the end of ALL this that DOESN’T concern her killed me from the inside out!

  5. Jasmine March 9, 2018

    I agree with Vanessa. She saw right through CB posting her song as another ploy to get white fans. CB has been grasping at straws for crossover appeal and attention lately so he was just trying to use Vanessa.

    • Tori March 9, 2018


      • Jasmine March 9, 2018

        Tori I like lots of artists such as Toni Braxton, R. Kelly, Donell Jones, Jazmine Sullivan, Michael Jackson, Prince, Janet Jackson, and lots more. I think you are seeking to find negativity in my comments but my comments are realistically just objective and not negative at all.

      • Jay March 9, 2018

        @Jasmine Really you like R. Kelly!!! Girl bye you might as well like Chris brown as well. T

      • Jasmine March 9, 2018

        Jay I did like Chris Brown for a long time but lately his music has been so BLAH to me. I miss the days of Poppin, Dueces, Run It, Loyal, etc.

        Now as for R. Kelly, he has had so many hits that his catalogue speaks for itself so I am not going to stop playing the R. Kelly songs that I like just because of his mental illness. He cannot help it that he likes young girls. He has gotten better though because lately all of the women he has been linked with are early 20s which is totally legal. If I was a teenage girl trying to be a singer I would have dated him too. He was very s***, tall, endowed, and talented. I would not let him pee on me though because I have too much class for that nonsense.

      • StarXavi March 9, 2018

        @ Jasmine you really sound a damn fool. I literally CANNOT!

      • Jasmine March 9, 2018

        No I dont. I’m just being honest. Lol

  6. iamdiego March 9, 2018

    Let’s start here… She should be happy that he posted the song. We all love the song, but most ppl dont even know her name. Nobody’s checking for Vanessa. IMO the best response is no response. CB handled it well.

    • Jasmine March 9, 2018

      She has every right to feel how she feels. This is the same as someone telling someone else “keep my name out of your mouth”. She is entitlted to feel and say that like everyone else.

      • tyana jones March 11, 2018

        u forgetting he DID a cover on this song back in F.A.M.E era.

      • tyana jones March 11, 2018

  7. Abel March 9, 2018

    Funny how some stans here try so hard to defend Chris s*** Brown
    You all should be ashamed. He’s a coward and only because you like him he’s a saint? No

    • Jamie March 9, 2018

      You swallow…and?


    Then by h you gonna have to cut more than 50% of people off..they all crazy

  9. RoyalBey March 10, 2018

    I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with what she said. She has the right to not be associated with a person who once assaulted a woman. Thats her choice… As for Chris, Im shocked but yet, I applaud him for not going on a rant or cursing 👏🏽👏🏽.

    • blue March 10, 2018

      they are soo used to artist that jump on topics when they become politically correct that they can’t comprehend someone standing up for their morals

      also most of these fans are blinded by his celebrity and the other half just see a white woman going after a Black guy and that automatically makes her the bad guy

  10. DanYiel Iman March 10, 2018

    🗣WHO & WHY?!!

  11. Girlbye March 10, 2018

    Vanessa has every right to dictate how her music is used.
    I respect her for sticking to her principles and standing up for all women on International Women’s Day.
    It’s funny how CB referred to Vanessa’s recount of the truth as “hate”….
    He sounds no different to white folk when you hit them with straight facts about racial discrimination but they say we’re being “negative” and “hateful” by bringing the truth into focus.

  12. Caleb March 10, 2018

    She did not say it’s only the 2009 incident she’s talking about. Let’s not forget he hurt Karrechu Tran as well not too terribly long ago.

    • tyana jones March 11, 2018

      kae is a liar h**.

  13. Gregg March 12, 2018

    At what point do we stop dragging Chris Brown back to that point in his life? We all have made mistakes in life. I could not imagine being constantly reminded of mine, and judged on them because I’ve made many. Chris Brown is the baddest dude in the business…dancing and singing. I really don’t know who she is but I’m sure she knew that she would get publicity by “rejecting” his support….reality is, Chris is already a legend, we will forever remember him when her 15 min of fame is up.

    • tyana jones March 13, 2018

      yep and BREEZY IS LEGEND!!!!!!!!

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