Toni Braxton Reveals Official ‘Sex & Cigarettes’ Album Cover & Tracklist

Toni Braxton is strutting on to the March 23rd release of new album ‘Sex & Cigarettes.’

The smouldering set is the first solo album from the diva in eight years and arrives following the Grammy winning success of her concept collaboration album ‘Love, Marriage, Divorce’ with Babyface.

With lead offerings ‘Deadwood’ and ‘Long As I Live’ receiving solid responses, head below to find out which other cuts are featured…

Taking to social media, the 50-year-old icon proudly showcased the sizzling cover and confirmed that the set is officially available for pre-order.

The following are the list of songs present on the project…

1. Deadwood
2. Sex & Cigarettes
3. Long as I Live
4. FOH
5. Sorry
6. My Heart
7. Coping
8. Missin’


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  1. Carlitos March 9, 2018

    But we’ve already heard 3 of the 8 songs… Is this a joke?

    • NajSinger March 9, 2018

      Hey, what is the other song that’s come out besides deadwood and LAIL? Don’t think I’ve heard it

      • MUSICHEAD March 9, 2018

        Coping and Heart Away

      • Carlitos March 10, 2018

        Deadwood, Coping and Long As I Live.

  2. Sena March 9, 2018

    Just eight tracks ? I love me some Toni Braxton

  3. XYZ March 9, 2018

    8 tracks and we already 3? Girl, no.

  4. Meme March 9, 2018

    Only 8 songs? Yikes.

    Either way I will be supporting and I promise myself I will see her live finally. It’s been a dream of mine.

  5. Kay for Toni Braxton March 9, 2018

    The deluxe edition will be having 12 tracks…

    • Haters Gon’ Hate March 9, 2018

      The deluxe should have 15 tracks – 3 extra than a 12 track standard (like ‘Secrets’ delux) perhaps she’s planning a re-issue later on the year with bonus tracks …. ??‍♀️

    • Jasmine March 9, 2018

      Why can’t I find the deluxe version on amazon? Do you have any sources that a deluxe version actually exists or are you just making this up?

  6. Stefano Mancin March 9, 2018

    I hoped to see big features with this album, like Mariah Carey, Bey or MJB.

  7. Haters Gon’ Hate March 9, 2018

    Toni – we love you, but NO ? I know it’s costs to make an album, pay producers, engineers, writers… ??? but who does an 8 track standard album these days? And after all these years of waiting? Fans are actually anticipating this album – all your other albums are 11 or 12 tracks – don’t kill the anticipation but short changing us girl!!!!! ??‍♀️

    • Jasmine March 9, 2018

      I agree 100%

  8. Jasmine March 9, 2018

    Love Toni. Love the cover. But girl have Def Jam put those other recorded songs on this album to make it 22 or more. 8 tracks is not enough for me to buy it and I’m a Toni fan.

    • Jasmine March 9, 2018

      12 not 22

      • Jasmine March 9, 2018

        Amazon has her CD for only 7.99. That is only 1 dollar a track so I will buy it. I’m very dissapointed she is only releasing an EP instead of a real album! Perhaps this is the deal she made with Def Jam cause her 2016 Christmas EP with her sisters only had 8 tracks too. A regular album has 12 tracks and is usually 12 bucks (1 buck per track) so I do not understand the logic behind releasing just an EP.

  9. kigian March 9, 2018

    I thought there was a duet with En Vogue??? Wherr is it? ?

  10. Michael March 9, 2018

    I love Toni, but this photoshopping is ridiculous!

  11. Drinkmybussyjuice March 9, 2018

    8 song. Is she kidding. This is sn ep not an lp. ?. This is a joke right? I love toni, but girl. I hate when singers do this. I kever feel like im getting my moneys worth. The perfect album so somewhere between 14-17 tracks. Just enough for you to ride out te vibe but not draining.

    • Jasmine March 9, 2018

      I just found out it is only 8 bucks for the EP on amazon. It is not a rip off but it certainly is dissapointing she is not releasing a full length album.

    • Jasmine March 9, 2018

      Thanks I’m going to buy mine from Target.


    The b**** can’t afford more than 8 songs

    • Jasmine March 9, 2018

      It is the other way around. You can’t afford to buy music so you spread hate on the internet. Toni recorded lots of tracks for this album so don’t try it.

  13. eric March 9, 2018

    Is the cost reflective of the short tracklist? If not, I won’t be buying. It’s like the final TLC album where half the songs had been released by the time the album became available. Ridiculous. Not just that, but I really dislike the Britney Spears photoshop treatment. Toni actually looks better in her natural body size.

    • Jasmine March 9, 2018

      They only photoshopped Toni’s thighs. Her waist and face are the real size. Nothing is wrong with them photoshoping Toni’s thighs. I know they are a bit thick.

  14. Miko March 9, 2018

    Just throwing it out there but 24K Magic only had 9 tracks.

    Some of the best albums have been really short albums (Janet’s Control, Prince’s Purple Rain, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and Madonna’s Like A Virgin had 9 tracks). Granted, all of these albums were released in the 80’s but are iconic because each song was strong.

    While short, let’s hope this means more songs that are single worth and less filler. There really is no room for an album with 8 tracks to have 1 song that isn’t as good as the lead single.

    Definitely a gamble in 2018 but makes a lot of sense from a streaming point of view. In the time a fan can listen to a 16 track album, you could listen to Toni’s twice…resulting in increased streams and possibly better sales. Pretty clever.

    • Jasmine March 9, 2018

      Yes but Bruno’s was 9 not 8. Anita Baker used to put out 9 track albums all the time. That is just one track shy of 10. 8 feels too short.

    • Meme March 9, 2018

      It’s somethkng about 8 that just seems too short for a full length album. I know 9 is just 1 more but I honestly feel bad it been 9 we wouldn’t of had the same reaction. Literally everyone noted the 8 tracks immediately

      • Miko March 10, 2018

        yea it’s a really short track list for sure. I’m sure her team must have brought this up and figured it’d get people talking about the album hahaha. I really hate that artists will always give Target exclusive content knowing damn well they’re just going to put it on Spotify 6 months after the album comes out lol.

        BTW, I read the comments all the time and you 2 always give great feedback. Glad you replied! haha.

  15. Martaevia La’wayne March 9, 2018

    I don’t think it’s 8 songs. The first list I seen was like 10-12 songs.

  16. Tommy Braxton March 9, 2018

    Deluxe version will have 12 tracks plus Target will have 3 bonus tracks.

  17. Chileplease (the first and only bih) March 10, 2018

    Toni you in danger girl

  18. DoG March 10, 2018

    Why only 8 songs?

  19. DanYiel Iman March 10, 2018

    I’ll be ? passing on 8 tracks!!

    • Carlitos March 10, 2018

      Why? It’s not like your ass can afford a 13 track. Lezbehonest.

  20. JOHNVIDAL March 10, 2018

    Wow she looks younger then beyonce lol

  21. JOHNVIDAL March 10, 2018

    Ok I´m the real JOHNVIDAL
    I have to say that if all the songs are just right, an album like this can be fire regardless and listeneable from star to finish forever.
    Bruno´s great album from last year was short. And Lady Gaga did a way shorter album than usual and it served its purpose. Lorde´s fantastic albums are short too.
    My wish for an upcoming Mariah carey album would be a short one but with pure Mariah fire instead of 14 songs where half of them are more of the same from her that people have not been feeling for years now..

    • JOHNVIDAL March 10, 2018

      NO I am

  22. Karamel March 10, 2018

    8 songs?!!

    Chile issa EP.

  23. Teflon Boy March 10, 2018

    I agree.., 8 songs is way too short. I mean, with some Crazy S*** Cool style interludes plus an intro and an outro, that would at least make it seem like a fuller experience and bump it up 5 tracks. Although, tbf interludes don’t really work in the streaming age I suppose.

  24. T-southafrican guy March 11, 2018

    I love our living legend miss toni,i want her to win.she is talented.s***.has an un-matched voice and the list goes on.have to admit that im alittle dissapointed that she releasing only 8 tracks but im still going to support our queen of rnb and buy the album.. Lets get her to debut at number 1…please support lets mention the album every on our status from facebook to twitter ti instagram.everywhere….let people know shes coming

  25. steve March 12, 2018

    Guys, Toni is playing this one smart. Am sure when it’s close to the date more songs will be added other outlet/platforms. Can’t wait for the album regardless.

  26. Travyj37 March 14, 2018

    A little disappointed there are only 8 tracks I wonder why ?

  27. Toni’s Family March 15, 2018


    (1) Deadwood / (2) Coping / (3) Long As I Live / (4) My Heart / (5) FOH / (6) Sorry / (7) Tear Me Up, Knock You Down / (8) S** & Cigarettes / (9) Mission / (10) Zodiac / (11) Don’t Look Back / (12) The Last Time

  28. Geraldine Coleman Johnson March 16, 2018

    I love it been a fan forever love
    all her songs that she sings

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