Clark Sisters Soar to #1 on iTunes After Wendy Williams Diss

Published: Thursday 19th Apr 2018 by Rashad

The Clark Sisters have new reason to sing “what the devil meant for evil, God turned it around for my good” (as proclaimed in their #1 hit ‘Blessed & Highly Favored’).

Just a day after talk show queen Wendy Williams was slammed to the high heavens for suggesting the quartet “step up their game” for not having a #1 single on the gospel charts (which is untrue as they have multiple toppers on the tally), the legendary ladies learn their last album – 2007’s ‘Live One Last Time’ – has topped sales tallies one more time.

Details inside:

As of time reported, their last live album (which celebrated its 11th birthday this month), shot to #2 on the overall Christian and Gospel iTunes tally (#1 on the Gospel alone sales chart).


Besting sales of current albums, the shift upward could undoubtedly help the project re-enter the Billboard Gospel Albums chart top 10 next week.  Thanks to the buzz generated from Williams (and the backlash that ensued) she could very well have helped them get the #1 entry she thought they never had.

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  1. Jeans April 19, 2018

    Wow. That’s crazy!

  2. KurtisLeeSinger April 19, 2018

    ??? won’t be don’t it that’s insane ? god is god!! Love this. To be fair I have been streaming them all week since this. #WontHeDoIt

    • @KurtisLeeSinger April 19, 2018

      God is good!! Damn typo!!

  3. Fancy BISH April 19, 2018

    Look at GOD! ☁️ Wendell, you can just take your L and go all the way home lol ?

  4. Jacob April 19, 2018

    The power of wendy

  5. Jacob April 19, 2018

    Maybe wendy can get some of your faves a number 1 on billboard some exposure…lil kim, tinashe, nicki jenifer judson. Fantasia jazmine Sullivan, k Michelle, keyshia cole. Ciara, kelly rowland, trina, eve, remy

    • Yeahbich April 19, 2018

      People actually have to like them tho.

    • dfdf April 19, 2018

      i just know u didnt Just shade Fantasia the greatest to ever do it are u insane

      • Jacob April 19, 2018

        Girl Fantasia. What has she done lately besides steal peoples husbands with a first grade education…beyonce and jhud blew that hoodrat out od the water

    • The Almanac April 19, 2018

      Wait a minute ! Watch your mouth with Fantasia and Jazmine !

    • RealNegro April 19, 2018

      Both Lil Kim and Fantasia both have number 1’s on billboard!

  6. Olusheyi April 19, 2018

    Go head y’all. I love them and am happy for them. Take that Wendell

  7. Cheryl April 19, 2018

    Mainstream Americans are getting a glimpse of what The Church Of God In Christ has known all along. Because of their Mother and others in our reformation, We set the tone and standards for three part choir harmony; choirs, musicians, directors, call and response singing, praise and worship, and the list goes on…Wendy gave false doctrine; plus they have Grammys…

    • Faith April 19, 2018

      Not just COGIC! I’m Apostolic and have loved them since I was a girl! I’m 56 now! Clark Sisters are all that & more!

      • Raven April 21, 2018

        Say that! Pentecostal united.

    • AnOmali™ April 19, 2018

      Yasss…. WE ARE MUSIC! #COGIC ✊?

  8. Gotham Pretty April 19, 2018

    I wish she worry about how f***** up her waistline looks than about other people.that’s what your man did when he stepped his game up with that other WOMAN

  9. Piere April 19, 2018

    Yess man Im so happy for them!

  10. Janice April 19, 2018

    Wendy Williams needs to worry about her own life, husband, family sweep around her own front door

    • Bernadette Whitfield April 19, 2018

      Lookout say that

  11. Jesse Jerome Travis April 19, 2018

    The Clark Sisters and there family are legends and don’t have to prove noting to ko one

    • Bernadette Whitfield April 19, 2018


  12. CAROLYN RANDOLPH April 19, 2018

    my sentiments exact! />?÷ for JESUS

  13. Jacqueline April 19, 2018

    I agree what the devil, meant for bad God turn that thing around ! Just as he did for Joseph . Your haters will always be your motivators keep talking Wendy lol ?

  14. Bernadette Whitfield April 19, 2018

    Wendy’s wig must be strangling her doggone brain and she needs to leave Detroit’s Best alone!!

  15. 4U2SEE April 19, 2018

    What is Wendy problem….Like she is the spokesperson for black hymn. I really did not care for her now she has common chip on her shoulder that won’ t go away. She can’t speak on nothing common for me.

  16. DanYiel Iman April 20, 2018

    The Clark Sisters are everything!! I purchase the music & live!! ?❤️??

  17. Lisa April 20, 2018

    Looks like your husband side piece is #1 on his chart. He keeps you around so he can keep her period.

  18. Marsha April 20, 2018

    Just like was said what the devil meant for evil GOD trun it for their good.?.

  19. Spring April 21, 2018

    I celebrate with the Clark Sisters!! They deserve the recognition. Wendy doesn’t understand that what the devil meant for evil…God will turn it around for our Good!!

  20. BoHem April 21, 2018

    Wendy Williams is a clown. She must be miserable because she never has anything kind to say about anyone and makes her living talking bad about everyone. There’s enough negativity in the world these days. We can definitely without her two cents worth.

  21. Cheryl lash December 30, 2018

    Webdy Williams know not what she was saying!!! Thank God because the Clark Sisters are still #1?????????

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