Jennifer Lopez Launches Make-Up Line with Inglot

Published: Thursday 5th Apr 2018 by Sam

Jennifer Lopez has long been hailed as the hardest working woman in showbiz and she continues to live up said billing with her newest venture.

The dynamic diva has teamed up with Inglot Cosmetics – a celeb favorite – to launch a new line of make-up.

Full story below…

While details are scarce about the range (beyond its existence), WWD reports that the line will be made up of 70 pieces and based on the promo used to launch the collection (above), it’ll feature a ravishing red lip hue, bronzers, highlighters and brow products.

J.Lo’s range will arrive on April 26th.

The partnership sees the entrepreneurial star extend her activity in the beauty space.

Her 2002 fragrance Glow was a mega success and is touted as kicking off the trend for celebrity scents.

More power to her!

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  1. China April 5, 2018

    Wonder what married man she SLEPT with to get this gig????? But i must ADMIT, WHAT SHE LACKS IN VOCAL TALENT AND ACTING ABILITY…she makes up for in Beauty and fashion.

    • Not Maria Lopez April 5, 2018

      Maybe you should start following her in the same footsteps instead of living from paycheck to paycheck boo. She has never claims to be the best but you know damn well there is no other artist who could put dance her….. especially at her age. Listen boo stop being women bully and start paying your bills on time. .I.

      • China April 5, 2018

        Listen here Trailer Park Troll…. I will voice my opinion. She’s a old H_oe that has slept her way to the top with not an OUNCE of TALENT. DANCE???? She’s a glorified back-up dancer for Janet Jackson……. That has not had a HIT in 10 years. so…STFU and go fetch cotton

      • Not Maria Lopez April 5, 2018

        You right girl, you right….. i am in that will smith trailer! I bet one wheel is worth more than what you make in a year. Like Cardi her puss’s glitter is gold. A hit in ten years? Girl the The last hit Jan had was that nip slip. Get it straight, I pick the corn and you pick the cotton boo.

    • mam April 5, 2018

      Wow i wounder how many diks you had in your mouth while typing this comment full of hate! your sad and probably fat as hell and no talet

      • China April 5, 2018

        Where did you learn to spell? How stupid are you?

  2. Meme April 5, 2018

    Girl bye, we don’t need another singer in cosmetics. That void is filled.

    • China April 5, 2018

      Dear Meme aka Brick Face. FENTY made 80 million in 5 months…..There is a need for QUALITY minority beauty products.

      • Not Maria Lopez April 5, 2018

        You tell them boo! Brick face ova here still budgeting off ice cream truck make up.

      • Datredd23 April 5, 2018

        72 million in one month where are you getting your facts from gtfoh lol

  3. Suicide Blonde April 5, 2018

    I think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry, I’m pretty sure many women around the world will be checking for this.

  4. JJFan1814 April 5, 2018

    Sorry. Everyone is here for Fenty Beauty and nothing else

  5. Datredd23 April 5, 2018

    Fenty Beauty as already taken over the world we don’t need another singer in this department please!

  6. Xoxo April 5, 2018

    I just bought Fenty foundation yesterday dammit I am not rich!

  7. DanYiel Iman April 5, 2018

    He looks are showing in her face & neck!

  8. JOHNVIDAL April 5, 2018

    Yaaas bishes! Leave music once and for all and just do full time modelling. That goes for Rihanna too.
    Much kisses 🙂

  9. Moe April 5, 2018

    I don’t understand the hate towards a sweet , beautiful personality like Jlo . She is a goddess

    • China April 5, 2018

      She’s a SLUTY Bronx H_oe who slept her way to the top. LETS RECOUNT :

      1. Stole IF YOU HAD MY LOVE from Chante Moore
      2. Stole Mariah CArey’s entire sample and record
      3. Stole ASHANTI’S vocals on I’m real and Aint it funny

      She’s a FRAUD

    • JOHNVIDAL April 5, 2018

      It’s because she’s not black, the dark skinned blacks are the ones who are jealous the most of her.

      • Kevon April 6, 2018

        Omg you hate the nail on the head!!! I full agree with you .. theses black people always try to bring down other race

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