Little Mix Deny Break-Up Claims Through Producer

Published: Thursday 5th Apr 2018 by David

The Brit-Pop supergroup Little Mix has eased the fears of fans who feared it is to follow in the footsteps of Fifth Harmony and call it a day.

Good news below…

The group was hit by claims that they are to split up this year much to the horror of the fans who have helped them sell 3 million albums worldwide.

Today, they have assured them that this is not the case.


Via the production force Digital Farm Animals who had this to say when quizzed on the rumours by The Metro…

I’m in [the studio] with them at the moment, we’re working on a few projects. We’ve got some stuff we’re working on right now, nothing set in stone.

The girls are amazing and the nicest people. It’s amazing, I haven’t worked with loads of girl bands but you hear stories about how people don’t get on, but Little Mix seem to be best mates, they do everything together. ‘They spend their time off together. You can tell that in the studio, they’re tuned in. It’s so much nicer to work with.



The band’s last studio album ‘Glory Days’ was recently certified 3x Platinum in the United Kingdom after opening with sales of 90,000 units in the market.

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  1. SMH April 5, 2018

    They will eventually. All these girl group breakups always start with the “rumor”, then they all “deny” it, then fast forward a few months, and we’ve all seen this movie before lol.

    • Montana MaXXX April 5, 2018

      Why you so bitter? Who hurt you?

  2. Mira April 5, 2018

    But I think they get a long realy well together. Kelly Rowland did a good job!

  3. Liam April 5, 2018

    They are so close knit I can’t see them breaking up just like that and vocally they’re the closest thing to destiny’s child for this generation when it comes to dope harmonies as well

  4. truthteller April 6, 2018

    The reality is nobody outside the UK would care if they broke up. It wouldn’t even cause a ripple here in the USA

  5. DanYiel Iman April 6, 2018

    I love this group!!

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