‘Chante’s Got A Problem’: Singer Suffers Shocking Sales Dip After She Defends R. Kelly

Published: Friday 11th May 2018 by David

The R&B star Chante Moore has seen her latest album ‘The Rise of the Phoenix’ slip and slide out of the iTunes Top 100 R&B Albums Chart after she mocked efforts made by Viola Davis, Ava DuVernay, Shonda Rhimes and John Legend to put an end to R. Kelly’s alleged abuse of women and girls.

Bad news for the ‘R&B Diva’ below…

Moore’s appearance on the show ‘Sister Circle‘ saw her infuriate fans when she suggested that Kelly wasn’t to blame for the drama he is currently facing for his alleged decades-long abuse of underage girls and young women.

Before the appearance, her new album ‘The Rise of the Phoenix‘ held a spot within the R&B charts Top 100. Following it? Out of the Top 200.


Enraged by her suggestion that Kelly was in no way responsible for his own actions, the general public responded to her by pulling their support from her music much to the horror of her fans who will be crushed to learn that sales of her new album are so low that it’s likely to fall out of the Top 200 by the day’s end.

What do you make of this matter?

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  1. ??? May 11, 2018

    lmao, um, that album has been out since LAST YEAR, its not new lmao

    • Jasmine May 11, 2018

      What is the point of this story other than to bash Kelly daily? How about innocent until proven guilty? Chante will get NO backlash from her comments and no other tabloid outlet is reporting this because there is no connection between her album and a comment about Kelly. The album flopped on arrival last year and no one was buying her album.

      • DanYiel Iman May 11, 2018

        EVERYONE KNOWS HES A P******** & they ignored it much like the law did due to his music!!

      • Jasmine May 11, 2018

        R. Kelly has never been accused of being a p*** in court because he is not one by legal definition. People like Danyiel need to educate themselves on what a p*** is. A p*** is an adult that sexually abuses pre-pubescent young children (ie 12 years old or younger and before puberty). R. Kelly falls in the category of men who likes young women (post-pubescence). Thus, he is not a p***. By federal law, the age of legal consent is 13 years old or older. While state laws vary, many states have 16 years old or older as the legal age of consent and some other states have 17 years old or older. His accusers claim they met Kelly when they were in their early 20s. There is nothing to charge Kelly with because he is not doing anything illegal.

      • SMH May 15, 2018

        Wrong. He sneakily had his legal team move his cases to his hometown of Chicago in the past, where he had judges in his pocket & was able to get those cases thrown out. Except now he doesn’t have the same legal team or the same judges to manipulate. Thats why he’s facing the music this time. Stop trying to defend this sicko by pulling the race card when its a industry known FACT that he’s an underage pervert.

      • SdotB May 17, 2018

        @SMH, who TF said anything about race besides U? Having a conversation with yourself huh? Smh…

  2. Tori May 11, 2018

    But it’s TRUE. People are still going to dance and reference his lyrics despite his situation because most people aren’t invested in personal life like the blogs or black Twitter. He was wrong and will behandle for his actions as he should be but that doesn’t meaning his music will ever die. That’s unrealistic.

  3. Allhaildaprince May 11, 2018

    To everybody who commenting what happened to innocent until proven guilty Charlemagne said it best the truth don’t matter if the lie more entertaining and it’s entertaining to people to drag this dude for no reason he ain’t been arrested he ain’t been convicted of nothing but #muterkelly tho gtfoh #innocentuntilprovenguilty

  4. I HatE WWHYYYyyt n BLaccck. Bitchezzcc May 11, 2018

    Fuc. Shonda Rhimes the other b**** and the other b**** Viola Davis

  5. Meteorite May 11, 2018

    Well if Spotify wants to pull R. Kelly’s catalog then they need to be consistent and pull EVERYONE who’s been convicted/arrested/ investigated/accused and etcetera! Stop cherry picking! There are so many freaks and perverts I’m the industry it’s not even funny.

    • I HatE WWHYYYyyt n BLaccck. Bitchezzcc May 11, 2018

      They still have no DNA, not guilty and a lot of those, rock bands f*** teenage girls on tour……

  6. truthteller May 11, 2018

    Chante only said what she did to get attention. She hasn’t had a hit since 2000 and now people are talking about her again

  7. Yonce May 11, 2018

    Good because she sounded silly in that interview.

  8. Faf May 11, 2018

    R kelly is not a p******** he’s a statutory r***** the same as Tyga

    The bottom line is the only one that matters is sparkles neice everyone else is trying to get money

    U go move into a mans home who has a past of sexual misconduct and then cry about being brainwashed and locked in the House U WENT TO ON UR OWN

  9. MAR May 11, 2018

    Didn’t find anything wrong with her answer. She wasn’t in support of the behavior and gave wise advise.

  10. Chris May 11, 2018

    What she stated was fact. Tho a shame. People are still going yo dance ti his music. I dont condone his actions by no means. At the same time if girls didnt have the groupy mentality he would have no girls to attack. Did you the othet comment of the mother daughter duo? Exactly!

  11. Stephon Jackson May 12, 2018

    Umm lets be real… Chante Moore will flop regardless, her music sucks and nobody ever buys her albums lol

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