Must See: Azealia Banks Visits ‘The Breakfast Club’

Published: Friday 11th May 2018 by David

Azealia Banks‘ new track ‘Anna Wintour’ is on fire!

So, keen to generate more awareness for it, the Hip-House star made her way to ‘The Breakfast Club’ to engage in a thought-provoking discussion on race, being drugged and assaulted, feminism, Hip-Hop, intersectionality, Beyonce, RZA, Cardi B’s illiteracy and misogynoir.

It makes for a fascinating watch for many reasons. For, she also defended Lil Mama, detailed why she feels one of the names above lowered the bar in Pop culture and why she feels the music industry is opening its doors to her again.

Watch below…

‘Wintour’ is soaring on Spotify and leads the way for her new project ‘Fantasea 2: The Second Wave.’

Yet to hear it?

Hit this link!

What did you make of the conversation?

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  1. ??? May 11, 2018


  2. Lol May 11, 2018

    “Soaring on Spotify “ lol honey what chart is she on currently? She does nothing but speak negatively about everyone and expects ppl to take her side. She’s a waste. I dont Know why you keep giving her a platform on here you’re the only one who reports on her. NO ONE CARES. Let her career stay dead. It was over before it started.

  3. Liam May 11, 2018

    She needs to do more interviews this girl is so intellectual and blunt with it and I understand what she is saying bout the music industry but people who have this perception of her twitter personality are gonna just judge her without even listening to the interview anyways 🤷🏿‍♂️

  4. May 11, 2018

    wishing her the best.

  5. L May 11, 2018

    Lover her she is really talented cant deny

  6. Haterz Gon’ Hate May 11, 2018

    And therein lies the source of the problem. When you listen to her direct with no media filter and she provides context beyond the media sound bites – dare I say it – she’s actually cool, no doubt very smart and hella articulate. Glad to see she’s getting the help she needs – more of this type of engaging AB could widen her fanbase and appeal.

  7. tesha May 11, 2018

    I cant even get through 5 min of this.. This girl plays victim! please hush and lay in the wack bed you made yourself!

    Corny, angry,spoiled brat!

    AZmonkey needs attention!
    bye girl!

  8. Dev May 11, 2018

    I Watched this interview after reading the comments stating that she’s intellectual and smart but i’m struggling to hear where in this interview.
    Can someone please time stamp the parts cause i don’t see it.

    • Haterz Gon’ Hate May 11, 2018

      If she wasn’t smart, how was she able to:

      1. Articulate her point of view so clearly
      2. Quote historical references
      3. Understand when the interviewers where trying to bate her
      4. Stay in control of questions she did not want to answer
      5. Take a wider point of view at the media and societies portrayal of women in entertainment – black women – and racial boundaries

      I could go on. To break it down further. Taylor Swift could not articulate herself in this way. Just because someone curses it doesn’t always mean they aren’t smart.

      If you didn’t ‘get’ smart from this interview (and I’m not even an AB fan) maybe it’s just too complexed for you to comprehend. 🤷🏾‍♂️

      • Dev May 12, 2018

        All Azealia did was what is gets you folks all the time. Because she “speaks proper” than people are automatically semi switched on to what she’s saying. What Azealia said in that interview is nothing new, i have heard people relay and rehash that information previously. At one point when they said that an intern had said that she make music for gay men she changed it to white gay men and then had a whole conversation about race perception and ignorance.
        Staying in control of questions has nothing to do with intelligence, it has to do with being savvy.

        “Just because someone curses it doesn’t always mean they aren’t smart” I don’t understand what this point has to do with anything i have said. Please clarify.

        “If you didn’t ‘get’ smart from this interview (and I’m not even an AB fan) maybe it’s just too complexed for you to comprehend” You just showed your ignorant self. Instead of answering the question you tried to throw in some passive aggressive shade and that it exactly what Azealia does which is unnecessary and gives the impression that you think you are better than others

  9. Keith May 11, 2018

    Azealia DID come across as relatable and intelligent in this interview. She told NO LIES as Cardi B has definitely lowered the bar for female rap success. Don’t know why people don’t want to admit that Bercardis’ dumb, uncouth persona makes for good jokes but hurts those that take the craft seriously…

    • Faf May 11, 2018

      It’s true but azealia is not talking rocket science in her music she’s not an intellectual rapper IMO it’s all dance house beats and the same flow

      So if it’s not cardi it still wouldn’t be her

    • Dev May 12, 2018

      But i don’t understand how Cardi has lowered the bar? Yes! She may speak in broken english but does that mean that she has to be ruled out because of the way she speaks? Is what she say’s and raps about any different from other females before her? Azealia kept on talking about Beyonce and Lemonade, Solange as these great body’s of work, against a woman who is at the starting blocks of her career and trying to establish herself, and this is also coming from the woman who’s biggest hit contains the C word.

      I also felt that when she said that no-one should listen to her views, i don’t understand why she puts them out there for some people that are deemed impressional. If you think your own views where rubbish but still continued to talk a week and then say people reactions are their problems is niave to say the least

      • XX May 12, 2018

        She is saying Cardie lowered the bar because she is talking street s*** and the middle of our second civil Rights movement. She also don’t right her own songs, and she came from love and hip hop. Although she is fire, it’s unfair for her to be held as a contender for the queen of rap. As for the white gay comment turning into white gay she just eliborated for us what they ment by gay. House music equals white people. gay house music equals gay white people.

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