Tinashe, Jessie Reyez & Bebe Rexha Reveal They Were Sexually Harassed By Detail

Published: Sunday 13th May 2018 by David

Tinashe has been embraced with a wave of love after she bravely stepped forward to reveal that she was sexually harassed by the producer Detail.

Joining her to share their stories? Bebe Rexha and Jessie Reyez.


Detail is accused of abusing and assaulting two female artists and now finds himself in more legal hot water after the brave women above supported his victims by sharing their stories.

The producer, who allegedly received a beat down at Drake‘s house in 2014, is also- according to some sources– renown for stealing songs and presenting them to artists as his own.

He is yet to respond to Tinashe’s story.

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  1. Black orchid May 13, 2018

    Now it’s about sexual harassment, can’t wait til the illuminati thing to be put in light

  2. DanYiel Iman May 13, 2018

    Well that’s cool especially if it’s true!!

  3. Jasmine May 13, 2018

    Why don’t they just press charges? All this allegation stuff is nonsense. People should just do the right thing…if you are assaulted press criminal charges. Period. And do it I’m a timely manner before the statute of limitations runs out. Also women should never go into recording studios alone. Also, Old school rules…always take your man or your manager or a couple family members with you when you are meeting a producer for the first time.

    • I HatE WWHYYYyyt n BLaccck. Bitchezzcc May 13, 2018

      Because they all willingly slept with him, they all sleep their way to the top, but then the album flopped now they’re crying abuse,.,,,,., that is just one reason why I hate black and white b******

      • Jasmine May 13, 2018

        I agree 100 %.

      • Tia 4 Ever May 13, 2018

        Can you explain how you came to this conclusion?

      • Jasmine May 13, 2018

        Tia if you were a singer would you meet male producers by yourself or would you take somebody there with you? I understand his point because it makes no sense for a woman to be meeting these male producers alone. I also don’t understand why they won’t just press criminal charges? If you have the courage to male public allegations against a man then you have enough courage to file a criminal complaint with the police who have a duty to investigate the charges. Making accusations without filing criminal charges seems mighty suspect to me. The right thing to do is file the criminal charges when somebody has wronged you. You can make your public accusations after you filed a criminal complaint but when you purposely just make the public accusations then people like me look at your motives.

      • Julian May 14, 2018

        So you’re saying it’s the girls’ fault if they get harrassed or r**** because they didn’t bring a man to protect them??? Wow, the misogyny jumped all the way out. What a vile and disgusting thing to say.

      • tesha May 14, 2018

        i hate people like you that are probably rtapist also and cant take no for a answer! Looser!

      • Jasmine May 14, 2018

        How do yall explain the multiple dates the accusers had with him after he allegedly assaulted them? If you go out with a guy and he assaults why would you keep going out with him? (you don’t have any serious ties like children or a relationship together). Thus, you are after his money and his fame.

    • StarXavi May 14, 2018

      This is exactly why I don’t like reading Jasmine’s posts. You constantly put all the blame on the women and automatically think the guy is innocent. You did the same with Bill Cosby and R. Kelly. Like, why should a woman have to bring a man to the studio to protect them from someone who is supposed to be professional and this is supposed to be business. Like the artists who spoke up said….fear is a real thing. And look at this ugly ass producer….he literally looks like a pervy rapist.

      • Jasmine May 14, 2018

        LIES! I have never defended Bill Cosby (you can pull up the old articles on here and see I usually don’t even comment on Cosby and never defended his actions). It is common sense and old school rules for a woman to be accompanied by her man or some family when meeting a male producer for the first time. Who assumes anything about anyone they are just meeting? Just use common sense. Would you meet this “ugly ass pervy rapist looking producer” by yourself if you were a single? NOPE I don’t think so. Thus, practice what you are saying.

        Theoretically, I could accuse any rich black man of assault after just going on a couple dates if he does not pay me what I demand and thousands of people would believe me automatically because he is black.

  4. I HatE WWHYYYyyt n BLaccck. Bitchezzcc May 13, 2018

    he received a beat down at Drake’s house…….. the writers of this post are very ignorant,

    • Tia 4 Ever May 13, 2018

      What’s ignorant ?

    • Meme May 14, 2018

      He actually did though. Lol. Chubs, drake security, beat the F out of him. It was quite funny.

  5. Guest May 13, 2018

    I believe. I just have a problem with how these women always become bold and brave after somebody else does all the work, takes the risk, and puts themselves on the line to bring these men down. Now you can open your mouth to say something? The 2 women who came forward Instead of waiting 6 years for him to do it to more women and “Karma” to get him are the actual brave ones. 😒🙄

    • Jamie May 13, 2018

      Thank you!

    • Jasmine May 13, 2018

      The other two are not brave either. Here is the original article:**-slavery/

      Unless they are pressing criminal charges I believe these women could be motivated by money. If any man abused or assaulted me his asss is going to jail and then I might suenon civil court if he has money. I know that a criminal conviction means I will get paid in civil court. These women using only social media to accuse people are not doing the right thing. The right thing to do is file criminal charges and let the police investigate the charges. When I read the original story I see that the 2 women had multiple dates with him instead of filing charges. Now they still are not filing criminal charges so I cannot say I believe them.

      • Guest May 13, 2018

        Sometimes society can punish you a million times worse than our garbage criminal justice system can. Prime example, Chris Brown. Jail time would’ve been the easiest punishment he could’ve ever gotten. His crime being publicized is what ruined his career. If he had gone to jail for any other reason with no one knowing the details of what he did, no one would care. For that reason, I can’t blame women for accusing high profile men over social media. Social media gives them a voice. Which is especially important when dealing with powerful men whose words are against theirs. It’s the era we live in. They’ll probably get more help from online strangers than from the police if we’re being honest. The police are more receptive to some people more than others. Though, I do agree with you to some extent. I’m all for pressing charges. But some people are deterred from the process for a variety of reasons. I don’t even think them being involved with him matters. Women get sexually assualted and r**** by their own boyfriends. Sometimes multiple times. I don’t have all the information, but from what I can go off of now, i think coming forward when you are r**** is brave, regardless of how you do it.

      • Jasmine May 13, 2018

        Guest I totally get what yiu are saying but the legal system is in place to handle matters like these. Nothing is wrong with making accusations on social media but do it after you file criminal charges. We live in a society where many people take accusations as fact when it is a black man and the same people take dismiss allegations when it is a white man like Trump. When you file criminal charges it at least gets the police involved and they can investigate the charges. The public is not qualified to condemn anyone when they are only getting one side of the story. That is why I will not believe or cosign with any of these women making allegations unless they at least file criminal charges. Also, if you are assaulted or [email protected] by your man and you keep staying with him then you need to leave him and file criminal charges. When you stay with him, get dumped, and then years later make allegations I think your allegations are motivated by bitterness over getting dumped rather than being completely truth. There are always two sides to every story and then the truth.

      • Jasmine May 13, 2018

        Also, with people and companies condemning people over one-sided accusations it opens a wide door to extortion and blackmail. Theoretically, I could accuse any rich black man of assault after just going on a couple dates if he does not pay me what I demand and thousands of people would believe me automatically because he is black.

  6. Jamie May 13, 2018

    Well, Justin Bieber made me have an unauthorized orgasm. Where do I press charges? How do I start a movement? I need to secure me a bad or some popularity before this fad dwindles.

  7. Stephy May 13, 2018

    This is one of the main reasons, folks like Khia don’t f(uck with the industry. Couldn’t have been me, I would’ve made a scene and caused all kinds of hell. Being a sexual deviant is just doing too much, and hella ugly. Like who got time to get r**** or to be raping folks anyway… uh uh

    • Jasmine May 13, 2018

      I agree. So you are not one of these women who would get assaulted, keep on datin the guy, and then blast him on social media once he dumps you. That is the problem here. I want to believe these women but I can only believe and have their back if they do the right thing…aka….file criminal charges. The social media stuff is irrelevant to my decision to believe them or not believe them. I support victims who file criminal charges. If you don’t file the criminal charges then you are suspect because you could be after money, fame, or being-dumped-retaliation.

  8. Tori May 13, 2018

    …Didn’t he present Futures demo of “Drunk” instumental to Beyonce and Timberland as “Drunk In Love” while Future still had the demo for his “Honest” album? I could see him stealing songs.

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