K. Michelle Announces New Mixtape & Album / Reveals Titles

Published: Wednesday 27th Jun 2018 by Sam

K. Michelle keeps it moving.

Since her ascend on the ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ platform, the R&B chanteuse released an album almost every year – with the most recent being 2017’s ‘Kimberly: The People I Used To Know.’

As she herself predicted, the set didn’t perform well. Undeterred, though, she’s pressing on with not one but two new projects.

Dive below for details…

On Twitter, the songbird revealed that she’s hatching a mixtape and album.

Continuing her trend of creative titles, the mixtape has been christened ‘God & Prozac,’ while the LP has been christened ‘All Monsters Are Human.’

Echoing K’s own sentiments, her material tends to perform best when propped up by the ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ exposure. And with her starring role in the upcoming season of the “Hollywood” series, she’s in a much better position than she was on her last outing.

Are you checking for new K. Michelle?

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  1. TC June 27, 2018

    Wasn’t she was gonna retire like 3 albums ago? Ok, then I’m not here for it, but I wish her luck.

  2. ILoveMoriah June 27, 2018

    Please retire, we are just fine without you and your hating negativity and boring music??✌?

  3. China June 27, 2018

    THE WOMAN WHO DOES “NOT” SHOW UP FOR HER MEET AND GREET WITH FANS???? AGAIN….IF YOU CAN’T DO YOUR JOB…FIREDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. YOU WOULD THINK with her “forgettable” music she would at least have RESPECT for the 6 fans who actually brought her “3rd rate” music. Flop Ungrateful Hood-Bi_ch.

  4. Halle June 27, 2018

    I’m so tired of these privileged artists going to extreme to air out all their craziness and using their albums and other projects as literal forms of therapy. Figuratively, yes I get it. Creating should be therapeutic but I sick of knowing about her botched booty and low self esteem just like I’m tired from hearing about Kanyes everything. They need to take those millions (or six figures in K’s case) and buy some counseling sessions. And keep it confidential like the paperwork says.

  5. Lake Erie June 27, 2018

    It’s like her music now is customized to the point that it’s not even relatable to the masses overall. Like the joint “K Kim” (heard it twice and that was IT! ) or her wasted r&b joint “crazy like you” a whole waste smh. Those songs imo were no where near close to even being mainstream r&b. Those songs are what I call “in that moment” music. After that, it could get shelved and MAYBE brought back as a throwback for a nostalgic moment and later critiqued as “I can’t believe I liked that song or I sang that song back then”. But the whole 4th album was scattered ratchet chaos though. Her 3rd album was just “good”. Wasn’t better than her amazing first or second albums. But her 3rd was the LAST of her best I can say that much.

  6. Channel no iman June 27, 2018

    Girl no you need a break

  7. Camel wife June 27, 2018

    I’m tired of k Michelle and Fantasia can they go away

  8. Doom Kappo June 27, 2018

    Wow, love the album title

  9. Sandra June 27, 2018

    Kimberly: the singer I used to….I don’t know her.

    • PrinceOfDaSouth June 27, 2018


  10. DanYiel Iman June 28, 2018

    She’s continuing making albums I like that!!

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