Azealia Banks Wishes Death On Wendy Williams

Published: Monday 16th Jul 2018 by Sam

Azealia Banks is at it again.

The rapper hit headlines yesterday when she took aim at Nick Cannon and his show Wild ‘N Out – claiming that she was ambushed branded ugly during a recent taping.

Well, Wendy Williams discussed the matter on her show this morning and (like most) didn’t have the most favorable take on the femcee’s “alleged” plight.

Never one to hold her acid-soaked tongue, Banks took to social media to hurl the worst kind of filth Williams’ way.

Her words below…

Via her IG story, the 27-year-old…


Talent aside, Azealia has made it commonplace to say the vilest things and then turn around, victimise herself, and seem confused as to why she receives so little sympathy.

It’s plausible that bad things have happened to her, but she projects an energy that no doubt invites negativity her way.

Beyond the fact that she keeps squandering any and all opportunities she’s given, it perplexes that someone who is so opinionated cannot take when folks’ view of her isn’t positive (i.e. Wendy’s).

At this juncture, we’re not even sure it’s worth touting the need for her to focus on music. Because, she’s said so many problematic things that it’s unlikely she’ll have the platforms needed to make any kind of movement commercially.

Your thoughts?

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  1. tesha July 16, 2018



    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.! July 16, 2018

      @Tesha – And Azealia’s the problem? Hardly. You have just as a disgusting mouth as people thinks she has. (I don’t think that of Azealia. I actually like the woman.)

    • JasmineIsTrash July 16, 2018

      TESHA is a moron….

  2. China July 16, 2018

    She is a horrible person. Can stand ms. banks.

    • Jasmine (The Original Princess) July 16, 2018

      So is Wendall ?‍♂️

      • audreyherbsburn July 16, 2018

        does wendy also being trash negate azealia being trashier? not at all.

  3. DC3 FOREVER July 16, 2018

    Does anyone know her music at all? Besides the white noise music they play at FOREVER21?

  4. Achooo! July 16, 2018

    Both women are hated

  5. Bettie clayton July 16, 2018

    We love youuu

  6. ROCK July 16, 2018

    She has no future

  7. Gio July 16, 2018

    why you can’t simply say she is an awful and crazy person? She is talented like 100000 other artists out there! But when they say or do stupid things they haven’t this “excuse”, because YOU (and the other blogs)are making her famous!! It’s absurd after everything she did or said she is still THERE! i’ve Seen career ruined for SO MUCH LESS!

  8. Medusa Monroe July 16, 2018

    Miss Bank$ can suck on my c***, she is CRAZY as hell.

  9. JasmineIsTrash July 16, 2018

    That grape juice pretending to be outraged over Azealia’s comment about Wendy Williams…. people say worse on twitter everyday…. Wendy is a piece of trash, no one would miss her!

  10. Get It Together AB!! July 16, 2018

    She’s a talented girl but the unnecessary noise that she consistently makes distracts people from the talent. There’s a difference between opinion and being rude. If she shut her mouth a little and humbled herself, she could of had a nice carreer.

  11. Latinissima July 16, 2018

    This gurl is never going to grow up. As a musician she’s dope but as an artist that has to work with many many other things than just drop good sounds and barz… She will never be what the audience want from her. CANCELLED ONE MORE TIME.

  12. Caleb July 16, 2018

    One could write an entire book from the horrible things she’s said. Saying that the “good ol’ US of A” will obliterate Zayn’s entire family because he is of Pakistani descent is just one I can think of off the top of my head.

  13. Jimbobgivafuck July 16, 2018

    If you continue rewarding her bad behavior with even the slightest publicity she wont stop… it’s what children do… stop writing,talking. Etc about what she says and hopefully she will go away..

  14. DanYiel Iman July 16, 2018

    Oh lawd I cannot with this today or tomorrow!!

  15. justafan July 16, 2018

    One word: trash

  16. Barbara Washington December 31, 2018

    Unhappy people say vile and disgusting things to make others feel miserable with them. She should remember you can check out on your best health day. The Creator is no respecter of health, age or Rapper status. Grow up little girl!!!

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