Demi Lovato: Celebrity Pals Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Ariana Grande & More Send Love To Troubled Star

Published: Tuesday 24th Jul 2018 by Rashad


Shock waves were sent through the music industry today when news broke singing sensation Demi Lovato was rushed to the hospital for an apparent overdose on heroin (click here to read more on that).

The 25-year-old, who’s been very public about her battle with sobriety and addiction, recently admitted in song that she’d relapsed after being clean for six years.  Despite support from industry friends Iggy Azalea and more since that public admission, the setback eventually overtook the songstress (as today’s report evidenced).

Since today’s story made its rounds, the outcry of support has only increased for Lovato.  Fellow celebs Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Ellen Degeneres, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and more took to their social media handles to send love the singer’s way and encouraged their followers to do the same.  Look inside to see:

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  1. Meme July 24, 2018

    This is nice of her peers sending these warm messages, I respect them for that and I mean it.

    I’m not one of her peers so I get to say how I really feel. And honestly I don’t feel sorry for any one with drug addicts. ESPECIALLY those with access money and resources to take care of themselves and seek help. I’m sorry but there is people out here who have it 1000x harder than Demi, folks who don’t know how they are going to feed their kids tomorrow and they find away and make it each day. Your a millionaire, with a career and blessed beyond measure…it can’t be that hard that you have resort to abusing yourself.

    I don’t wish harm on anyone and I wish her well. But i don’t feel sorry that a privileged lady is abusing herself with drugs.

    • Whoops ???‍♀️?? July 24, 2018

      Sounds reasonable. But I could take this same energy and reason that the people who have it “1000x harder” than Demi have self-inflicted problems, squandered their opportunities, and thus, don’t deserve empathy too. Choosing to have kids you can’t afford to feed is your own fault. Choosing to have kids that will deplete your finances and perpetuate poverty is also your fault. Why feel sorry for those people then? Honestly, I kinda get what you mean, but privilege is not just monetary and material. So even though I for example, may be worse off, economically, than Demi. I may have been more privileged when it comes to knowledge, family and support, etc. I was lucky enough to be mentally healthy enough to the point where I didn’t feel compelled to self medicate. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich, Depression does not discriminate. I remember her saying she was suicidal at 7. Demi started this as a child. It’s simply unfair for me to judge her for the unfortunate fact that she was obviously mentally unwell, was introduced to this by somebody and became addicted. And Aside from the fact that this country has been guilty of purposely introducing its citizens to illicit drugs because its profitable, some people are also more predisposed to addiction. Addiction has ALWAYS been a disease. We just weren’t treating it as such when it was black people suffering… but that’s another rant for another time.

      • Meme July 25, 2018

        Being oppressed, deprived of equal opportunities and education, being a product of your environment…none of these are choices. Taking drug for your own pleasure is a CHOICE. I see where you were going with your argument but you can’t compare the 2.

      • Meme July 25, 2018

        When your resume don’t even get viewed because of your “black name” or you can’t even get a meeting with A record label because of your skin color…NO you not have the same opportunity as privileged Demi. I don’t feel sorry for her.

      • Whoops ???‍♀️?? July 25, 2018

        How is Demi not a product of her environment though? That’s my point. And was she always rich? Because a part of my point is also that her struggles preceded her fame. And did she choose to have psychological disorders—bipolar disorder, bulimia nervosa, and depression too? Also, you can’t minimize or invalidate someone’s problems simply because other people have it worse. By that logic, I can tell virtually everybody in the world to suck it up. Because Everyone is privileged in comparison to somebody. I could easily argue that we shouldn’t feel sorry for poor Lakeisha who can’t get a record deal because of her black name either because she’s privileged and has more opportunity than Malala did when she got shot in the head just for getting an education. We can play the oppression olympics all day but it’s futile, divisive, and dismissive.

    • Bam July 25, 2018

      You’re an idiot. You have no idea of what anyone is going or went through rich or not (and she was not always rich). It’s ridiculous that the internet allows people to stay so ignorant even with the wealth of resources it provides…

      • Meme July 25, 2018

        I said what I said. And I feel like I feel.

    • JJFan1814 July 25, 2018

      Oh sis throw the whole rihanna avi away. The navy has decided to kick you off the ship

    • Rosy July 25, 2018

      I agree with you a thousand percent I feel for her but to me these celebrities are not grateful for the life god bless them with they haven’t seen the other side of how some people live to realize you know what I’m going to live a life of gratefulness they like the drug and party life

    • oh please July 25, 2018

      I don’t even know where to begin to address the ignorance in meme’s comment

      So i’ll address anyone who may have suffered with addiction – we’re not all as stupid as the person who wrote the comment above and understand how addiction is also a mental illness. That your brain is rewired through addiction, that some people are even predisposed to addiction and that you’re not actively going out and deciding that ‘today i would like to start a heroin addiction’. It’s way more complicated than just being ‘selfish’ just like s****** is way more complicated than being ‘selfish’.

      • Meme July 25, 2018

        Please tell me how my comment is ignorant? What it the part about Demi being a millionaire and having the resources to seek help? Or was it the part about people having it 1000x worst and don’t resort to drugs.

        You can’t address my comment because I spoke facts? You wrote a whole paragraph saying absolutely nothing. We know drug addiction is a mental illness but people with far less recourse than Demi are able to get the help needed and beat it. You keep making excuses for rich spoil reckless celebrities who don’t take responsibility for their actions.

    • madbrax July 25, 2018

      you are a f****** moron

  2. ? + ✈ = ? July 25, 2018

    She brings new meaning to Disney on ICE ❄

  3. aJ July 25, 2018

    But did she die tho? Sounds like a another my awards publicity comeback like she did years ago?


    Get help don’t try to kill your self

  5. Antincia foster July 25, 2018

    Praying that she gets the help she needs

  6. DanYiel Iman July 26, 2018

    Hmm ?

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