The Predictions Are In! Drake Set To Debut Huge With ‘Scorpion’

Published: Sunday 1st Jul 2018 by Sam

Drake is onto quite the beast with new album ‘Scorpion.’

An established chart titan, the Toronto bred star’s releases have often prompted the question “how high?.” Apt, as his offerings consistently shoot into the stratosphere – and this LP is no different.

The first week sales forecasts are in and Aubrey is on course for a mega opening…

Easily a shoo-in for the #1 spot on the Billboard 200, Drizzy is predicted to sell the following:

[Sales Plus Streams]

[Pure Sales]


As evidenced by the digits above, it’s clear Drake has energised the streaming arena and is reaping the rewards accordingly. The SPS-to-Pure Sales ratio is massive.

And when diving into the numbers, it becomes apparent why.

‘Scorpion’ has shattered the first-day streaming records of BOTH Spotify and Apple Music – generating 132 million and 170 million respectively. A combined total of over 300 million. The platforms, which are the first and second leaders on the stream scene, also both gave Drake prime promotional placements.

It’s arguably a teaching moment for many top tier stars who’ve opted for “exclusive” roll-outs on specific platforms and consequently limited their reach.

In this case, Drake wins by leveraging his hype towards A1 promo courtesy of streaming’s major players; and they win by having millions flock to their respective platforms to listen to ‘Scorpion’ and stay on the services. Put simply, it’s a win for everyone.

Now, with a million in reaching distance and buzz still in overdrive, can he snatch that win too? Stay tuned!

Your thoughts?

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  1. ? + ✈ = ? July 1, 2018

    He sh itted on the Carters ???

    • Alex July 1, 2018

      They’re good love. Making 8 mill a night on their stadium tour! ?

      • ??? July 1, 2018

        lmao and how much are they gonna lose from all the free tickets they gave out? lmfaooooo ???

      • ? + ✈ = ? July 1, 2018

        Scorpion will be illegible for a double platinum certification first week !!

      • Cory July 1, 2018

        So many empty seats. I’m not even sure how they reported these shows sold out to Billboard Boxscore where they were giving out free tickets and there were still empty seats in PRIME locations. Just look at this video!

  2. Thando July 1, 2018

    Not a rap fan but judging by the hype on Twitter since this album came out I thought it’d be higher. 300K is lower than the 1 000 000 I was expecting. But I’m sure prediction will be revised or is just fan hype and not GP.

    • Caleb July 1, 2018

      People are paying for streaming services so that is where they are listening to music. Why buy a separate copy when you can listen to it on the subscription service you pay for? Only those of us who don’t have enough newer music we like are still using iTunes to buy the albums and songs we like.

      • Keith July 1, 2018

        So very true @Caleb, because that’s certainly my story. None of these June releases excited me that much…

  3. ROCK July 1, 2018

    King of Hype

    • Justme July 1, 2018

      Thank you. Somebody said it. It was like the drama and everything he is going through was right on time for the release of the album???. Just like when pusha released his album and drake already had a response??

  4. ??? July 1, 2018

    lmfaooooo ended camel & the roach, as expected, just like he did when views pissed all over koolaid lmfaooooo. now watch the FLOP hive come in here clinging to their 2 for 1 struggle tour with half the tickets being given away as seat fillers lmfaooooo ???

    • Justme July 1, 2018

      Drake needs to thank beyonce for the hype he has had since views. If beyoncè would’ve put lemonade on spotify and apple music she would’ve dominated the streaming era. Drake wouldn’t have debut that high. Lemonade sold more physicals than views. Lemonade was discussed everywhere and seeing you bring it up shows it’s still that b****

    • !!! (The real ???) July 1, 2018

      Let’s be clear. If Beyonce actually cared for sales and PROMOTED her albums like she did in the past, her numbers would be very different. Bey clearly cares about IMPACT more than sales. That’s why shes on her 3rd stadium tour. ??

      • Haterz Gon’ Hate July 1, 2018

        Thank you – and she HERSELF says on “Boss” if she cared about (meaning: was obsessed with) streaming she would have put Lemonade up on Spotify and if you’re a hater and don’t know the rest of the lyrics – Bey has something for you namely: “F**k You” ???

  5. Meme July 1, 2018

    Would the real seller please stand up! Showing the caters with their horrible music how it’s done.

    • Justme July 1, 2018

      Come on.. a riri fan talking about album numbers. Has she ever debut with 300k.. i mean before streams and with streams she has never done it. But guess who has both of the carters multiple times

    • B2B July 1, 2018

      Girl bye, The Carter did not promote their album at all. You worry about Riri, ps for the promo Drake did, these numbers are not IT! This guy has a double disk, divide that s*** by 2 and go buy Anti. EIL is a joint album many of her fans are not behind this project also the GP is still mad at the Carters for being PRO BLACK! Anti is the real fckn flop, Rihanna had so many singles and still couldn’t compare to LEMONADE!

      • Memo July 1, 2018

        The no promotion excuse is very tired since you roachive always mention Beyoncé sells purely on her name,

  6. Kasdaghost July 1, 2018

    Is it just a coincidence that he released a week after Jay and Bey dropped an album, just like he dropped Views a week after Beyonce dropped Lemonade

    • Caleb July 1, 2018

      probably is a coincidence actually

    • Erica July 1, 2018

      Nope that’s been his date the Carters drop they album out of nowhere so that’s what happened

  7. Lake Erie July 1, 2018

    Lol. I knew he’d do big numbers. Idk why people thought different.

  8. Dev July 1, 2018

    The album is awful and Drake is just a male Taylor Swift.

  9. mr.m July 1, 2018


  10. DanYiel Iman July 1, 2018

    Pop-rap isn’t my thing, females & Caucasian folks will be all over his music ?.

    • Caleb July 1, 2018

      Trust me. It isn’t just those demographics who are streaming and buying his music.

  11. JCP July 1, 2018

    The man is consistent…that’s for sure. I might have to cop the album.

  12. G7Pat July 1, 2018


  13. Caleb July 1, 2018

    He has a dedicated fan base apparently.

  14. Fancy BISH July 1, 2018

    Love the album! ?? #Scorpion #JTCanceled #ByeBookerT ?

  15. Steve July 1, 2018

    Congratulations. This will teach lesser artist not to give a more successful artist more promo over an unwarranted beef. No names mentioned.

    • Lake Erie July 1, 2018

      Ummm actually, that so called critically acclaimed lessor made him eat his humble pie. …. Lol. But you right, no names mentioned.

      • Lake Erie July 1, 2018


  16. Theman July 1, 2018

    If he had released the physical with it he would have sold so much more. These are just digital sales..

  17. Retribution July 1, 2018

    He destroyed Jay Z and Beyonce’s album. I don’t why the Carter fans are in here trying to deny that fact. They flopped and it happens to the best of them.

  18. RealNegro July 1, 2018

    Yeah the Carters flopped, but so has Scarey J Blige, Mariah Carey, Rihinna, Usher, Alicia Keys and countless others. Won’t stop them from releasing new music! Hopefully they will start back releasing like everyone else because the surprise element is gone. They got beat by a boyband and are tumbling down the charts even after releasing to all platforms.

    In other news, Just like Taylor Swift, that Drake reign is slowly coming to an end. A double album with 25 songs and can’t even top Views.

    • Retribution July 1, 2018

      Based on Drake’s numbers, I would say his reign is not showing signs of slowing down. These are just digital sales which are massive.

  19. iamdiego July 1, 2018

    If i’m not mistaken… double albums (over a certain time frame) means double copies sold. realistically if the predictions are right, he’d only sale about 150,000 pure copies… music is not selling 🙁 streams are really taking over but it doesn’t pay well.

  20. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 1, 2018

    the carters sold 100k first full wk… Drake AS I PREDICTED is only selling 3 times more lol thank god for SPS.. Drake as usual is FRONT LOADED and this album is trash so sells will fizzle. outside of sps this is a FLOP. The Carter’s didn’t promote and also no hit like drake. These are 4:44 and Rihanna numbers lol

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 1, 2018

      Everything Is Flop is front loaded. They had a 73% sales decline this week despite desperately releasing it to all platforms.

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 1, 2018

        It is a flop at this point, can’t argue with that but I will argue it’s better than scorpion ?

    • Retribution July 1, 2018

      They sold 70,000 first week. Aren’t you tired of hiding behind multiple accounts you fat b***h and defending the Carters like you are their attorney? B***h shut up. The Carters flopped. Drake destroyed them. The end. Accept it and move on and shut up because we all are tired of hearing it.

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 1, 2018

        70,000 4 days… 100k for full wk.

  21. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 1, 2018

    MAGNA CARTER sold way More. FLOP!

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