Janet Jackson & Cardi B To Headline Global Citizen Festival 2018

Published: Tuesday 7th Aug 2018 by Sam


Janet Jackson is booked and busy!

The formidable Pop force will bring her blazing brand of fierce to the Global Citizen Festival next month and so will a number of other major names – including Cardi B and The Weeknd. 

Details below…

Set to take place September 29th at New York’s Central Park (Great Lawn), the multi-act special will broadcast live on MSNBC. 

Hosted by Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness, the event will also boast performances from Janelle Monáe and Shawn Mendes.

Presenters include Naomi Campbell, Cynthia Erivo, Danai Gurira, and La La Anthony.

As with all things staged by Global Citizen, this year’s festival sets out to raise awareness about extreme poverty around the world and the organization’s aim to eradicate it altogether.

On this occasion, there will be specific focus on ensuring that world leaders deliver on  their obligation to the broader cause.


Suffice to say, the line-up looks incredible!

It’s great to see Janet really back out there in a major way and cool to have Cardi bouncing back post-birth of baby.

Want tickets? Click here for details on how to snap them up!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Boytoy1814 August 7, 2018

    I’m DEFINITELY going 2 this festival!!! Janet & Cardi B. #EpicMoment

  2. G7Pat August 7, 2018

    Slay iconic queen!

  3. Camel wife August 7, 2018

    Beyonce already done this concert already janet doing all these festivals and still cant book a vogue cover…

    • pat August 7, 2018

      how gracious of them to hand a vogue cover to the 40th most popular female hot 100 artist

      • dee August 7, 2018

        Yes! What a response.

      • KIKI August 7, 2018

        41ST!! KII! 🙂

      • Boytoy1814 August 7, 2018

        U just SNATCHED his windpipes!

      • cory August 7, 2018

        Janet Jackson doesn’t need a Vogue cover. I’m sure at any point her in amazing career she could have had one. Magazines are dead. No one buys them anymore.

        What Beyonce needs to worry about is the fact she isn’t even Top 40 of all-time… yet Rihanna is #10… and Janet is #7. Isn’t Beyonce #41 or #42? Even Katy and Taylor are above her.

  4. Yes August 7, 2018

    Will Janet’s mic be switched on?

    • Thebest August 7, 2018

      The shade of it all!!

      • Faf August 7, 2018

        Don’t have to Be long as she dont do the same dances she been doing like other ppl

    • DanYiel Iman August 7, 2018

      She’ll be WHISPERING LOUDLY!!

  5. Messy miya August 7, 2018

    Janet Jackson, but why, she is dated

    • Haterz Gon’ Hate August 7, 2018

      Because these girls all be her daughters and she is the entertainment equivalent of going to very good school. So watch and learn like your faves did or flunk class and stay ignorant kicking rocks. ????‍♀️

      • Fancy BISH August 7, 2018

        Damn you got Messy miya in check real quick lol ✅ Like Janet said, “Get the point? Good. Let’s dance!” ? ?

      • Keith August 7, 2018

        Love your response @HatersGonHate!

    • Boytoy1814 August 7, 2018

      Janet’s an ICON. Never dated rookie

      • Messy miya August 7, 2018

        Like I said let me know when miss Jackson will ccove vogue, ..beyonce earned her billions of dollars janet slept with a billionaire….beyonce dances better than janet

      • Yup h0£ August 7, 2018

        @ messy Miya….Biiiitch stfu! You don’t even believe that statement yourself.

      • Erica August 7, 2018

        is really using vogue as some kind of honor wow, at this point the roachhive is desperate

    • Messy miya August 7, 2018

      Janet collect your going out of business awards and go home and take care of that foster kid

  6. Olusheyi August 7, 2018

    Go head Janet. I can’t wait

  7. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ August 7, 2018

    Ill be going!

  8. Keith August 7, 2018

    Good to see Janet working! We just need some new music and for her to bring the tour to Europe!!!!!

  9. Demarcus August 7, 2018

    This is awesome news! Now is the perfect time to release new music!

  10. DanYiel Iman August 7, 2018

    I’ll honestly pass on BOTH!!

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