Britney Spears Preps Maroon 5 Collaboration?

Published: Wednesday 7th Nov 2018 by David

A new report published this week claims Britney Spears is eyeing a Maroon 5-level smash hit!

Full story below….

‘Hollywood Life’ reports that Spears has found a friend in the band and is working on a duet she hopes to perform during their Super Bowl set.

An individual who claims to be a B source claims…

Britney is working on music, and she is looking to have a single released before her residency starts in Vegas, and then have an album or album announcement come soon there after. She is looking to work on a song with the likes of Cardi BMaroon 5 and many more, because she wants this album to be one of her best ever.

They added…

Along with having her work with Maroon 5 on a single, she is trying to get in to make an appearance during their Super Bowl Halftime show so everybody is talking about her and her upcoming projects. 2019 is going to be a big year for Brit, and she wants to make a really big splash with new music and huge appearances.

If true, the Pop icon will rock 2019 with material she undoubtedly hopes will fare just as well as her last critically acclaimed ‘Blackout’ and the hit singles she has released since then!

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  1. DanYiel Iman November 7, 2018

    Anything to get folks watching the Super Bowl..

    • Jasmine November 7, 2018

      People ill watch the super bowl regardless. Stop hating.

  2. Seth November 7, 2018

    Is she going to learn to sing live before that?

  3. SMH November 7, 2018

    That explains why cardi b got that table scraps Superbowl festival nonsense lol.

    • Jasmine November 7, 2018

      STOP being negative. Cardi is doing better than most NEW ARTISTS. How many NEW artists get to perform at the super bowl and are in such high deman they are getting offered deals left and right? Most artists are not offered Super Bowl until well into their career and after a couple successful tours under their belt. “Table scraps”? NO. Extreme exposure? Yes.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iSlay TROLLmine Rasputia (hermaphrodite) on the daily November 7, 2018

        TROLLmine @SMH is just mad because Cardi is currently outperforming Nicki and she’s mad about it and jealous. But cargo can’t help it that she’s popular (and nickis fat)

      • Jasmine November 8, 2018

        @JasMAN sir my name is NOT ‘Trollmine’. I have asked you several times already to refrain from speaking to me. Exercise some self-control and resist from writing to me and stalking my comments! I try to be a kind person but there is something terribly wrong with you and I do not want to speak to you again. GOT THE MESSAGE? ENOUGH SAID. Thanks.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iSlay TROLLmine Rasputia (hermaphrodite) on the daily November 8, 2018

        TROLLmine I’m not sure why @SMH sis so jealous is Cardi B I mean she can’t help it that she’s popular, right girl(boy)?

  4. Liam November 7, 2018

    Her last critically acclaimed album was “Glory” 🤦🏾‍♂️ TGJ I’m here for
    It once she delivers

  5. High Price November 7, 2018

    She makes good music. Her last era had major potential but her stage delivery cheapens it all. I want to get excited but it’s hard to.

  6. Jasmine (The Original Princess) November 8, 2018

    Both Shîtney and Adam need to go away already

  7. RENEN November 8, 2018

    That would be absolutely amazing. Britney and Cardi B as duet could be a huge success.

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