Christina Aguilera Voices Support For Lady Gaga Over R. Kelly Drama

Published: Friday 11th Jan 2019 by Sam

At a point in time, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga were pit against each other by many in the media.

However, recent years have seen the pair unite in sisterly solidarity – the latest expression of which came courtesy of Xtina.

As widely reported, Gaga retroactively came under fire her collaboration with embattled R&B singer R. Kelly – with much of the discourse centering on the lyrical content of their 2013 duet ‘Do What U Want.’

Much of debate stems back to the on-going furore towards Kelly following the shocking ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ docu-series, which saw several women allege sexual abuse at the hands of the star.

In response, Gaga issued a statement condemning the 52-year-old and announced the removal of ‘Do What U Want’ from all digital retail and streaming services.

Now, Aguilera – who famously performed and released a revised remix of the track with Mother Monster – has weighed-in.

Her words below…

Via Twitter, she wrote:

“This is a reminder of women sticking together— and not letting a man take ownership of a great song/ moment… And if anything the message of this song remains that although you may have had my body, you will never have my heart, my voice my life or my mind.

Being a survivor of past predators myself, these lines spoke to me, which is why I did the song. I embrace all survivors of sexual and domestic violence and abuse holding a special place in my heart, and you , for doing the right thing! ?

Powerful words.

We’ve long deemed the ladies version superior. So, here’s to their incarnation becoming “the” definitive version. And, even if not, kudos to both of them for speaking up and out.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lmfao_Hoe January 11, 2019

    Girls bye. Everyone is reaching and watch how this all unfolds.

    • Jasmine January 11, 2019

      I agree. If she wants to be petty she should DELETE HER ENTIRE CATALOGUE OF hits she made under Vincent Herbert since he has allegations of abuse against him. He is the one who secured all her previous hits before she started FLOPping

  2. Lmfao_Hoe January 11, 2019

    Btw I’ve watched that tape since it’s floating more frequently around. That guy in both vids is definitely not Kelly. HENCE WHY THE JURORS SAID NO. Look at Kelly throughout the early 90s to late and early 00s you can tell that was an imitater. I’d admit this I haven’t yet seen the goldshower one but that too in court documents proved unreliable and girl never showed up.

    • Yea man January 11, 2019

      Stfu clown ?! Those videos are definitely that p******** in them. I’ve seen the original of the underage girl when it first came out and he’s actually talking in it. You wouldn’t be saying the same thing if it was your baby sister! #muterkelly

      • DanYiel Iman January 11, 2019

        My THOUGHTS EXACTLY!! That’s R.Pedophilia and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!!??‍♂️

    • Jasmine January 11, 2019

      I have not seen the video in 20 years and even then i only watched a few minutes because i do not like graphic videos but I remember clearly that is the Cabin room in his former Illinois mansion. That has to be him. There is no way another man is doing that in his home. I bet his wife Andrea was home at the time which makes it even more disgusting. That was 20 years ago and I believe in foregiveness. He learned his lesson from that trial and he has NEVER been accused of underage girks in the past 20 years.

  3. Detruth January 11, 2019

    Tbh this is bigger than r Kelly and gaga. It’s so many ppl that knew about r Kelly and other abusers like Harvey Weinstein but yet worked with them. We would have to vilify and cut most of the entertainment industry off if we were being fair.

    • DanYiel Iman January 11, 2019

      WHY IS IT THAT HE CANT BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE S*** HES BEEN DOING FOR YEARS?!! It’s people like you that are apart of THE PROBLEM!!??‍♂️

  4. WakeUpBlackFolk January 11, 2019

    Who writes these b******* stories for ThatGrapeJuice??? “Kudos to them for speaking up” LOL!!!!! Lady Gaga would have NEVER spoken up if R. Kelly’s past dramas were not being rehashed…. and Christina isn’t “Brave” for saying something ANYONE who has decency would say…. She sent a tweet, and ThatGrapeJuice is giving her kudos as if she did something amazing to advance the topic…. blah blah blah

  5. B2B January 12, 2019

    Mark my words… me too will cause Dems the 2020 election! Stop trying to control and force things down people throat.

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