Teyana Taylor Delays ‘WTP’ Video / Legal Drama To Blame?

Published: Monday 21st Jan 2019 by Sam

Can Teyana Taylor catch a break?

First, the release of sophomore album ‘K.T.S.E’ was a casualty of Kanye West‘s chaotic GOOD Music summer ’18 roll-out fiasco; and now its most anticipated video is seemingly caught up in legal drama that’s delaying its release.

Join us below for the 411…

Remember, at the top of the year Taylor announced the long-awaited premiere of the visual for fan-favorite ‘WTP.’ She even paired said reveal with a cinematic trailer, which we shared right here on That Grape Juice.

All of which was designed to amplify excitement for the video’s January 19th arrival.

Yet, folk will note that not only did the day come and go with no premiere — but Taylor has also pulled her entire Instagram from the web.

So what’s happening?

The singer has been noticeably mum, but it turns out a recently settled legal tussle may be at the root of the issue.

See, Team Kanye recently came to an agreement with DJ Junior Vasquez over a song the latter released in 1989 named ‘Work That P***y’ under his former alias Ellis D.

Taylor’s track samples Vasquez’s original and, to West and co’s credit, he was approached to clear the song. The bone of contention he says, however, was that this was done on the understanding that only a portion of his track was used. He obliged and agreed to a small licensing fee.

However, he went on to explain later that upon hearing Taylor’s song in full he realized it was almost identical. He told Towerload:

“They referred to it as a sample, so I asked to hear the track they made and was surprised that it was essentially my original track with a rap laid on top. I wasn’t trying to bash anyone or p*ss anyone off. I was simply after a fair license agreement for the song.” 

Following the exchange, Vasquez became credited as a writer on Taylor’s track (which was co-produced by Mykki Blanco) and will receive royalties accordingly.

With the latter only being formally settled recently, perhaps there’s more t’s to cross and i’s to dot before the video makes it to screens?

Whatever the case, we hope all is sorted pronto, as we’re excited to see what Taylor has cooked up. And, above all, are hopeful she can turn the tide in her favor after what has been the most turbulent of eras.

Listen to both tracks, which celebrate New York’s iconic ballroom scene, below…

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  1. Camila cabello January 21, 2019

    Stop stealing from gay culture.

  2. Fancy BISH January 21, 2019

    The New York club scene must’ve been LIT ? in the 80’s…I was a kid so I couldn’t get in anyways lol..but to anyone who was of age and didn’t go? Shame on you! *Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton voice* ?

  3. XYZ January 21, 2019

    She‘s like the unsuccessful lauryn hill – always too late

  4. Nicky January 21, 2019

    She’s NOT a star

  5. Brent Christopher January 21, 2019

    why on earth anyone would grant Kanye West artistic

  6. Brent Christopher January 21, 2019

    Why on earth anyone would grant Kanye West artistic licensure over their ENTIRE PROJECT is beyond me. nowadays, he is like poison to anything creative, prosperous or worthy of long term success. She really needs to lead her own career and stop relying on the pseudo talents of egotistical men of the industry.

    • SMH January 21, 2019


  7. SMH January 21, 2019

    Worst decision she ever made was to link up with Kanye West. She was doomed from that moment on. She’s caught in the crossfire of his karma.

  8. Muterkelly January 21, 2019

    Tbf I follow a few of the gays that featured in the video from the ballroom scene on my Facebook and even they had drama claiming the person that scouted them for the video some “legendary” person had not paid them.
    It was a whole big thing on Facebook.

    • Brent Christopher January 21, 2019

      They each finally received their $250 per performer. Teyana is close with the head choreographer – Legendary Vogue Fem Performer in the ballroom scene. She and her mom gave a check in the amount of $2500 to him & he was supposed to divide it by 10 people. Teyana’s Mother appeared on Kelly Mizrahi’s radio show to explain the truth of it all. They didn’t run from the issue.

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