R. Kelly Charged With Ten Counts Of Sexual Assault

Published: Friday 22nd Feb 2019 by David

R. Kelly has been charged.

Full report below…

The alleged child rapist has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

All of the alleged victims ranged in age from 13 to 16 years old. One of them is the subject of 4 different counts. There are a total of 4 alleged victims.



Each charge carries a maximum of seven years in prison.


Michael Avenatti, the lawyer who uncovered a new sex tape which sees the fallen star abuse a child, gave this interview days before today’s good news.

He is also accused of abusing the late performer Aaliyah Haughton when she was a child and said to be involved in a plot to murder a girl who stole one of his revolting sexual abuse tapes.


  • The first victim, initials H.W., was involved in incidents which occurred between May 26, 1998, and May 25, 1999. A grand jury returned an indictment on four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victim being under the age of 17, and Kelly being more than five years older than the victim.
  • The second victim, initials R.L., was involved in an incident which occurred between Sept. 26, 1998, and Sept. 25, 2001. A grand jury returned an indictment on two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victim being under the age of 17, and Kelly being more than five years older than that victim.
  • The third victim, initials L.C., was involved in an incident which occurred Feb. 18, 2003. A grand jury returned an indictment on one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the transmission of semen by Kelly upon any part of the body of the victim for the purposes of sexual gratification during the course of an underlying felony of attempted criminal sexual assault.
  • The fourth victim, initials J.P., was involved in incidents which occurred between May 1, 2009, and Jan. 31, 2010. The grand jury returned an indictment on three counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victim being under the age of 17 and Kelly being more than five years older than the victim.


His bond hearing will take place at 12.30pm tomorrow.

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  1. Nana February 22, 2019

    Leave this man alone! The parents should be charged because, where were you guys???

    • DanYiel Iman February 22, 2019

      You’re apart of the PROBLEM!!??‍♂️

      • Sweetnothings78 February 22, 2019

        Hear hear! @Nana you are as deranged as he is!

    • SMH February 22, 2019

      Shut your dumb asss up please. Regardless of where the parents were, he still molested those little girls. He belongs under the prison, point blank.

    • Meme February 22, 2019

      I completely agree that they need to look into these parents. It was an eye opener to hear Sparkle speak on her Nieces parents and how they knew what was going on and was ok with it. A lot of these parents knew but they were receiving money.

      • Monica’s Dove February 22, 2019

        Cmon now, as teenagers most of our parents didn’t know what we were doing or where we were 24/7. Regardless of the parents whereabouts, HE ENGAGED IN S** AND EVEN MARRIED UNDERAGED GIRLS. As a grown ass man, he has a responsibility to not take advantage of naive LITTLE GIRLS!!! He is SICK and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Karter February 22, 2019

      @Nana You’re just trolling, right?? While I agree that the parents are also at fault to an extent, however, R. Kelly was/is a GROWN MAN messing with teenaged girls!! He had every option and opportunity to do the right thing yet he molested and r**** those girls. The girls said he did it, there’s video evidence showing how he did it, and you want folks to leave him alone?!! Child…

    • Muterkelly February 22, 2019

      While i agree yes the parents should get done for negligence but to leave Rkelly alone you must be a paedophile your self id advice that grape juice to report your email address to the police.

  2. DanYiel Iman February 22, 2019

    ? Hopefully hes charged with several of these acts!!! He’s been abusing young black girls for many year’s!!

  3. SMH February 22, 2019

    Well its about goddamn time. This perv should have been thrown in jail back in 1994 when he illegally married a 14 year old girl.

  4. Clarkson February 22, 2019

    Trying ur hardest to distract us from the racist liar jussie smollett.

    • SMH February 22, 2019

      Child molesting trumps ALLEGED lying dummy. Sit down.

      • Clarkson February 22, 2019

        Zero evidence against the king of rnb. He said she said isn’t enough to send someone to jail. You’re the Dummy. U got a*** thats why u dont think well.
        I said what I said.

    • Muterkelly February 22, 2019

      You are aware they have video and physical evidence right? the only thing that made his last crime fall through was the fact the victim denied it was her. This time the victims are coming forward so hate to bust your bubble but its go time for him. You can cheer him on from outside his cell tho.

  5. Gee February 22, 2019

    Operation take Kellz down is definitely in full motion now.

  6. Monica’s Dove February 22, 2019

    Good! He should’ve gone to jail after the Aaliyah fiasco, which so many people tend to forget!!!!

  7. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? February 22, 2019

    im starting to believe that it was R Kelly who was the one Molested by all these women and they just want Money. R kelly was clearly set up. He’s an innocent victim imo

    • Muterkelly February 22, 2019

      wait he was set up to put his penis into under aged kids and film it?

  8. B2B February 22, 2019

    More bull s***. I pray that he beats this. GOD has the final say not some white cracker using the law for his advantage or dumb ass n****** who just want to be entertained! RKelly is a known star! I promise you this, those girls knew his age before he knew theirs! Y’all silly as hell and naive. Aww you girl 16 she is naive, but at 13 some girls ran countries. Those girls knew they should’ve be with him up front. Don’t come for me because y’all stupid and naive.

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? February 22, 2019

      R Kelly ain’t Neva did NOTHING to hurt NOBODY!!!

      A study was done showing that WHITE teachers see young BLACK girls as more Mature than same aged White girls.

      I know Rkelly will never actually be convicted of anything cuz his so called “victims” have the reputation of a Villian and chose to be “victims” by associating with a so called “Villian”.

      Black women have a reputation for being Fast Loose and Easy.

      • Muterkelly February 22, 2019

        You deffo arent black an if you are i hope you see how your comment reflects on you your mother and your daughter if you have one.

    • Muterkelly February 22, 2019

      The Irony its black women that started this campaign against him as his targets were young black girls and white people didn’t care about it but sure keep blaming white people for us finally getting something right,

    • Muterkelly February 22, 2019

      no we are coming for you because regardless of what those girls knew the ADULT in this case should not have allowed it to happen and you caping for him only makes on think you do the same thing! ANOTHER EMAIL THAT NEED TO BE REPORTED TO THE FEDS.

      • B2B February 22, 2019

        “regardless of what those girls knew the ADULT in this case should not have allowed it to happen and you caping for him only makes on think you do the same thing! ANOTHER EMAIL THAT NEED TO BE REPORTED TO THE FEDS.”
        — Report my email because you don’t like what I said? W**** I have freedom of speech and don’t you ever f****** lie on me. You bottom of the barrel, waste of space as butch. You just lied on me that fast and you think we believe y’all telling the truth about Kellz! ??? go worry about your f****** Dad and uncle if you know either.

        I got time today ??‍♂️??✊?

        1. Ain’t no regardless of what they knew. They knew therefore they knew what they were doing. You don’t have to 18 to know wtf s** is. Most of y’all whores be fckn at 14/15 and pregnant at 16/17. Additionally, RKelly ain’t got no baby face and everybody in the black community knows Kellz. And last but not least, Baby what the feds gon do to me? F*** you and the feds with a sick d***, and worry about muting your f****** mother because clearly the btich ain’t taught you a damn thing including how to think for your damn self. Damn idiot think we got something right because a celebrity who is well known is being accused of BS! Make it make sense, you mean to tell me a 16 year old don’t know not to reach out to a grown man? The b****** are fast and need to be raised! We’ll get something right when y’all start raising ya damn kids! Your child should know better at the end of the day and if they don’t guess what… it’s not our problem. America is getting too soft. Just like y’all believe Jussie and I told y’all he was lying but blame Lil ole me for having a brain and thinking for myself. Better yet blame God he gave it to me. In statement, I am praying that the lord has mercy upon all your judgmental souls. Be blessed and stop crying wolf ?

  9. Cambri777 February 22, 2019

    Good now they need to investigate those parents and throw them in jail to. Half of them knew what he was doing and or capable of and you still let your child around him.

  10. Muterkelly February 22, 2019

    where is that h** that kept on defending rkelly saying he hadn’t had cases for several years. well here ya go sis! with video and physical evidence oh you mad MAD!

    • I HATE WHYYYTE n Blaccck BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT February 22, 2019

      She suckn dic……….. Look b**** the video is fake they needed to do that there are supposed to be more videos…but nooo babies or hair , blood evidence

      ked up.

      They need to lock you up if you watched child p*** …..the following people need.
      To be locked up yooouuu

  11. I HATE WHYYYTE n Blaccck BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT February 22, 2019


    • Jam February 22, 2019

      Says who? YOU? hahahahahahaha
      that’s for the court to determine their opinion will be the one that matters and i pray to god justice will be served and this P******** is locked away?

      • B2B February 22, 2019

        @Jam the same courts that decided he was innocent before? Sad little pickles like yourself preying on the downfall of one of the Lord’s children. I pray that parents start parenting and people like you get a mind of your own. Sitting waiting on a white man to tell you what’s right or wrong GTFOH!

      • Milkshake February 23, 2019

        They declared his innocence before first because one of the girls “miraculously” (some money must have dropped from Kelly’s pockets to her account) denied it was her in the video.
        Another lawsuit on which he was declared innocent his lawyer successfully changed the judgement to his hometown where the majority of the jury must knows him.
        This time none of those things will happen let’s see how it goes. And I think your argument it’s funny so I guess following the same logic OJ could go on a killing spree of all his girlfriends since a jury has declared him innocent he won’t be declared guilty of the same crime? Ridiculous argument!
        A white man? How do you know the jury and judge will be white? You know his lawyer will try to have as many black folks there as possible. And this is not a race thing just give up you now the creators of #MuteRKelly movement were black girls right?

  12. ERIC February 22, 2019

    It’s over. These women will have a lot of support, mine included.

    • B2B February 22, 2019

      What does that mean? Support doing what? Yo broke ass probably can’t even support yourself! — Start at home, make sure the people in your family speak out and tell their truth ✊? Y’all worried about this because Kellz is a star, but have you sat down and had a conversation with your sister, daughter, niece, cousin, mama?

      • ERIC February 22, 2019

        So you’re attacking what I said but basically saying the same thing, that it’s important to support women in speaking their truth. I don’t understand the reason for your attempt to be insulting.

  13. robert February 23, 2019

    R Kelly is not guilty!

    • Milkshake February 23, 2019

      P*** Kelly is guilty af and there’s video evidence 😉

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