Ariana Grande Defends Justin Bieber Against Coachella Critics

Published: Thursday 25th Apr 2019 by David

Ariana Grande is stepping up to defend her pal Justin Bieber now that he is being slated by critics who say his performance at Coachella was frightfully dry.

Festival-goers who attended Grande’s second set at the event were elated when the Biebs emerged to support her with song and surprise his fans in the audience. Alas, he has been forced to spend the last few days dodging insults from critics who say he failed to deliver a performance worthy of the Coachella stage.

Grande is refusing to let them get away with it.

Full story below…

She explained…

We decided to do this ten minutes before my set started. Your fans, friends&the world is thrilled to have you back. everyone was so happy to see u smile like that. no one will ever understand how it feels to be u, but it’s not their job to. take care. make music. u are loved.

Justin was equally as outraged.

Think about how awesome it felt for me to be on that stage after being away for so long the excitement and joy it gave me doing the thing i love the most, i sang to backtrack like most cameos do this is a normal thing. And rather than try and make people feel accepted and loved you find things to pick apart like the world isn’t full of that already.. we can find something negative to say about anything or anyone.

Did you enjoy the performance?

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  1. Gurlwepa89 April 25, 2019

    Prince and princess of Pop.

    • Fancy BISH April 26, 2019

      Peasants Of Pop lol ?

      • Delusion Checker April 26, 2019

        And you are the devil of poop……

      • Fancy BISH April 26, 2019

        Chile bye, peasants are the sweat from a baboon’s balls ? I like real flavor, sorry!

      • Delusion Checker April 26, 2019

        the devil is a lie….

  2. Brent Christopher April 25, 2019

    WHY is he always playing the victim & being an egotistical, self righteous, over indulgent p****? He never accepts responsibility for ANYTHING! He’s incredibly spoiled, self entitled & unappreciative of his many many blessings. It’s sad honestly.

  3. Tay Day 4/26 April 25, 2019

    I went to the Purpose tour twice. Both times, Justin was singing and dancing live on point. The energy was amazing and I heard deafening screams from the moment I arrived to the moment I left both times. The media likes to play “gotcha” with him. It’s sad. But he is on top and can’t nobody bring him down.

    • Bey Sting April 26, 2019

      ??? Justin Bieber, energy and live singing in the same sentence ? I have to laugh. And on top? Try Shawn Mendes who is far superior.

      • Delusion Checker April 26, 2019

        Yawn Mendes…..I mean Shawn Mendes, you mean the one that sounds like Adam Levine with a bad cold? He will never even sell 25% Of Justin’s album/singles sales. Not even 25% over the next 10 years. Justin has 6 #1 Billboard 200 albums. 5 #1 Hot 100 singles, 2 of which debuted #1 and one of which stayed #1 for 16 weeks. 14 Top 10 hits and 70 songs to chart. You, Shawn and the devil is a lie…lol

      • Fancy BISH April 26, 2019

        Shawn ain’t superior, none of them are! ? Ariana sounds like she has a bad cold too! I could go on, but that’s the sound these days! ? JB lipped, but he can sing and he did influence the others!

  4. Ty April 26, 2019

    Neither of them are anything to wrote home about both in artistry and performances so what exactly do people expect?

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