Madonna Spills On New Album ‘Madame X’, ‘Medellin’, & More At MTV Premiere Event

Published: Thursday 25th Apr 2019 by Sam

MTV rolled out the red carpet for Pop matriarch Madonna last night.

The regal singer teamed with the network for the global launch of the video for ‘Medellin’ – the lead release from her fourteenth studio album ‘Madame X’ (due June 14th).

Anchored by the UK’s Trevor Nelson, the special was legitimately a worldwide affair with Sway officiating New York’s participation and Maluma satellite-ing in from Miami. Fans from San Paulo and Milan were also on-hand.

During the 30-minute sit-down, Madge opened up about how her upcoming record came to fruition, the ‘Medellin’ visual, and much more.

Watch the full special below…

On Madonna’s overall inspiration for the new single:

“It doesn’t matter what language people are singing in, or the beat or genre. We will always, in a primal way, be connected through music.”

On her new album being born in Lisbon:

“Basically, I moved to Lisbon to be a soccer mom, and that’s where Madame X was born.”

On the “Medellin” lyric I took a pill to be naive, to be someone I’ve never been:

“When I first started in my career, I was naive but sometimes it’s good to be naive because you’re free and pure in your expression. [With that lyric] I wanted to go back to that time in my life when I was just starting out in New York and I didn’t care what people thought. And that was also during the time when I was 19 and given the name Madame X, and so it has all come full circle.”

Her Madgesty is going all-out to trumpet her return to the Pop landscape.

For, beyond the MTV component, she’ll be taking to the stage at the Billboard Music Awards on May 1st to deliver the first live performance of ‘Medellin.’

Thereafter, she’ll be rocking Eurovision in Tel Aviv.

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  1. aj April 25, 2019

    I dont understand the fascination. The song is garbage

  2. CHINA April 25, 2019

    Amazing that the same woman who gave us Vogue. Like a prayer. Take a bow. pop perfection Holiday. Is the same woman who released Rebel Heart Trash and this garbage. What happen to her? What happen to her vocals – she has never been a “Singer” but at least she had some cool records. This is trash.

  3. I love Big Black C** April 25, 2019

    I’m so disappointed bout that song, even my papi chulo can’t save the flop song

  4. Jj April 25, 2019

    I love the song now at first I didn’t understand the song I’m a janet Stan that hates Madonna but I like the song it’s on repeat but sounds like desecito maybe that’s way

    • SMH April 25, 2019

      Lmao, I’m a Janet stan too, but I don’t “hate” madonna, I just tolerate her sometimes lol. I think she looks good in the video, and its a cute video but the song is still meh to me.

  5. TtTt April 25, 2019

    Madge releases albums simply to go on tour. We stan…

    • ??? April 25, 2019

      lmaooo is that the new millenium standard excuse for when your fave flops hard? lmfaooooooooooooooooooo

      • Seth April 25, 2019

        Your comparison is invalid…you realize comparing Madge now to contemporary acts is like saying Diana Ross, Aretha and Smokie were peers of Britney, Christina and Justin in 1999. Legends like Mariah, Janet, Cher, Madonna have nothing left to prove on the charts. Unlike other older divas in the past the 80s/90s ones are doing a good job of making cohesive and fresh sounding albums yet get no airplay simply bc of their age which is ridiculous

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