Confirmed: Normani Will Not Continue On With Billboard Awards Performance After Sam Smith Illness

Published: Thursday 25th Apr 2019 by Sam

This week brought with it news of the delightful and devastating variety for Normani and Sam Smith.

For, while their collaboration ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ blazed its way into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, their planned performance of the song at the BBMAs has been cancelled.

As reported, Brit singer Smith was forced to pull out of the May 1st ceremony after straining his vocal chords while on tour.

Some wondered whether rising solo star Normani would go on to rep the pair alone. However, it sadly turns out that won’t be happening.

Details below…

In a statement issued to Billboard, Dick Clark Productions (who put on the BBMAs) confirmed that neither Smith nor Normani will be taking to the stage in light of the situation.

It’s understood that the former Fifth Harmony star had been in intense rehearsals for the performance.

While we’d have love to see the song plugged in some capacity at the show, we also understand there are many variables behind the scenes that factor into such slots.

Here’s hoping the pair are able to deliver the planned performance somewhere soon.

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  1. I love Big Black C** April 25, 2019

    Glad she realizes she doesn’t has star power to do solo.

  2. pat April 25, 2019

    but with the right set up she does….it’s probably more political and out of her control that she’s not performing

  3. SMH April 25, 2019

    Well that sucks.

  4. Lol April 25, 2019

    Why in the world would she perform by herself when she’s only featured on it? Shed be up there for 2 minutes. Isn’t that common sense she won’t do it either?

    • I love Big Black C** April 25, 2019

      If she’s camila, they will deff let her own the stage and do the solo version.

      • pat April 25, 2019

        absolutley…..she’d do half the song and go into a new single…normani can do the same

    • Faf April 25, 2019

      Thank u makes no sense that’s not a duet that’s his song

    • iamdiego April 25, 2019

      she’s not Featured. its Sam & Normani. your late.

      • Faf April 25, 2019

        Is it in her album or his? Thank u #cancelled

  5. Gee April 25, 2019

    Her team needs to start focusing on her solo material so that she can start getting herself out there on her own and working the promotion circuit and building a strong fan base with the masses outside of 5H fans like Camila is doing before she misses her opportunity.

    • iamdiego April 25, 2019

      she’s doing well with doing everthing she’s done so far. she has 2 top 10 singles (platinum and multi-plantinum) and her fan base is growing. She’s on tour with the biggest artist right now so shes fine.

      • Bam April 25, 2019

        Not really Waves is doing nothing. Plenty of artist have been featured on hit songs and toured with big acts only to sell low to nothing and be forgotten by the next cycle.

  6. ~The Arcade~ April 25, 2019

    This is not fair… She’s got a single she can perform ALL BY HERSELF. SHE IS NOT THE HELP SHE IS THE PERFORMANCE FOH. So, you mean to tell me that she’s just gonna show up and be seated, man they’re doing her dirty Smh.

  7. Meme April 25, 2019

    That’s very unfortunate. She really needs to focus on strong solo material. She was invited to perform twice in a row based off of a feature.

    • iamdiego April 25, 2019

      why dont yall seem to know the difference between being featured and 2 artist being equally credited? stop trying to make fetch happen! it doesnt change the facts, google is free love. you should be familiar with what a feature is because Rihanna has done more than a few. Sam Smith & Normani boo.

      • Meme April 25, 2019

        Love lies was Khalid song, dancing is Sams song.

        I’m sorry, Normani is the featured artist. Also when you have the 2nd verse and less over parts in the song, it’s not equal sweetie

  8. Casual April 25, 2019

    Sam Smith needs to work with a vocal coach. It took me YEARS of voice instruction to learn to sing correctly, and I still have to be careful even now about tone placement.

    How good you sound and how well you sing do not necessarily correlate.

    • Shade April 25, 2019

      And where are you now?…

  9. Ty April 25, 2019

    Wow that’s harsh so she doesn’t have solo material she can perform? Yikes!! She needs to be careful not to be stuck with labels of Beyonce wannabe or feature artist. It’s a fine line she is treading. But I still hope to see her solo star rise she us much better than that other Camilla chick and that annoying Havana song.

    • iamdiego April 25, 2019

      I’m sure she has music but as we all know you have to have a proper rollout. your also giving her the lables and everything you just said was redundant especially after bringing up Camila. thats a part of the problem.

  10. Jj April 25, 2019

    He show his body and was body shamed that sent him spiraling but let normoni do it alone I want to see her anyway

  11. My third eye April 25, 2019

    If it was camila they would’ve had another male come up their and do Sam’s part. They are racist.

  12. A&R April 25, 2019

    She could’ve definitely done a medley of her single, and her parts from the songs she’s collaborated on. Don’t worry folks, the obstacles are apart of the journey. She’s smart for collaborating. Considering her dark skin, without those collaborations she would’ve had to have years of solo material before being invited. Her turn is coming. The girl hasn’t dropped an album yet, my gee. This new wave is has grown accustomed to the fast track. If she stay the course she’ll bubble right on time.

    They did you wrong but we’ll catch ya next show, Mani. They’ll soon not have a choice but to invite you.

    • iamdiego April 25, 2019

      well said!

  13. iamdiego April 25, 2019

    thats wack af she could have done the whole performance by herself. f*** billboard I wont be watching.

  14. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez April 25, 2019

    Oh come on! Think of all the promo they’re missing out on. Just let Normani slay it alone!!!!!

  15. LUCKI April 25, 2019

    She should open with her verse from DWAS, then transition to a solo song. Doesn’t she have a solo single on radio as well?

  16. eric April 25, 2019

    She’s gauranteed to shine and they don’t want her to have that without Sam being there to get a piece of the pie. It’s messed up.

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