Janet Jackson Teases ‘Metamorphosis’ With Rehearsal Snap

Published: Saturday 11th May 2019 by Sam

The countdown is officially on for Janet Jackson‘s Las Vegas residency ‘Metamorphosis.’

Set to kick off next week at the Park Theater, the autobiographical spectacle will see the Pop queen journey through her peaks and troughs with her classic catalogue serving as the vehicle.

For the venture, the stage blazer has expanded her dance troop (who she’s affectionately christened The Kidz) and is said to be prepping a full-on extravaganza unlike any of her previous outings.

To drum up buzz, she’s shared a shot from their production rehearsals. Check it out above.

Ahead of its launch, watch JJ in action after the jump…

‘Metamorphosis’ launches May 17th. We’re ready, are you?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. ??? May 11, 2019


  2. I hate whyyyte and blaccc both not sht May 11, 2019

    What the fuc does she have on, ,? That outfit is played. She needs to show some ass ..suit jackets I thought I was at Geico

    • Phaq Ewe May 11, 2019

      You would have never claimed Prince needed to show his ass after he stopped performing as he once did eons ago. Stfu

    • Shasta May 11, 2019

      She’s a lady and is dressed accordingly unlike beyonce…

      • Troy May 13, 2019

        Exactly….beYAWNcy is an attention seeking w**** bag…she has to show skin in order to stay relevant…Janet doesn’t….Janet is a mother and at a certain age and when you have kids you are suppose to show some respect for yourself and your child…COPYonce is just like Madonna, they both can’t deal without being in the limelight…they need attention…they need to be and feel relevant..

  3. I love Big Black C** May 11, 2019

    I’m still waiting for new EP, make for now is out forever now.

    • I hate whyyyte and blaccc both not sht May 11, 2019

      She have one baby, it’s not like she has 5 , she a slow release and why does she have the one child, I want a girl, Janet was so cute as a lil girl, what does blanket look like now?

  4. CHINA May 11, 2019

    Hair looks great, face does not look like a clown. But why is she dressing like a Mormon???? Girl, the Janet we love dances her face off – which she still does…..and is s***

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate May 11, 2019

      Notice how since Janet has returned to the spotlight the reason by she was forced out of the spotlight is missing: her boobs.


      1. She agreed out of respect to cover up when she married Wisam (and continues to do so because she has a child with him so is connected to him forever)
      2. Doesn’t want to remind people of the reason for the scandal that almost ended her career
      3. Is dressing age appropriately for a woman her age (50)
      4. Had her breast implants removed and does not want to air her business

      Either way we won’t know until we hear it from her…. but what we do know is that sexiness goes beyond cleavage and she is still killing her choreography. For fans, that should be enough.

      • Michael Bosket May 11, 2019

        Janet was still making sexual music post her wardrobe malfunction

      • Ropeburn May 11, 2019

        You forgot another possibility: she converted to Islam and is trying to dress modestly. That would explain those horrific baggy pants she performs in most of the time. All I know is she better not be wearing no giant, unflattering black burqa on opening night or Imma sell my tickets.

      • Jasmine May 11, 2019

        @RopeBurn Janet has not worn baggy pants in 2 years. When I saw her last year she had on form fitting outfits. She is NOT muslim. She has been through a lot and is slowly getting back to where she was before marrying a controlling muslim man.

  5. Curletha May 11, 2019

    OMG She was born with IT. She is amazing to watch. Also she is breathtaking. I admire that she has all types of people dancing with her. Not just small frame. I give kudos to the larger frame dancer and I admire her. Not everyone is a size 3. Janet is beautuful and it shows in her work.

  6. AMD May 11, 2019

    I’m ready but, unfortunately I won’t be able to make it!?????????

  7. Keith May 11, 2019

    ABSOLUTELY stoked about Metamorphosis, got my tickets already!!!!!! Janet has beefed up the Kids, been working (behind the scenes), and I am looking forward to a return to the production values that casual observers expect from a “Janet” show. My personal prayer is that this small residency is coupled with new music and a traveling version of the show. I hate that international audiences didn’t get the SOTW tour live, so perhaps this show will turn out to be a correction for that.

  8. James May 11, 2019

    Janet you a great performer but a shitty live singer. Don’t waste your time coming to Europe.

    • Phaq Ewe May 11, 2019

      James mad he won’t be in Vegas.

      • James May 12, 2019

        No you and Janet can have sin City all by yourself. Last stop for has been singer’s and people in debts

    • CHINA May 11, 2019

      James a fraud

    • Shasta May 11, 2019

      Jealous much???? As if you could do better. If she came to Europe, you couldn’t afford the tickets.

      • James May 12, 2019

        I saw the Janet tour I 1995 only 2500 people came to the show. Some left it was way 2 embarrassing to watch. People actually began to laugh when she cried on command in the song again. Last time she toured in the EU no one actually bought enough tickets. She’s definitely a has been

  9. C May 11, 2019

    Shes too hot. Im so happy she never stopped. People tried hard to ruin her career but it did not woek. GoJanet go!

    • C May 11, 2019

      Shes too hot. Im so happy she never stopped. People tried hard to ruin her career but it did not work. Go Janet go! Also she looks great. She never needed any work done bt is still beautiful. I sure hope she delivers and sure she dont give a s*** about what anybody thinks of her. She is in excellent shape and so happy shes stil out herel trying . God bless Janet…the best that ever did it. Glad for new choreography because all of the old dance moves are outdated.

  10. Oliver P Washington May 11, 2019

    I love you J J my babe rite there ???? all thos other fakes sit down Beyonce,Ri Ri,Taylor S, sit th f*** down i love you Janet??????

    • Shasta May 11, 2019

      Amen, Oliver!! Lady J is the real deal and genuinely cares about people. It’s not about money and competition. Janet knows who she is…

  11. olusheyi banjo May 11, 2019

    Oh I’m excited. Can’t wait to see this show

  12. MadonnaQueenofBeyhives May 11, 2019

    She is iconic and graceful

  13. FELICIA May 13, 2019

    Janet has to start singing live and never again lip synch to any of her songs. Sadly, she has a beautiful voice which she is neglecting to use. It is not fair to her fans, all the people who pay a lot for a ticket to see her show. She must regain her confidence to sing!!!

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