New Song: Madonna – ‘Crave’ (featuring Swae Lee)

Published: Friday 10th May 2019 by Rashad

‘Madame X’ has yet to see its content mark a spot on the Hot 100, but that may change with its latest offering ‘Crave.’

The follow-up to the Maluma-assisted ‘Medellin’ and inspirational ‘I Rise,’ the Pop Queen’s newest effort enlists help from Rae Sremmurd rap star Swae Lee.

Is Madonna on to her next Hot 100 hit?  Listen inside and tell us:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Caleb May 10, 2019

    The song is okay. Need a few more listens and maybe it will be great. But no I don’t think it will hit the hot 100. It seems like no matter what she does nowadays she can’t make that chart. Still love her though.

  2. Confusedbyu May 10, 2019

    Can definitely hear this on the radio!

  3. Gee May 10, 2019

    Not a bad offering this is definitely geared towards top 40 radio but it is still missing the Madonna touch that sets her apart from the rest of the pact.

  4. XYZ May 10, 2019

    The first listenable Track this era. But not that good either

  5. Chaotic May 10, 2019

    Haha cos this song and what she released with Maluma isn’t formulaic? Lmfao!

  6. Dev May 10, 2019

    This might be a good song by a better singer.
    Gwen… i mean Madonna sings this song all on one level so theres no distinction between the verse, or chorus as well as the fact it sounds unfinished.
    Ellie Goulding did a song with Swan which didn’t go anywhere either, and not because it was a bad song but more that it needed a better singer as well.

  7. Tyty May 10, 2019

    She won’t see a hit cause the audience she is trying to appeal to don’t care for her. She should make mature music like herself all her fanbase are mature. Even the gays can’t save her.

    • Lmfao_Hoe May 10, 2019

      Smh I don’t know why she simply don’t go back in the ways of creating material like she did Ray of Light? F*** all this other s***. Stick to the quality and substance. F*** this generation of mumbling, auto tune, and smoke with mirrors. Sometimes older artist should truly look back over their classics past material and know how their new material should hold up in terms of their catalogues.

  8. May 10, 2019


  9. Gurlbye May 10, 2019

    Issa no. Sounds unfinished and Madonna doesn’t have the sauce to carry this off anymore. She’s like a 60 year old white woman trying to do trap and it sounds like it.

  10. Liam May 10, 2019

    I like it…it’s a promo song she’s releasing 4 songs up to the album release! This sounds current but reminds me of a song on American Life

  11. Latinissima May 10, 2019

    Hell no. Wtf is this era? I love Madonna but she’s trying too hard and we only want some quality music from her! Like a comment before, it doesnt sound mature enough for a fanbase that at the youngest are 24-25 years like me.

  12. Seth May 10, 2019

    I like this this one but wish she still had her American Life/Confessions vocals. Her tone was beautiful during those eras…something sounds unfinished with all 3 of her songs so far

    • JOHNVIDAL May 10, 2019

      That´s what I deeply believe is the biggest problem. Her tone from those eras is not coming back and that´s why no matter what she releases now it sounds too generic and computerized.

  13. Keith May 10, 2019

    Another steaming pile of mediocrity…can we get Nile, Reggie Lucas, Babyface…Mirwais…somebody…ANYBODY…on the phone to save this record (based on these 3 tracks)? Bring on the tour.

    • Seth May 10, 2019

      This is Mirawais which is why it’s so disappointing

    • gina May 10, 2019

      U know who she needs to get back with? Patrick Leonard & Stephen Bray. They created her most legendary & iconic songs, her music hasn’t packed the same punch since she stopped working with them.

      • Seth May 10, 2019

        I feel like when she goes backwards to all producers it’s been mediocre. William Orbit was incredible on Ray of Light but didn’t work on MDNA. Mirawais was perfect on Music but doesn’t seem to connect now. As much as I loved Confessions and Stuart Price I feel like that sound would even be a little dated if she went back to it today. I almost feel like the issue is that her vocals no longer have the passion and delivery that made it a Madonna song…MDNA, Rebel Heart and Madam X vocals sound phoned in overall and like unfinished demos

      • JOHNVIDAL May 10, 2019

        I agree with Seth. It´s her voice too. She cannot help it of course. Her vibrato has become so slow due to age.

      • XYZ May 10, 2019

        She somehow lost her feeling for trends. Confessions was the last cohesive and really good album she did. Afterwards she just jumped on the bandwagon or had no concept at all. Some of her songs were terribly bad (b****, i‘m Madonna). And yes, her voice is definitely a good Point. She was never the best singer, but i and obviously the people liked her voice. Actually, her ballads were amazing. But her new voice is just nasal and autotuned to hell. Good for her that she is a touring force and has a devoted fanbase

      • 90210 May 11, 2019

        I think this every day!!

  14. Blaine Kelley May 10, 2019

    Wouldn’t consider myself a Madonna fan, but I actually thought this track was pretty damn chill. Wayyy better than that first single.

    Maluma may be a visual gift for the eyes but that wasn’t enough to make that song or video worth a repeated listen.

    Maybe if she threw a couple million behind this she could break it at radio and at least make an appearance on the hot 100…

    Ageism sucks

  15. Joe May 11, 2019

    Anyone else could have sung this song, and probably should have.

  16. akira May 11, 2019

    Old Madonna fans who want to go back to their old clubbing days ibiza 2000 era are damn boring.
    im 26 yo and this song is cool. The guitar intro and the unusual construction of the song makes it good. She talks about ageism and throu this rapper remind us her love story with 2 pac. Im tired to read old gay divas comments who wants dance music . Yes she was musically lost on her 3 last album but this time she is not.
    YOu damn ugly old fans should listen Cher and get a life You are a bunch of selfish old hasbeen . When I read Pat leonard or william Orbit im like …damn, there is no hope for you, talking like my father.
    Its trap pop song with a M touch. She was using auto tune way before trap exist . SHe is opening a new road for pop stars who will have the chance to sing longer thanks to her. At 35 yo , some dumb ass like you were already saying she is too old. The she did Music. M is still relevant , you are old cheap gay guys or just simple minds who never put a foot in a studio recording. She takes risks , she always did. Thank god she never ever listen poeple wth no taste like you

    • Snob Jockey May 15, 2019

      For a 26yr old, you have the grammar of a child and the musical taste of a K-pop fan.

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