Adele Raps Nicki Minaj & Turns Up To Beyonce At LA Party [Video]

Published: Wednesday 5th Jun 2019 by Sam

Adele is living her best life!

The singer, who recently announced her split from her husband, has been hard at work on new music – but has also been taking time to let her hair down.

Such was the case in Los Angeles last night, where the superstar was spotted getting her entire life at #NoMoreWackParties.

Jumping up on stage when ‘Monster’ hit on the karaoke machine, the British belter performed Nicki Minaj’s verse (a la Carpool Karaoke).

Later she was spotted dancing to Beyonce‘s ‘Formation’ too.

Peep Adele in action below…

[< SWIPE >]

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Queen #Adele completely slays #NickiMinaj’s Monster verse at #NoMoreWackParties event tonight.

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Love it!

Suffice to say, Adele is keeping to her birthday promise of enjoying the length and breadth of the year.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I hate blaccck n whyte June 5, 2019

    look at neck line, and jaw line, I love a woman with a beautiful jaw and neck lines

    Shout out to the queen minaj she kicked that sht on monster.

    • You Have Been Warned, Fatso June 5, 2019

      Adele will be sucked in and become a High Priest or Satan Worshipper like Bey and Rih. Once you signed with the devil, there is no turning back…. ?

    • Janet June 5, 2019

      Cardi needs to get a life and get her own hits. Showing your a*** on IG wont make you a relevant rapper. I despise Nicki, but at least she is not clinging on someone’s popularity.

      • TruthfullySpeaking June 5, 2019

        Nicki literally showed her ass for the #2 spot with Anaconda. She’s the epitome of showing ass to sell records. Let’s not act like Cardi, the one with a ring, a family, a Grammy and growing empire is the catalyst of that sh!t. Let’s not!

    • Cake Like Gaga June 5, 2019

      Hip-hop is dead. Why bother?

  2. Thatflopjuice June 5, 2019

    Blogs be trying sooo hard to flip the script instead of allowing Queen Fraud music speak for itself. St Nick only memorable verse that still don’t hold a torch to all the classic female hip hop verses.

    • E. June 5, 2019

      But when Cardi fall off and still mentioning het years from now you won’t have s*** to say. Then you bring past female artist verses but they can’t talk about Nicki’s past verse. Go suck on a sick d***.

  3. NickiMinajisCancelled June 5, 2019

    So thirsty to keep Nick name alive. The payola is real ?

    • SMH June 5, 2019

      You’re mentioning her name, so apparently its not payola thats keeping her alive.

      • TruthfullySpeaking June 5, 2019

        B****** need blogs for relevance cuz the music don’t speak timelessly ?

  4. TruthfullySpeaking June 5, 2019

    Can’t wait till Queen Bardi kills those sales accolades just to make Monsta verse a laughing mess. B****** insecure and can’t handle competition ????

    • Lex June 5, 2019

      She still can’t write or rap

    • SMH June 5, 2019

      LMao yeah right, cardi doesn’t kill sales, she’s a streaming rat. Her album still hasn’t even reached 300k sales yet, so she’ll never see album sales like Nicki Minaj has.

      • TruthfullySpeaking June 5, 2019

        The same streaming Queen st Micki fought for and benefits from? Barb logic debunked. YOU BRAINWASHED HEAUX NEVER GET THE LAST WORD! ??

  5. Lex June 5, 2019

    Even Cardi B knows that Nicki Minaj raps better and one of the best female rap artist ever. Stop trying to downplay and disrespect Nicki Minaj

    • Fixed June 5, 2019

      Cardi has no streaming power and no personality. She is just using other people’s popularity and thats sad and juvenile. ?

    • TruthfullySpeaking June 5, 2019

      Barbz sound awfully bitter like Lil Kim stans ???

  6. Clarkson June 5, 2019

    Adele is very pretty. Now shes single She needs to start dating black guys, same thing with Taylor swift, she needs black meat in her life

    This will be the most relevance nicki minaj will be this 2019.

    • Gworl Bye June 5, 2019

      Um, 100 million records sold, not streamed. Biggest selling female rap artist of all time, 10+ years in the game. Nicki Minaj’s relevancy is secure, sweetie. Yours on the other hand is nonexistent lol.

      • Dc June 5, 2019

        And no Grammy or number 1 ?

      • Cake Like Gaga June 5, 2019

        Nicky will b forgotten soon. Hip-hop is dead!

      • Dc June 5, 2019

        100 million sold 70 million of that from her non number 1 collaborations

    • Mimi June 5, 2019

      And then get abused like Bey and Rih? Nahhh sis dahrlingggg

      • SuxMyCockiness ? June 5, 2019

        Because other races of men don’t abuse Women ?… What an Idiotic Statement.

  7. My third eye June 5, 2019

    Adele and Nicki minaj collaboration soon ?

  8. Dc June 5, 2019

    She should collaborate with Nicki give her a number 1 ??

  9. Janet June 5, 2019

    Cardi vs Nicki thingy is so childish. Get a life you guys!

    • Urg June 5, 2019

      They never will. Always bring TT hem up even when the tpoic is not about them!!

  10. Fancy BISH June 5, 2019

    She looks great! ??

  11. E. June 5, 2019

    Y’all Nicki haters are pathetic. This article is about Adele. It’s mentions Nicki & Beyoncé but y’all see Nicki and come with the hate. Y’all mad that Nicki still gets love eventhough y’all don’t like her. Get over it, not everybody feel the way y’all do. Nicki has a lot of people who love & hate her just like Cardi. Y’all like Cardi for being real. Nicki being a b**** is her being real. Hate her or love her. Basically, y’all only accept people being themselves if it’s to y’all liking. If y’all don’t like a person’s ways y’all feel they should change for y’all. A lot of people don’t like the way Cardi is but a lot of people do. Therefore, y’all shouldn’t be mad cause people still love Nicki. Y’all feel Cardi does no wrong so people have the right to feel the same about Nicki.

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