Frank Ocean Covers Dazed Magazine

Published: Monday 10th Jun 2019 by Sam

Cop a gander of Frank Ocean!

The super elusive chanteur covers the summer Futuretopias issue of Dazed magazine and looks rather dapper if we must say so ourselves.

Details below…

Within the feature’s inner pages, the ‘Thinkin Bout You’ cooer is interviewed by friends and collaborators – including Billy Porter and Janet Mock – and opens up about where he is today and what’s to come.

The coveted spot arrives as anticipation continues to grow for Ocean’s next body of work – his first since 2016’s ‘Blonde.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson June 10, 2019

    U guys praise him for doing the least.
    There’s nothing to him that’s why he keeps doing this mysterious gimmick thing, same thing with beyonce.
    She acts mysterious and private but there’s nothing about her that is interesting. All her documentaries are the same including homecoming. Her behind the scenes rehearsing and dancing without makeup. Yawn

    • Tyty June 10, 2019

      But you’re very aware of the subject matters of her documentaries though homecoming is very recent? Contradicts your whole she is not ”mysterious” and ”interesting” if you keep up with what she is doing doesn’t it.

      • Brent Christopher June 10, 2019

        Clarkson is correct.

        Beyonce exercises this CLOKED IN MYSTERY routine because there really isn’t anything more beneath the surface. She isn’t articulate or cultured. Beyonce is pretty and shakes her body harder on stage than any of the other pop girls. That’s it. One glittery unitard after another. One blonde lacefront after another. One watered down, non-singing, trap concoction after another.

      • Tyty June 10, 2019

        You two are known to be obsessed with Beyonce you bring her up on every single comment you leave on any given post on this blog. She clearly has your interest and attention despite and your criticism. I can pull up 10 comments from the both of you and all of them mention Beyonce at least once even if she is not the subject matter. Like this post for instance.

  2. ThatRacistJuiceMuch June 10, 2019

    This site is racist. Why all blacks? White and colored people do not exist in your vocab? R&B site? R&B is dead… get on with the program. It is 2019!!

    • oh plz June 10, 2019

      GTFO troll.

    • Brent Christopher June 10, 2019

      The site is not racist. All music stems from black genius. EVERY GENRE is lifted from the artistic pallet of Blac people, so it isn’t possible to even discuss melodic sound WITHOUT referencing OUR people! idiot.

  3. Brent Christopher June 10, 2019


    you could have posted this cover on Instagram or Twitter.

    If you’re going to create an entire post, at least INCLUDE the actual content of the interview.

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