Watch: Janet Jackson Live At Glastonbury

Published: Saturday 29th Jun 2019 by David

Janet Jackson is currently rocking the United Kingdom with a stellar performance.

Where? Glastonbury 2019 of course.

There, accompanied by some of her dancers, her impeccable backing vocalists, live vocals, a scorching band and high-energy moves, the icon pulls attendees through the garden that is her discography in style.

Tune in below…

Watch here.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ty ty June 29, 2019

    A little bit of effort in her stage looks wouldn’t go amiss. What’s up with her? She can do better than this.

    • Jasmine June 29, 2019

      Janet did not come to play. She came to slay.

      • Tyty June 29, 2019

        Girl you know I’m right. She is of a pedigree where this is not acceptable

    • Bravo!!! June 29, 2019

      Britney Spears is half Janet Jackson. Britney Spears gives you the whole package of laziness entertainment performance. She stands in one spot, lip sync and her fans enjoy that s***! Janet Jackson being dancing for over thirty years. Misss Jackson has been doing and still doing much more than what the kids tossing out today… Mf like you just eat it up! Stfu stupid!!!

      • Bravo!!! June 29, 2019

        I wish Jada Pinkett Smith & Janet Jackson would have never touch their face.. Her face do look funny she just need to lose some weight in her face though

      • Bravo!!! June 29, 2019


      • Jasmine June 29, 2019

        So it’s okay for Madonna and EVERY white female celebrity to do what they want with their faces but heaven forbid a black woman do what she wants with her face. Black people need to stop pretending like they OWN black celebs. They can do whatever they want to their bodies and faces. Janet has a nose job at 16. That alone changes your whole face because the nose is at the center. She’s had botox, fillers, tattoos, nipple rings, and possibly a couple face lifts. So what? She looks good to me.

  2. Banks no tyra June 29, 2019

    What’s wrong with her face, Janet Jackson has officially lost it, and she out there tired, why does she still perform, she is a multi millionaire

    • Jasmine June 29, 2019

      The disrespect and hate towards Ms. Jackson is so unwarranted and disrespectful. She is a living legend and if you cannot respect that then get a life! I challenge anyone who is hating on Ms. Jackson to go out and become a superstar artist and become a legend one day themselves because hating gets you no where. You should be copying her not hating on her peasants!

      • Eugene June 29, 2019

        ??. Well said. Janet’s an iconic legend. She’s paid her dues and she continues to do this because she loves to and appreciates the loyalty of her fans.

      • Banks no tyra June 29, 2019

        Isn’t it funny how Janet looks older than Mary j blige, Mary living her best life, Janet has all that work done to look like a puppet

      • SMH June 29, 2019

        Stop lying, you know damn well she doesn’t look older than Mary. Mary looks at least 10 years older than she really is, thanks to all that hard living she did.

  3. Zion June 29, 2019

    Effortless for someone in her 60s. Congratulations to her ?

    • Eugene June 29, 2019

      Correction!! Not that it matters….Janet is in her early 50s. My girl Madonna is in her 60s. If your going to post. Get your facts right!!?

  4. Ropeburn June 29, 2019

    I don’t know about that. Janet is being dragged by her lacefront on Twitter over that performance. And from the clips I’ve seen she needs to fire the sound people. I couldn’t hear her a damn thing.

  5. dee June 29, 2019

    Yes, I think it’s time for Janet to retire. She doesnt care about her weight or performance.

  6. Jasmine Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️iSlay??‍♀️ TROLLmine Rasputia on the daily ??‍♀️ June 29, 2019

    SLAAAAY! Love the Half up, half down hairstyle a la “the Janet” era

  7. Jason lyric June 29, 2019

    Black folk are the first to talk about being hated on and YET we take on the characteristics of our oppressor. I promise you Elton John, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen’s. Madonna, and other White artist dont get the hate from their own the way Black folk hate. This Icon does not need the money but still performs for her core base. She kills it. I wonder if YOU could perform your job the way you did 30 years ago. But you would be pissed if they told u to stop! Janet is music royalty if u dont f*** with her then stay silent.

    • dee June 29, 2019

      She is definitely music royalty but you have to know when to quit. Ask Tina Turner.

    • Ropeburn June 29, 2019

      Look, this all comes down to Janet’s lack of creativity and her poor choices. She chose to go out on stage on a hot ass summer day in a black burqa tryin to do dated choreography. She chose to not update/remix her songs so they sound fresh instead of stale. And she chose to not fix her sound issues. It’s 2019, there has to be some technology to amplify her whispery voice. Glastonbury is not a dancing contest. People want to see and hear you.

  8. ERIC June 29, 2019

    I’m a big fan and I don’t mind being completely honest about the good and bad. Looking at all the clips, I don’t understand the negative feedback. The head-to-toe black and oversized boots are part of an ongoing phase that begs for a new stylist, but Janet seemed completely present in her performance and her energy level was outstanding. As far as the audio, I heard Janet singing live which is a rarity, but maybe she was forced to sing live and the reason you couldn’t hear her is the sound had been programmed for pre-recorded vocals that stopped working. Instead of giving up and acting like a diva which is what one of my other favorites did that night in NYC, Janet danced her tail off AND sang live. Janet is a trooper and all she gets for it is a bunch of people knocking her down just to be on the bandwagon. These are the same kind of wishy-washy toxic people who turned on Janet after the Superbowl. People just love to hear themselves complain.

    • JAY B June 29, 2019


    • Jay June 30, 2019


    • LemonLove June 30, 2019

      Agree with everything you Said. I watched the live feed and she sounded live which surprised me because we all know she is the queen of prerecorded magic. People who watched the performance after it aired live online say they couldn’t hear anything so maybe something happened after.

    • Kurtz June 30, 2019

      Best comment ever! Janet slayed!
      I was dancing round my living room getting my ENTIRE LIFE ???

    • Keith June 30, 2019

      @ERIC: So spot on with your comments. After hearing some of what people were saying, I thought Janet just came out and sat in the middle of the stage or something. I watched what clips I could and had a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT response of my own. The vocals definitely seemed live (again in a mix that was perhaps originally designed for pre-recorded support) and she appeared to be dancing energetically in the all-black costume. Janet did what Janet does and there always seem to be some people who don’t like it. Her choreography – new and old – still stands head and shoulders over the ATL strip club stuff/HBCU majorette that is popular with today’s crowd…

  9. Fancy BISH June 30, 2019

    Some of y’all better be glad I let you slide this time and come for MUVA…cause if it was any other day I would’ve jumped through this iPad screen and layed pure hands on ya’ll ? Don’t matter what screen you’re using, I’m coming through it! ?‍???‍? ???

    • Caleb June 30, 2019

      i Always love your comments

      • Fancy BISH June 30, 2019

        I love your comments too!

  10. Ronna Simmons June 30, 2019

    Go janet

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