Daniel Caesar’s ‘Case Study 01’ To Sell Less Than 3,000 Copies / YesJulz Scandal To Blame?

Published: Thursday 4th Jul 2019 by David

Daniel Caesar’s album ‘Case Study 01’ is in trouble.

Bad news for a brilliant singer/songwriter below…

Caesar was riding high on a wave of positive press and impeccable reviews following the release of his album ‘Freudian‘ which scored several Top 20 positions on album charts across the globe.

Unfortunately, on March 19th 2019, he made the decision to make a video condemning black people for criticising his friend YesJulz for her supposed use and abuse of African-American culture for financial and social gain, and the inaccurate remarks she made about the community’s relationship with crime.


He went on to apologise…

I was talking down to you guys. I apologize for how I expressed my idea, [t]here was no one there to challenge my ideas. That’s also dangerous. That’s why it’s tyrannical… that is where I went wrong. I believe in what I said. A real man can admit when he’s wrong. I can admit when I’m wrong.

Too little, too late? It seems so.


For, it appears that his efforts to protect Julz may to blame for the distressing sales ‘Case’ will be forced to face this week.

How so? It’s set to sell under 3,000 copies.


The project is expected to move between 1 and 2,000 pure copies and between 24 to 27,000 units when streams are thrown into his sales mix and spend its opening week at #11, ten spots below Chris Brown’s ‘Indigo’ and four spots below Khalid’s ‘Free Spirit’ which was released on April 3rd.



Listen here.



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  1. Sweetnothings78 July 4, 2019


  2. aj July 4, 2019

    Or maybe its cause no one knows who the heck he is

  3. Tyty July 4, 2019

    Meanwhile, the basic Becky he was defending will continue to abuse and profit from the hip-hop/black culture whilst him caption save a h** can’t even get a top 10 hit with the same culture ??. Guess being nice to them whites didn’t work out in the end did it?

  4. Haterz Gon‘ Hate July 4, 2019

    The album was terrible on first listen and I never heard of him until this blog. Brandy needs to release a hot promo SOLO track STAT and distance herself from this mess. ?

    • thanosoftitan July 7, 2019

      This! And thank you.

  5. Dc July 4, 2019

    Yet y’all never post Ciara first week last month hmmmmm lol

  6. Clarkson July 4, 2019

    LOOOOL. I thought u guys were hyping this release on Twitter. He was trending on twitter when he dropped this album.
    I guess nobody wants boring sleepy music.

    This is Frank ocean’s fate when he releases his next album. Keep doing that tired I’m so deep I’m such an intellectual musician crap, u will flop big time.

  7. The truth always comes to light July 4, 2019

    @ Dc

    Ciara sold less than 3k albums as well… what a shame with all that promo she had however I don’t feel bad for this Daniel Caesar guy! Prime example of what happens coonin goes wrong…

  8. Caleb July 4, 2019

    But it is doing better than his last album and his streams aren’t that bad if they brought him up to 27,000 from just 3,000 pure sales.

  9. Nate July 4, 2019

    Soooo I guess that fanbase he was looking to capture didnt work well. If he didnt burn the black bridge, his album would probably be trending. I wish Daniel “stop being so mean to white peopl” Ceaser the best.

  10. MUSICHEAD July 4, 2019

    Daniel Caesar is not a household name. He dropped a surprise album without releasing a single. These numbers are to be expected. He’s also independent which means all of his success up to this point has been organic and without a major budget. I don’t see a problem with his numbers considering where he is in his career.

  11. Trash Article July 4, 2019

    According to who?

    I’m sure this isn’t a fact, and I’m pretty sure this was put out there to influence (as a last minute reminder) people to not buy it or stream it.

  12. LB July 4, 2019

    Ciara’s first week sales numbers?

  13. clickbait July 5, 2019

    alternative title: Daniel Caesar surprise releases independent album with 48 hours notice with no single and debuts #11 with 27,000 units… double Freudian, 15 spots higher. but u knew that.

  14. LemonLove July 5, 2019

    Some people are in here saying his sales are good. They are not. Freudian was so successful that Everyone expected his second album to be bigger which is the whole point of business. You release one product and push it so it’s easier to sell whatever comes after. It’s a pity that Chris Low Brow Brown is number 1 because it’s going to give him the impression that the Gp actually respects his fried vocals and juvenile songs but maybe it’s what Daniel needed. Black people supported you and you repaid us with insults. Now look at you. A mess.

  15. LemonLove July 5, 2019

    And I might add. People are so brainwashed into believing that black people don’t buy records that they underestimate how influential we are as a buying group. We DO buy records which is why there are more black American icons than white ones (think about it) and we are very supportive when we like something. Daniel clearly has some complex about his blackness (which is a shame because he’s a classically beautiful African man) so couldn’t equate his success with blackness because he’s one of those people who is taught to value one white dollar over three black ones. A crying shame. Maybe YesJulz will buy some copies next week.

  16. Tesnim July 6, 2019

    He said that he didn’t care if we bought his album and so we’re not. Simple. His lukewarm apology was too little too late.

    • thanosoftitan July 7, 2019


  17. Kryatree July 9, 2019

    Yes he’s cancelled II hope Nojulz was worth it

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