Did You Miss It? Parkland & Pulse Club Shooting Survivors Slam Madonna’s ‘God Control’ Video

Published: Thursday 4th Jul 2019 by Rashad

While industry critics and fans alike are crowning Madonna‘s latest music video, ‘God Control,’ as one of the most prolific of her 35+ year career, some aren’t exactly singing the Queen of Pop’s praises for the visual’s graphic depiction of gun violence.

Designed to advocate for gun control in the U.S., people like Parkland survivor and gun control activist Emma González admit they recognize the Jonas Akerlund-directed clip’s good intention but that hasn’t stopped their criticism.  Branding the video as ‘f*cked up’ and ‘horrible,’ her sentiment echoed that of Pulse nightclub shooting survivor Patience Carter (who labeled the clip ‘traumatic’ and ‘inaccurate’).

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Taking to social media, Gonzalez stated:

The statements above came shortly after Carter took to social media to state:

“I understood what she was trying to do with bringing awareness to the topic of gun control, but I definitely felt that wasn’t the right way to go about doing it,” she explained. “Because, for someone like me who actually saw those images, who actually lived those images, to see them again dramatized for views, dramatized for YouTube, I feel like it was really insensitive.”


She continued:

“You could not think about the person that was actually in those incidents, that actually lost someone, that actually had to experience that bloodshed firsthand. Think about how they would feel reliving, because that’s what it is, reliving this all over again. And it’s bringing up that pain, all that healing, all that growth can crumble with one video.”


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  1. Jujumanji July 4, 2019

    So should we ban films now too that have graphic images that may or may not trigger someone? These people need to stop. If you dont want to watch it then don’t. And being a celebrity doesnt mean you’re not human. Celebs can talk about whatever they want. Freedom of apeech and blah blah blah

    • Mark111 July 4, 2019

      Your last comment countered your whole “argument”.

  2. Mark111 July 4, 2019

    Sia did this way better, so it can be done. But when you’re a 60 year old attention wh0r3, you go over the edge for shock value and Grandana has been doing that for decades. It’s way past due for her to be called out.

    • TP July 5, 2019

      Yes, name calling and rudeness always help’s any situation.

  3. Seth July 4, 2019

    Liberal outrage is getting to be out of control and a big reason Hillary lost bc the far left demands everything be PC and on their terms and imposes a purity test. I’m sorry what Emma went through but Madge has a far larger platform and the ability to be heard and had good intentions. She links to gun violence charities and got people talking. Enough outage at actual allies

  4. Lanafan1 July 4, 2019

    Dear Emma,


    • TP July 5, 2019

      Emma is waking up to the fact that someone just did her job much better in 8 minutes.

  5. Caleb July 4, 2019

    First off, how did they both miss the warning at the beginning of the video? Emma said, “she should have warned that it would be disturbing” yet that’s exactly what she did. And Patience acts like this was supposed to be a recreation of the Pulse massacre which it clearly was not. It was a massacre at a disco. Pulse is not a disco.

    • Seth July 4, 2019

      100%. It’s almost like Emma got mad an A-list celeb is getting involved in the conversation and she’s not getting the attention and platform. Be mad at the politicians that haven’t done a G -damn thing and not the people fighting the same fight and trying to make a positive change by getting people talking. Art is disturbing bc it makes us feel and influences. That was the point of the video…to illicit sadness, anger and awareness

      • Caleb July 5, 2019

        The weird thing is that Madonna even put her voice at the beginning of her “I Rise” song. I wonder if she was even aware of it before her voice was used?

  6. Ropeburn July 4, 2019

    There is literally a trigger warning at the beginning of the video. Can these people not read?

    • Caleb July 5, 2019

      I think neither of them even watched it. They just went by word-of-mouth.

  7. TP July 5, 2019

    My deepest condolences for anyone having to deal with gun violence directly.
    With that being said, the time for being polite and sugar coating everything about this topic is so long gone. What and how many more people have to lose their lives before the rest of the world confronts, correct, and legitimate?
    Obviously what’s being done currently is working. …Wake Up! STOP chastising and attacking someone for giving the rest of the world a hsrd reality check.

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