Report: Lil Nas X Hit With $25M Lawsuit For Copyright Infringement

Published: Saturday 27th Jul 2019 by Rashad

Lil Nas X is set to take a ride from the ‘Old Town Road’ to the town’s courthouse thanks to a lawsuit with a whopping $25 million tag attached.

More inside:

Reports have it music publisher The Music Force is suing the 20-year-old hitmaker and his parent company Sony Music for the use of an unauthorized sample of R&B singer Bobby Caldwell’s 1982 song ‘Carry On’ in X’s song of the same name. ‘Carry’ (which can be heard above) is featured on the rapper’s 2018 mixtape, ‘NASARATI.’

Hear Caldwell’s tune below and see if you can spot any similarities:

The Music Force not only claims the sample destroyed the value of Caldwell’s song, but was also ‘motivated by greed and malicious intent.’  Their suggested remedy? $10 million USD in damages plus an additional $15 million USD in punitive damages. Yikes!

As of time reported, Sony nor Lil Nas X have made a statement about the legal matter. Sounds a bit dramatic, but $25 million USD isn’t anything to take lightly; the hefty charge breaks down to

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  1. Clocking the fake Beyonce haters July 27, 2019

    Should’ve know something was gonna happen. A young black gay boy with the number one song in the country, and had a big fallout with old school country fans. Here you go a lawsuit.

    • Keith July 27, 2019

      I dont want to agree but sharks smell success…

    • Burbank July 28, 2019

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  2. MusicBoss101 July 27, 2019

    I’m more curious about how the NIN is it sample in “Old Town Road” will be settled or what payout is being given to keep them on the hush since it blew up?

  3. NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

    What are you serious? Leave this black guy alone! Let him have his moment of success

    • Shayla Queen July 27, 2019

      It’s not his success to have if it’s music he’s stolen from other artists. They’re the ones who deserve the credit. You can’t just STEAL what you want and claim it as your own.

      • Eric July 27, 2019

        you can’t steal a song if it’s on a mixtape . You know how much people do that

  4. Eric July 27, 2019

    You can’t sue someone for a song that’s on a mixtape because they aren’t making money off of the mixtape

  5. AJ July 27, 2019

    Y’all are a week late reporting this

  6. JordanSerbian July 28, 2019

    Oh my God! What a nonsense! Maybe 1 million but not 25! Hello! Where were they when he droped it, nowhere. They knew he dont have money that they can take, but now when he is a global known artist now they come with this bananas sh*t !

  7. Tyty July 28, 2019

    I thought you can sample songs on mixtapes with no problems? 25 million is definitely overdramatic

    • MATEO July 28, 2019

      yeah…thats why they are taking damages angle. bobby caldwell’s claims will be dismissed.

  8. room319 July 28, 2019

    Uh… forget the lawsuit… did anyone notice how Bobby Caldwell’s voice is truly an INSTRUMENT. Where is this type of voice on the radio, any genre. Musicianship

    • Larry Danell Roberts July 28, 2019

      B******* ! It’s about money.

  9. MATEO July 28, 2019

    It was on a “Mixtape” and my guess the song never was up for sale. It’s free promotion for bobby caldwell, which is probably why they are trying to flip the script and claim damages. Lil Was X has the biggest song in the world now, so he’s gonna get a lot of people trying to have a slice of that pie.

    • MATEO July 28, 2019

      “Lil nas x

  10. Caleb July 28, 2019

    This is sad. Why take all this young man’s money that he just earned?

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