Final Numbers Are In: Beyonce’s ‘Lion King: The Gift’ Sold…

Published: Saturday 27th Jul 2019 by Rashad

July 19 brought with it the gift of ‘The Gift,’ the Beyonce-curated companion soundtrack album to Disney’s live action remake of ‘The Lion King’ (in which the Pop diva also stars).

Launched to the masses on the back of the anthemic tune, ‘Spirit,’ the opus – described as ‘sonic cinema’ and a ‘love letter to Africa’ – is drenched in the continent’s influence and not only features some of the region’s most prominent performers like Tiwa Savage, Shatta Wale, Burna Boy, and Wizkid, but also calls on fellow Urban heavy-hitters such as husband Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and more to contribute.

As it’s collected critical acclaim aplenty since its unveiling, industry insiders originally forecasted that fanfare would be mirrored commercially when it was projected the set would top next week’s Billboard 200 (as we reported here).  With its inaugural sales tracking week behind it, however, new reports confirm it missed the mark.

Details inside:

Beyonce’s ‘The Gift’ 

First Week Sales (SPS):  54,000 [approximately]

First Week Sales (Pure):  11,000 [approximately]

Chart Placement (debut):  #2


Congratulations are due to Beyonce for nabbing her 9th solo top 10 placement on the Billboard 200 as a solo artist, second in 2019 alone (following the April-released ‘Homecoming: Live Album’).

Landing at #2, ‘The Gift’ will rank as the highest charting ‘specialty project’ (i.e. live albums, tribute albums, extended plays, compilation albums) of her career to date, besting the #4 peak of the ‘Homecoming’ effort. [source]

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  1. king z July 27, 2019

    good job bey.

    i dont understand how people would think these sales indicate a decline when beyonce has had MULTIPLE specialty projects like i am yours…live album, homecoming, etc that have done worse than this!

    these side projects do not count toward her #1s record and it is still in tact among her STUDIO ALBUMS.

    • 2bad2bme July 27, 2019

      Exactly. The only ones hating are these WHITE trolls.

      • Bravo!!! July 28, 2019

        The black gay gurls!!

    • Will_xo July 27, 2019

      At this point in her career every one holds high expectations for every album she puts out !!

      • Bravo!!! July 28, 2019

        They forget Beyoncé came from a successful girl group and continue on as a successful solo artist. When you got record labels trying to find the next you is a wonderful feeling to have. The old generation wanted to be a Janet Jackson. Now, the new generation of women artist and a few gay men want to be a Beyoncé. #Facts

    • ??? July 27, 2019

      lmfaooooo nice spin bug, if this shyt hadn’t FLOPPED so hard you bugs would claim it as her seventh solo number one and yall know it. So suck it up and own up to the roachs FLOP albums, all of them lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #949yonce #12kyonce #NiceTryBugsThisIsHerAlbum

      • Realist July 31, 2019

        It’s definitely her seventh number one. It was posted today. Now have a f****** seat hater!!!!

        Billboards, posted five hrs ago:

        Beyoncé unwraps her seventh No. 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, as The Lion King: The Giftopens atop on the list dated Aug. 3. The set, credited to Beyoncé & Various Artists, earned 54,000 equivalent album units in the week ending July 25, according to Nielsen Music.

        The superstar executive produced the 27-track Gift album in tandem with her role as Nala in the 2019 Lion King feature film adaptation. Gift, which offers 14 original songs with 13 interlude tracks of King dialogue, sonically centers on Afrobeats and other African musical inspirations with elements of pop, R&B and hip-hop included. In addition to Beyoncé, who performs on 10 songs, Gift contains contributions from familiar collaborators, including JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamarand Pharrell Williams, alongside popular African artists such as Burna Boy, WizKid and Tiwa Savage.

        Now seat your dumb hating ass down!!! Better yet, go hide under a top???

    • OOPS July 27, 2019


      • ??? July 27, 2019

        lmaoooo um no bishh, this flop is HER ALBUM just like the bodyguard is Whitney’s album, except Whitney would have NEVER flopped this massive. put your big girl draws on and accept your L lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #949yonce #HerThirdFLOPalbum

      • NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

        She flopedt periodt.

        Everything is Love= surprise release to shade Nas and Xtina= fail, has to settle at number 2

        Homecoming= massive promo left and right including Giant Netflix= flopt = debuted at #7 peaked at number #4 with streaming points help

        Lion King The Giftt? = Lion king legendary behind the promo and massive hype = flopt = #4 only and #3 with streaming points help from Tidal

        Beyhives beed to stop acting beyance shyt dont stink

        Karma is real

      • Gworl Bye July 27, 2019

        No lies told.

      • Jason July 28, 2019

        What’s the karma part? She ain’t bothered, and doesn’t bother anyone. Y’all gon be pressed regardless, because your faves name will NEVER ring bells like Bey, and you hate to see it. She could retire and actually be more famous than these h***. You will deal.

    • Jasmine July 27, 2019

      3 FLOPs in a row. Roach is not as relevant as she used to be because her core fan base has grown up. The straight ones are old now with children of their own. The gays are too old to be in the club tweeting to Bey anymore and trying to be in relationships at home. That just leaves the broke queens who don’t have any money to support Roach. Ouch. Same goes for Christina. Lemonade “sold” with fake Todal numbers. Even old lady Madge who is almost twice Roach’s age sells more than these numbers!

      • NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

        I agree. Madonna is immune to beyhives sting. Madonna is like honey badger legendary in garvesting honeys from the bees. ? ? ?

        ? ? ?

    • iamdiego July 28, 2019


  2. Pat July 27, 2019

    Her name and lion king sounded like a win win on paper I guess… they tried to take a movie that was special to lil boiz who are now in their 30s and make it about her. It backfired.. it alienated the people who made it a classic. And separated the movie from the soundtrack. She shouldve said no to this

    • SMH July 27, 2019

      This. And even after all of that, the actual soundtrack to TLK still ended up beating her in pure sales.

    • Jasmine July 27, 2019

      Ain’t nobody ask her for this just like ain’t nobody ask her for Homecoming or Everything Is. 3 blatant money grab projects came back to bite her. I guess being paid 25 million to be in the film was not enough. Greedy

      • iamdiego July 28, 2019

        the gag is she is paid whether or not she flops. dont you get it??? these paragraphs that yall write about Beyonce are redundant. she got 25 mil for a 30-45 minute animated (live action) movie part, put out new music funded by fully by Disney, and only had to do 2 red carpets (plus a quick 5 minute interview). deal with it. she works smart not hard.

      • Jasmine July 29, 2019

        We know that Diego already. What exactly is the point of deflecting. A flop is a flop

  3. Will_xo July 27, 2019

    ? what ? I actually expected a number one, what’s going on Bey??

  4. 2bad2bme July 27, 2019


    • Shayla Queen July 27, 2019

      You so pressed ???

    • OOPS July 27, 2019

      sorry .. IT IS WRITTEN..LMAO..
      TAKE YOUR L and leave!!!!

    • SMH July 27, 2019

      The Lion King: The Gift, a Beyonce album specially curated by the artist”. It literally says that on the press release. This is her album roach hive. You would have claimed it had it sold well and went #1, you were all claiming it when it was predicted to go #1, so keep claiming it even though it failed. You don’t get to pick and choose her flops just because she’s Beyonce kids.

      • Jeans July 27, 2019


      • Lanafan1 July 27, 2019

        You really need a life. You come on the internet just to hate on an individual. Don’t you have bills?

      • SMH July 28, 2019

        Nope, my bills are all paid dear. Anything else?

  5. Meme July 27, 2019

    I almost thought y’all had so stop reporting Beyoncé’s numbers. Y’all didn’t her last flops

    • king z July 27, 2019

      same. i knew it wasn’t sam that posted this and figured if it wasn’t nicki, david wouldn’t care.

  6. king z July 27, 2019

    i just will never understand why there is such high hopes for this woman to fail.

    she has bowed down to all of the legends before her (janet, madonna, prince, whitney, michael, tina, list goes on). people hate this girl for no reason.

    • Moti25 July 27, 2019

      They ain’t forgave from since Latavia and LeToya lol

      • Fancy BISH July 27, 2019

        Don’t forget Luggage girl…
        “You might have to go straight to the airport. It’s better for you to go home then not have luggage. It’s not? Well, somebody can send your luggage. It’s either that or you probably gon’ miss your flight.” -Bey ✈️ ?

    • OOPS July 27, 2019


      • Tino July 27, 2019


    • SMH July 27, 2019

      Well if her fans weren’t such ignorant degenerates, and if she had done something to reign their ignorance in and make them grow up, this wouldn’t be happening. She’s not the innocent victim being bullied like y’all try to portray her.

      • Clocking the fake Beyonce haters July 27, 2019

        She is cause she doesn’t f****** know you to be dishing out such negativity at her

      • Lanafan1 July 27, 2019

        She’s not responsible for the actions of other individuals.

    • Keith July 27, 2019

      @KingZ: people don’t hate her for “no reason”. While Beyonce is talented and HARDEST WORKING of her generation, the fanbase that calls themselves the “Beyhive” has a LOT to do with why people are eager to see her downfall. Her refusal to say anything to calm them down irritates more rational fans/people. As many have also alluded to, the quality of her song catalog DOES NOT deserve the praise it gets. I will say it: Trap-n-B is beneath an artist of her caliber. In addition, her PR team seems to be on overdrive (which causes people to think a project is “about her” when all she did was participate) whenever she does the slightest little thing. In summary, better songwriting – less hype might go along way toward quieting some of the “haters”…

    • Jasmine July 27, 2019

      People just tired of her. Let somebody else shine for once. Every year same ol with a roach. It’s like go somewhere and people respond to it by not buying her She don’t give the public a break from her.

  7. Andreas July 27, 2019

    Completely uninterested in the whole beyonce hype and the Rivalry between her and other artists. But i must say, on a random note i started listening t this album, and i must say that i really like it, not mater the outcome of first sales etc. its actually kinda dope. Great work. Many dope songs that me and my friends enjoy.

  8. Caleb July 27, 2019

    She is 20 years strong in the game. Everyone cools off slightly after 2 decades in the game. It has happened to literally every artist even MIchael Jackson and Madonna.

    • ??? July 27, 2019

      lmaoooo stop it, Michael and Madonna NEVER flopped with 949 sales of any album lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

      • Clocking the fake Beyonce haters July 27, 2019

        Why are you taking about 949? Can you count? Also you disregard all the other artist on this album ? Beyoncé Eisner even on every song. You’re annoying af on every Beyonce post barking the same bark. Stfu already.

      • Keith July 27, 2019

        @???: Different era, not fair to compare. As @Caleb said, every artist cools down. It might be time for Beyonce to go gracefully (if its possible) into Legacy status. BUT, the real telltale will be the next solo album…

    • Tino July 27, 2019

      I been saying that for years regarding Usher, dude been out since 1993 but everyone wanna call him a flop and dismiss his entire career SMH

      • ??? July 27, 2019

        lmaoooo usher is still King, he never flopped with 949 sales, roach will always be his lessor lmfaooooo

      • Shayla Queen July 27, 2019

        He’s more of a flop than his flopping h3rp3s infested d|ck so go suck on it

    • Jasmine July 27, 2019

      Caleb that is DUMB! When MJ and Madonna “cooled” they were still selling 5x plus more than ALL their competition. Roach is pulling Ciara numbers.

      • Faf July 28, 2019

        Ciara on her own label selling platinum off r&b so she is not to be compared to the lessors y’all gon have to come up with something new . This is anti 400 copies teas

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

        Y’all keep forgetting that Anti‘s 460 sales came from like the last hour of a charting week while that 949 flop is the total of a complete one.

        I also doubt The Gift will jump on #1 next week like Anti did. ?‍♂️

        #flop #949 #12k

      • Caleb July 28, 2019

        Beyonce will NEVER pull Ciara numbers. Ciara was #87 for a week with 6,000 units and fell of the 200 albums chart. ‘The Gift’ is #3 with 50,000 units. That’s a huge difference.

      • Jasmine July 28, 2019

        Caleb IT IS THE SAME. Remember, Ciara’s new album was released INDEPENDENTLY. That means her sales are the equivalent of Bey’s album since it was released on a major label and in conjunction with a major film.

        Also, your attempt at putting Bey’s sales in the same category as MJ and Madonna is a FAIL. At 37, MJ was selling 15 plus MILLION albums! At 37 Madonna was selling 10 plus MILLION albums. They would never and have never FLOPPED THIS HARD, especially 3 flops in a ROW.

        Beyonce’s ‘talent’ is inflated, her ego is inflated, her importance is inflated, etc. The public reacts to artists who constantly push their music on them nonstop without giving them a break by not buying the America loves a comeback story. Time for Bey to take an extended break and go for a comeback rather than constantly being in the public’s face! Look at how Adele puts out music. She takes her time, nit picks until the music is quality, releases it / tours, and then disappears for a few years so that other artists can shine. Bey don’t do that. She is always in the public’s face which is why she got the nickname ROACH. I like Bey but damn go somewhere. I’m tired of seeing her.

    • Adele4life July 28, 2019

      Are you smoking something?
      2 decades into the game, MJ was releasing Thriller & Bad.
      2 decades into the game, Madinna was releasing Ray Of Light.

      • Shayla Queen July 28, 2019

        And then nearly another decade after that still, she released Confessions on a Dance Floor. Beyoncé is no comparison to these iconic legends and their iconic works.

      • High Price July 28, 2019

        Yeah, that caleb dude is usually always OFF on his “facts” lol.

      • Caleb July 28, 2019

        No, 2 decades in Madonna was releasing “American Life”.

      • Caleb July 28, 2019

        YALL ARE really bad at math. 2 decades after Madonna’s debut she released American Life. Confessions on a dance Floor came out 2.5 years after that. That was not “another decade after Ray of Light.” My facts are correct. Please do your research.

      • NickiBarbz July 29, 2019

        Confessions on the dancefloor released in 2005 sold 12 million copies worldwide

        Dangerously in love released in 2003 and sold 9 million copies worldwide

  9. Tino July 27, 2019

    To all the Beyonce stans nobody hates her, we’re just tired of all ya’ll acting like Beyonce is literally JESUS. Fact is Beyonce ass isn’t making any classic time defining music. All she does is surprise release albums with average songs, which is why her singles doesn’t do anything on the charts and why she hasn’t had a Hot 100 lead or solo song in 10 years.

    • Lanafan1 July 27, 2019

      What you are not understanding is, they love her. And yeah, sometimes some of them are way out of pocket. But how does that effect any of you or your coin? Y’all worry about the wrong things. It’s never that deep.

    • Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

      I do hate her though. Illuminati should sacrifice her already so Normani can happen.

      • The lunatics (@??? @smh and @jasmine the real July 28, 2019

        See you ignoramus you just said you hate her. So you bring your raggedy ass on this site everyday to speak on someone you hate lol sad ass life

  10. NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

    I thought you guys said she will sell 600k in 3 days again?


    @???? Where u at

    • ??? July 27, 2019

      lmaoooo right I’m here boo boo, those silly roaches, bishh barely sold 600 total in 3 days lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

      • NickiBarbz July 27, 2019


      • Clocking the fake Beyonce haters July 27, 2019

        Not fooling anyone using different accounts to validate your low self esteem. You live Beyonce keep streaming this multi artist album Boo boo (the fool)

      • ??? July 27, 2019

        lmaooooo bishhh stfu and take that energy to itunes so this FLOP doesn’t tank even harder next week lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #949yonce #BugMeltdown

      • Clocking the fake Beyonce haters July 28, 2019

        Gworl you’re the one having a meltdown on every damn post taking about numbers you’re the only one who cares Beyonce isn’t going anywhere and this album is actually good you probably didn’t even try to listen to the other artist on there cause you so pressed to let everyone know that you have been tracking estimated numbers and that it “flopped” girl sit down. Go talk about Nicki

  11. damn_that_hurts_charlie July 27, 2019


    • Clocking the fake Beyonce haters July 28, 2019

      That this isn’t a solo album. You’re clocked have a blessed day

      • Shayla Queen July 28, 2019

        Beyoncé paying you b|tch? She don’t even know your ass so go sit your a$$ back down in the corner and stop being a free b|tch.

      • The lunatics (@??? @smh and @jasmine the real July 28, 2019

        B**** is she laying you to be on her tits? Keep posting and talking about the QUEEN you all will deal cause even for this so called flop she will stay on your tiny brains and stay posted on this site and you will keep commenting that you don’t like her and her albums aren’t selling lmao enjoy

  12. damn_that_hurts_charlie July 27, 2019

    Wow.. She can’t duplicate JLo .. #1 Film and #1 album in the same week..

    • NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

      Exactly she is not as cool as Jlo though

  13. ??? July 27, 2019

    Lmaoooo so it took tgj 2 whole days to come up with some way to spin the roach’s THIRD FLOP ALBUM IN A ROW lmfaooooo, but still didn’t mention how hard it TANKED in the UK lmfaooooo. And you roaches can sit with that it’s not her album excuse, her name is all over it, its called the gift curated by roachyonce, all the press has been about it being her project, its HER ALBUM bugs. her so called streak ended when everything is FLOPPED tanked lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #949yonce #fadyonceisover #TheGiftIsHERflopAlbumPeriodt

    • Clocking the fake Beyonce haters July 27, 2019

      Lloknhiw sad and pathetic and immature you are. When your favs (which we all know you stan Beyonce) has low sales in u.K. you claim that chart doesn’t matter now it does lmao you hypocritical lunatic. This album is very good and it’s art it’s subjective. But you can poke fun all the songs are uplifting so if you hate being uplifted go drag your negative non black ass somewhere else. Can’t wait i til she drops her solo album and gags tf outta these fake Beyonce haters who track her every move.

      • ??? July 27, 2019

        lmaoooo um no bishh, my fave never FLOPPED with 949 sales in the UK or anywhere else, go cry those tears somewhere else bug lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #949yonce #TheFLOPisKillingThem

      • Shayla Queen July 28, 2019

        Beyoncé has a “non black a$$” you racist b|tch. Do she look like Miss Africa to you? B|tch sit down. If she did an ethnicity test it would come back European. Every feature on her face is European. As for that overly light skin colour…

      • The lunatics (@??? @smh and @jasmine the real July 28, 2019

        Shayla my dear you have been clocked. You’re choked and gagging at The Queens success.

  14. NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

    This is very embarassing sale for beyance and many of her arrogant fans. WOW y’all acted like her s*** don’t stinks. This is the definition of flop especially for an artist of her caliber. If you have the legendary franchise back up behind you you should go to number one. But hey you know, beyonce is a diminishing star. She had a nice run. We have Billie Ellish and Ariana Grande are the hottest artists right now

    To all beyhives be humble and stop talking crap about other artists

    Congrats Ed Sheeran and Billie Ellish

    • Tino July 27, 2019


    • SMH July 27, 2019

      Yep, its called karma. Especially the way the roach hive tried to come for Gaga during her “Star Is Born” era, and how they try to come for any artist in general. And it seems like beyonce started believing her own bullsh*t too judging by all the hype surrounding this album and the way it and her character in the movie were marketed. Now there’s enough humble pie to go around for all of them lol.

      • NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

        Exactly i agree with both of you

      • Jeans July 27, 2019


  15. Centurion July 27, 2019

    Embarassing, but not surprising. The album is flopping globally, selling 900 copies first week in the UK. #AreYouWithMeLions ?

    • Clocking the fake Beyonce haters July 27, 2019

      Awwww you watched the movie and quoted it. Stop making multiple accounts talking about U.K. numbers

      • Centurion July 27, 2019

        Oh no baby I did not. There were a couple of leaks of film’s scenes prior to its release. I saw them and I gagged. They explained the films polarising reviews.

  16. candy July 27, 2019

    Ouch those numbers are low flopping hard

  17. Centurion July 27, 2019

    Embarassing performance of Nala. Embarrassing sales of the OST. Beyonce really ruined a classic and sunk the hype of this entire remake. This really shows that she has no versitility or range outside of what she does best; twerking, stripping, hair flipping and gyrating on stage.

    *throws rotten tomatoes* ?

  18. ??? July 27, 2019

    lmaooo where’s that pork chop diabetes unbothered??? take the turkey leg out yo mouth and get cho fat ass in here, you always try to come for Riris sales, where’s your fat ass now lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 27, 2019

      949 is way more than 460!

      I think it’s funny u stan for darkies like Nikki and Rihanna just to Spite Cardi B and Bey

      U just jealous of me and ALL the Carter’s cuz we ALL LIGHT SKIN And u just sum darkbutt DARKEY that only Stans for washed up darkies like NIKKI and RIH-SCEDULED!…

      Bey released a huge Album In 2016 got pregnant did coachella did 2 STADIUM tours and a 9 track Mixtape with Jayz then Lion King… one of the most successful films of alltime and now a new RIHANNA QUALITY soundtrack album..

      What’s your fav song on LION KING THE GIFT??? There’s no way u don’t like it despite it’s RihBolla like Sales lol

      Clearly Brown Skin Girls since Blue Ivy wrote it just specifically for YOU lol

      • NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

        You crazy Gay-Z is not light skinned
        Beyance is light skinned

        @???? I think @Diabetes Unbothered is busy streaming Lizzo “Truth Hurts” which currently outselling Beyonce Lion King and Lemonade in the charts

      • ??? July 27, 2019

        lmfaooooo oh really fatso, then why couldn’t that light skin sell more than 949 albums even being backed by a legendary franchise? why did that light skin FLOP 3 albums in a row? why is that darkie Rihanna worth more money than that light skinned bleached roach? why did that darkie nicki sell more albums than that light skinned flop? lmfaooooo looks like your issue is with the dark skin girls because they don’t FLOP HARD whenever they try to release an album lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #949yonce #ThatBleachDidntStopHerFromFLOPPING

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 27, 2019

        You do realize Rihanna sold 460 copies in the last 30 minutes of the whole eligible week while Beyoncé sold 949 copies in a WHOLE WEEK, right? LMAO #flop

      • Lanafan1 July 27, 2019

        Darkeys? Baby you are so mind f***** by racist whites, that even though you acknowledge your black hertitage; you believe you’re somehow better because you’re fairer skinned. You’re sad and pathetic.

      • The lunatics (@??? @smh and @jasmine the real July 28, 2019

        This dumb b**** @??? Talking about people who have millions and how much they have lmao b**** you probably don’t even have $100 in your account lmao

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 27, 2019

      Bey released got pregnant did coachella did 2 STADIUM tours and a 9 track Mixtape with Jayz then Lion King… one of the most successful films of alltime while Rihsceduked was to busy STRESS EATING and wasting time working on Flopty Beauty toi scared to even start recording R9. Meanwhile B7 scheduled for late 2020

      • ??? July 27, 2019

        lmaooooo and the roach bishhh still managed to flop 3 ALBUMS IN A ROW while Queen Riri quietly collected her fenty coins and now she can own that struggle roach if she wants, but Riri doesn’t deal with flops. so lets not bring up Riri fatso when she can buy and sell that bishh to adidas since she was only flops albums now lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #949yonce #RiriWouldNever

      • Lanafan1 July 27, 2019

        I love Beyonce. But Rihanna has been busy getting her coin. Through clothing, shoes, lingerie, and now furniture.

  19. Gworl Bye July 27, 2019

    Top 2 and her ass ain’t even #2 lmao…

  20. Anthony July 27, 2019

    How could y’all try to say this is her solo studio album when she’s only on half the album and even some of the songs she’s the featured artist for instance My Power. Have a seat. This is a side/soundtrack album nothing more.

    • Clocking the fake Beyonce haters July 27, 2019

      They are so thirsty to say this is her album and disregard all the other talented artist on the album. They literally don’t have lives and it’s only like 2 of them on this site who make multiple accounts saying the same thing.

    • Centurion July 27, 2019

      But the film is hers right? It’s her movie but not the album? Weren’t y’all fleahive bragging weeks ago acting like she’ll do a JLo and have a #1 album and #1 film in the country? ???

    • biancacook July 27, 2019

      i mean its been presented as her album. she did a rare interview talking about it being a love letter to africa. all the talk she’s gonna get an oscar, now since it didn’t sell well its not hers? naw it was hers last week when yall was bragging. keep that same energy. she did extremely too much to put all this focus on her. maybe now she’ll get a lil more humble.

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 27, 2019

        @Bianca… – hahaha “naw it was hers last week when yall was bragging.” — LMAO!

      • Millyrock July 28, 2019

        Yassss❗️? ????

      • What A Joke July 28, 2019

        u said it!! Lol..funny af I agree!!!

    • SMH July 27, 2019

      This post itself claims that this is her 9th studio top 10 album. It’s her album.

    • Anthony July 27, 2019

      Beyoncé’s exact words out of her mouth in that interview was “This SOUNDTRACK is a love letter to Africa” I don’t give a damn what this write up or press release said. Period.

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 27, 2019

        Beyonce can barely spell her own name let alone count to 5. I’d rather trust the press release.

      • The lunatics (@??? @smh and @jasmine the real July 28, 2019

        Jasmine you sound dumb af a millionaire who cares less about you an icon that other celebrities go crazy over gwooooorrrrrl

      • Shayla Queen July 28, 2019

        A SOUNDTRACK is exactly that. A SOUNDTRACK. Songs FEATURED IN THE MOVIE. The Lion King SOUNDTRACK already exists. This is an ALBUM that is a “love letter to Africa.” Now own it.

  21. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 27, 2019

    Brown Skinned Girls was written for @??? Lmao ?

    • ??? July 27, 2019

      lmaoooo who wrote it, cuz we all know it wasn’t that FLOPPED roach you’re seething about lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  22. Dc July 27, 2019

    Number 3 and this movie grossed 531 million worldwide and she can’t get a number 1 ??? nobody wants to relive that terrible movie and her new songs lol Mother Africa act didn’t work ms black panther ????

    • NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

      Stop the track let me stay fast!!! And i’m the number 4 diva in this game for a minute!!!

      Nanana diva is the female version of the hustler

      • Shayla Queen July 27, 2019

        That song was f****** AWFUL

      • Keith July 27, 2019

        @Shayla Queen: This is the PRIME example of the horrible songwriting that gets Beyonce such criticism. “Diva” is one of the dumbest songs ever written. But you can’t tell the Beyhive that, LOL. Now did she SELL it? Absolutely. But not the kind of track that ages well…AT ALL.

  23. biancacook July 27, 2019

    perfect example of her being overrated. after creating her own lion king album, all the hype surrounding spirit and the rare interview she did to promote it and didn’t sell over 20000!!! her sales does not match her hype. she has played out the visual suprise album/movie thing so with her next release she gotta come hard cuz ion think ppl checkin for her music. will she sell out a tour of course but i doubt her next album gonna be big unless she goes on tour and then releases and starts performing the new music on the tour like with the mrs carter tour/beyonce album.

  24. Keith July 27, 2019

    Kudos to the TGJ staff, y’all put a master SPIN on this data for sure….LMFAO

    • SMH July 27, 2019

      For real lmao, compared to the other post when they predicted she would be number one, yeah the staff put alot of care into this one lmao ?

  25. AdeleFan July 27, 2019

    The album sales are so terrible that it didn’t even chart in the U. K

  26. AdeleFan July 27, 2019

    These sales are horrible how tf Beyonce (y’all claim the biggest artist since Jesus) sold less than 100K in her 1St week n she had a movie out to match promote it. Are y’all saying Kendrick is a bigger artist than Beyonce because he did the black panther soundtrack and he sold 3

  27. AdeleFan July 27, 2019

    These sales are horrible how tf Beyonce (y’all claim the biggest artist since Jesus) sold less than 100K in her 1St week n she had a movie out to match promote it. Are y’all saying Kendrick is a bigger artist than Beyonce because he did the black panther soundtrack and he sold 3x as much as this garbage in his first week

  28. Jasmine The Real Princess July 27, 2019

    Its okay. Maybe Ciara will let Beyoncé be her opening act for her beauty marks parking lot tour coming near you soon

    • Faf July 28, 2019

      Rihana flea market dresses from out the back of her fathers van can be the tour merch

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

        No. That’s what Ivy Park and House Of Dereon are there for. ?‍♂️

  29. Lanafan1 July 27, 2019

    Tbh, f*** sales. I love a number of songs on the album. I’m happy with my purchase. ??‍♂️ I know Beyonce is a weak actress. Which is why I bought the album instead of a ticket. But this album is awesome. And you’re kidding yourself if you can’t give Beyonce and the other artists who craved this, some credit. Like, I know the beehive is messy at times. But let’s not be deterred from supporting a Black Queen who is talented.

    Is she the best vocalist? No! Adele shits on her. Is she the best dancer? No! Janet and Ciara got her beat. But she is the best well rounded performer. Does she write? No. Taylor and Lana have her beat. But who sings better? Bey! She has great range. And she puts her artistic direction into certain aspects of the album. Out of everyone in the game. She has had longevity. Others from her era aren’t really able to do world tours, and sell out arenas. They’re equally as talented. But they fell off and the world wasn’t forgiving. Beyonce has stood the test of time.

    Lift a sister up!!!

    • Jasmine The Real Princess July 27, 2019

      Beyonce is an old and washed up flop and no sane person with class would spend money on that flop album of hers.

      • Lanafan1 July 27, 2019

        No same person comes onto a blog to bash a person they’ve never met.

      • Lanafan1 July 28, 2019

        Old and washed up, yet those checks keep clearing. ?

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

        Not much longer now that tidal has been exposed and she keeps on flopping without it. ?

      • Lanafan1 July 28, 2019

        And yet she’s still on track to release another Netflix production. ?

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

        Netflix is gradually losing members.
        Good luck with that production flopyonce lmao

      • Lanafan1 July 28, 2019

        But they aren’t lol

      • ??? July 28, 2019

        lmaooo but she had Netflix for #HomeFLOPPING and we all saw how that movie ended lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #14kyonce #HerSecondFLOP

  30. Lanafan1 July 27, 2019

    My top favorite songs:

    1. Otherside: The opening piece made me cry. it was so beautifully composed. It kinda reminded me of Franz Liszt’s “Libestraum No.3”
    2. Brown skin Girl: I’m a brown skinned man, who adores this song. It’s nice to hear a fair skinned person sing praise about us more melanated people.
    3. Mood 4 Eva: This s*** gets me hype. I just got a promotion with not one, but two raises. And this song came out right after. So, I am so happy about life. Getting my coin and moving up in the world. “This my mood 4 Eva!”
    4. Bigger: ” You are the living word
    Ahh, you’re part of something way bigger
    Bigger than you, bigger than we
    Bigger than the picture they framed us to see
    But now we see it
    And it ain’t no secret, no”
    Nuff said! ???
    5. Don’t Jealous Me: Another f****** banger. I love it.

    • Lanafan1 July 27, 2019

      Also, Bey singing in Swahili, I believe, in “Otherside” was breathtaking!

  31. Millyrock July 28, 2019


    • The lunatics (@??? @smh and @jasmine the real July 28, 2019

      Yet you’re checking for it lmao this is the only validation y’all get coming on TGJ to say flop yes this flop who has millions and a sprawling mansion in Beverly Hills cares about you coming here to comment your hate you and the rest of your raggedy goons lmao. Enjoy the album butch it’s not just her on it.

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

        And you think Beyonce cares about you? LMFAO

        Not when she’s been giving y’all the same tired ass routines for each of her tour.
        Not when she’s promoting some diet y’all have to pay for. Lmao. Flopyonce #949

      • The lunatics (@??? @smh and @jasmine the real July 28, 2019

        Yea she cares about her fans not raggedy self hating sh it filled trolls such as yourself darling

      • Millyrock July 28, 2019

        I didn’t listen or brought that trash

  32. Jasmine The Real Deal ??‍♀️Not 37 year old TRASHmine Da Bi Retards July 28, 2019

    LOL.. EVEN mariah Glitter Soundtrack sold much better thn the so called Soundtrack by the Biggest Artist on Earth… Overrated. Lion King shud have called Adele to the the aoundtrack album.

    • NickiBarbz July 28, 2019

      LMFAO!!!! Real talk!!!

      Even Michelle Williams “Unexpected” sold more lol

    • NickiBarbz July 28, 2019

      Or they should asked Vanessa Carlton, Hilary Duff or Michelle Branch. They are better feel good singers

  33. Dina July 28, 2019

    Omg this album was a waste of time for her . What a flop

  34. Gavin July 28, 2019

    It’s a great album it was about art and the lion king she helped give these local artists ww exposure a love letter to Africa where it’s still #1 on iTunes so is brown skin girl, this sort of album was never gonna appeal to the masses but too bad it was never about that but something wayyy bigger, the upliftment to the black community and the way it’s up lifting black children tops the sales or charts anyday, as beyonce said it’s my duty to do what’s best for the world not what’s most popular ❤

    • Lanafan1 July 28, 2019


    • Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

      Local artists? LMAO
      Pretty sure they sell more than 949 copies in their respective markets ?‍♂️

    • SMH July 28, 2019

      @Gavin well you can thank Beyonce for that. She’s the one who made it all about herself and not the local artists or uplifting the community, causing it to flop instead.

    • Millyrock July 28, 2019

      Lies you tell that album is #22

  35. Stevone l Jackson July 28, 2019

    Fans are a reflection of the artist if the artist is a rude b**** then the fans will be a bunch of rude ass b****** B**** stands for Beyonce b**** stands for bees and I am the Exterminator laughing out loud all of that stealing stealling can’t seem to get her a number one..

    • The lunatics (@??? @smh and @jasmine the real July 28, 2019

      No you sh!t filled trolls are rude! You’re not exterminating anything this album is so good all the artist in it are talented and you WILL deal trolls lmao. This flop will continue to dominate the industry and your mind ?

  36. Lowe July 28, 2019

    you intentionally left out Salatiel the Cameroonian artist on the song “Water” xPharell Williams x Beyonce

  37. Stay Flo July 28, 2019

    Sucks it wasn’t #1 because the material was pretty solid. But let’s let the haters ‘rejoice’ at her not getting a #1. Hopefully this will squash ANY AND ALL claims that she pays for awards (which is false because she wouldve def paid to get AOTY at the Grammys) and has fake album sales (which is false because EIL and The Gift would’ve been #1). So yes this sucks, but now y’all know EVERY #1 and award she received previously was EARNED. Stay pressed still

    • Echo July 28, 2019

      Biiiiiiitch don’t try it! Most of Beyoncé fraud a ss received most of the awards when her dad managed her. How many has she won post not working with him? That decline is real….But nice try boo boo ✌?

  38. non ya buz July 28, 2019

    If she wasn’t touring for her life this b**** would be broke by now. nobody buying her cds since 2013…..

  39. High Price July 28, 2019

    Lol! You guys know what you’re doing and YOU KNOW the reason this album isn’t as big as one of her ACTUAL solo albums is because IT’S NOT A BEYONCE ALBUM! Lol! Do you really think hundreds of THOUSANDS of people were going to go out in droves to cop or stream a LION KING soundtrack? ?? Hell no! For many reasons but essentially because many guessed and suspected what the album’s theme would entail and for many, that’s an acquired taste. I personally listened to the album once and may NEVER listen to it again. It’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t wanna hear it. Lol.

    Now as far as HER album goes? People WILL be checking for that album. IN DROVES. I do somewhat think it’ll be a decline in sells compared to her previous releases only because I do kind of think SOME people aren’t feeling Beyonce like that anymore. But definitely a little more than few hundreds of THOUSANDS will be sold on her debut week.

    • Shayla Queen July 28, 2019

      Ain’t no soundtrack… The Lion King already HAS a soundtrack. A soundtrack is a collection of songs that FEATURE in a movie…

      • The lunatics (@??? @smh and @jasmine the real July 28, 2019

        Girl you’re clocked Shayla Peasant

  40. Gurlwepa89 July 29, 2019

    Flop, PERIODT. Stats has spoken lol.

  41. JOHNVIDAL July 29, 2019

    It may not be her new studio album or whatever but it is truly surprisng how low the REAL sales are in this case. I would have never expected more than 50k with this climate and this type of release maybe. But this? Surprisingly low. Where has her pretty strong stan base gone these last 2 years?

    No, we cannot compare eras when it comes to sales. But still, whether some people like it or not, Beyonce has never been the type of selling phenomenon Whitney, Michael, Madonna, Celine and some others were. Never. Or Adele. Those other people still sold when Beyonce was new and hot MORE than her at that moment with some of their releases at the same time she was already releasing. Not the same level at all. She has her own great career in her way. But she is not that type of phenomenon.

  42. MC July 29, 2019

    As a fan of talent and success, I will say that Beyoncé is a wonderful artist. In my opinion she is a classic. She has had quite a few hits over the years and I am proud of her. She debuted in the top ten with “The Gift” and I feel like that’s good enough. Everyone in the top ten has got a popular album. Especially those in the top five. I listened to the album and it was perfectly curated. I think everyone needs to calm down. Especially the hive. Beyoncé would not want anyone dragging another artist or another person. #Everythingshouldbelove

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