Nicki Minaj & Megan Thee Stallion Show Each Other Love On Live

Published: Sunday 28th Jul 2019 by Sam

With female rap having quite the resurgence of late, Megan Thee Stallion has emerged at the forefront of the new wave of ladies turning up the heat.

Still, as she continues to activate her Hot Girl Summer, she’s giving props to those who came before her – namely Nicki Minaj.

In a cool moment of ‘U-N-I-T-Y,’ the pair jumped on Instagram Live and showered each other with love, praise, and admiration.

Check out the action below…

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#NickiMinaj and #MeganTheeStallion went on IG live together! We’re loving the love! 👑👑 #HotGirlSummer

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Love the love!

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  1. Openideas123 July 28, 2019

    Lol by Cardi B
    By stuffedLondon anyone who disrespect the queen aint going nowhere
    City girls stayed smartly on the fence respect nicki or else

    • Brent Christopher July 28, 2019

      LETS BE 100% CLEAR & KEEP OUR REALISTIC PERSPECTIVES VERY TRANSPARENT FOR THE PEOPLE! Nicki Minaj does not care two sh*ts about Meg The Stallion or any other female rap artist. She cares that her reputation, status & chart positions have taken a permanent tumble. As a result, she is PUBLICLY PRETENDING to be cool with the new girl on the block, as to try and erase some of the accusations of being insecure, anti-female rappers & just overall petty. This is a ploy!! Anyone with intelligence can see the ‘performance’ clearly.

      BE SERIOUS!!

      Right now, though everyone can clearly see Meg The Stallion climbing the charts, she has not secured a crossover, mainstream likeness or brand that has the potential to position her above Nicki’s OVERALL industry status. So, for as long as Meg remains very urban market friendly & not reaching Cardi B Heights, Nicki is cool with being “her friend”. ONCE THE OPPORTUNITIES start coming in full blast for Meg to enter the ‘white spaces’ that Nicki has secured & Cardi is securing, these little LIVE ‘moments’ will be no more. I ASSURE YOU!!

      Nicki has collabed ONLY with Foxxy Brown on Queen & Trina on her recent release BECAUSE neither veteran rapper poses a threat to Nicki’s notoriety. Foxxy nor Trina have crossover appeal & that’s why Nicki felt so comfortable “allowing them” to record alongside her. Come on now..

      What’s really going to make Nicki SICK is when Meg appears on this sophomore lp that Cardi is about to drop. I really hope Cardi gathers all of the new girls, alongside a dope female R&B artist to give us a LADIES NIGHT PART TWO. That would be majorly dope & would totally secure the WIN!

      • KingKong July 28, 2019

        Wrong. She supports female rappers who show respect and don’t throw dirt on her name to help their careers rise. She supports female rappers who take rap seriously and have a passion for rap, write and grind for their s***. She supports female rappers who are 100% genuine with her. So she would support Meg the same way she supported Cardi before she decided to throw dirt to see her star rise even further when there was no reason for her to really do that.

        Anyone with intelligence would also know that one narrative is not the only narrative. Being led astray like sheep and continuing to be blind to numerous things that refute so many negative things you guys claim about this woman. Why is Nicki the only female artist held to this standard of needing to embrace and collaborate with every female artist that is coming up under her? I agree, OG’s offer great mentorship for other artists…but why Beyonce, Rihanna, Janet, Madonna, Taylor, etc. have the same obligation to embrace every one of their contemporaries.

        Megan initiated the entire live situation. It was a little awkward at first because this was the first time they interacted and add to the fact it was being broadcasted live, but it was clear to anyone with eyes that they had the same energy and truly seemed to gel really well. You already praying for the downfall but also the first person to talk about “Ladies Night Part Two” — nobody will ever have a Ladies Night Part Two the way the internet injects negativity into everything these artist do.

        Chance appeared on Cardis debut and spoke well of Cardi—oh but Nicki still threw two features his way for his new project. So, I highly doubt it will make her anywhere near “sick” as she has publically shown support to Cardi as well.

        Honest question: When you say all of the new girls…in your opinion what line-up with Cardi at the helm would make the best Ladies Night Part Two that could come the closest to the original? (This isn’t an inflammatory question — I am just curious because there’s so many female rappers doing their thing right now).

      • NickiMinajisCancelled July 28, 2019

        Wish Wish gold and platinum eligible
        Press platinum
        IOP 5 times platinum eligible
        Bodak Yellow bout to go 10x platinum
        Shut your PRESSED ASS up. Can’t wait til the next rap b**** sh!ts all over Nicki the same way she did Kim.

      • NickiMinajisCancelled July 28, 2019

        The same way you say nicki embraces those who show the same love is how Kim embraces female rappers and guess what known of em ever sneak dissed her the way Nicki has countless lyrics. The hypocrisy in YOU! Garbz are a cult. 😂😂😂

      • Yolanda July 28, 2019

        “Get your own sh/t, why you’re riding mines?” Nah, no need for a Ladies Night 2. They should choose their own song to collab. But, I agree 100% with everything else you said. When Nicki came out, Eve never would say anything negative about Nicki. Yet, when Eve dropped her album, Nicki posted a tweet laughing at Eve’s sales, which I believe was 7,000. Meg can rap. I like her tone, voice, and delivery. But Nicki is not threatened by Meg because Meg doesn’t have word play.

      • Interac July 28, 2019

        Brent, I agreed with you and added my own two cents. There was no profanity, hate or derogatory terms in my comment and yet, it looks like it was deleted. I wonder if Nicki read my comment lol.

      • Onyx July 28, 2019

        B**** you real delusional and stalkerish. To assume wgat a person thinks and feels is real pathetic. Wake up h** smh

      • A&R July 29, 2019

        Whoever wrote this needs to be President for 2020!! Yikes lol The only thing I would change is… instead of this being an strategic plan of Nicki, I think the live organically happened but Nick is still the person you described lol You could see her physically swallowing her pride while on that live. The start of that convo could’ve gone so wrong if Meg wasn’t the person she is. You can also see Nicki fighting back the urge to question Meg’s intent around the Hot Girl Summer song. Nicki embracing this live definitely seems like a cry out and desperate plead to salvage any remaining sympathy/ excuse for her not to be held accountable for the lack of camaraderie.

        Ima say this, Nick is the female hip hop GOAT but she’s not to be trusted when it comes to being a caring person. If two of thee most raw yet realist people distant themselves from her (Cardi and Rihanna) she’s to be watched.

        Glad they kept it cute but Meg, watch yourself.

  2. Some1got2sayIt July 28, 2019

    FAKE GIRL ISH ………..STRIPPERS WITH GHOSTWRITERS AND LACE FRONTS don’t bring that into 2020 please and thank you .

  3. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie July 28, 2019

    💃💃💃 My MF faves!!! I’m crying real tears y’all. It’s so weird how exciting Meg has been in this dead industry. Calling all the rap girls together and connecting with the MF Queen at the same time. Yasss… I smell a collab soon.
    Real Bitchezzz that be writing they own s***!!! #Don’tRunAwayFromMeFriend.

  4. L’ORANGE July 28, 2019

    Nicki so fake

    • EJai July 28, 2019

      Very fake!!!!! She so fake she can’t fake sincerity!

  5. Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

    Trying to clinge on the newest female rapper to make it seem like she’s cool with other women in rap LMAO.

    Not even Meg can save that washed up pedo supporter from flopping

    • The lunatics (@??? @smh and @jasmine the real July 28, 2019

      Meg was begging her to go live with her when Nicki was on doing a live for her fan contest. Stay mad

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

        So? Pedonika is still and will always be a FLOP

  6. dee July 28, 2019

    Where is Megatron on the charts?

    • Queen 👸🏾 Missy July 28, 2019


      • Nicki Maraj July 28, 2019

        Where’s Wish Wish on the Charts why can’t CardiB get another number 1 ? Where is here 2nd Album all these singles seems like that 2nd Album is in Jeopardy!!! Press Press is falling off fast 💨 all the ghostwriters in the world and she can’t get it right

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

        At least Cardi has no 1’s 💀💀💀

      • EJai July 28, 2019


  7. Adonis July 28, 2019

    Lmfao noooow she wanna show love to other female rappers noooow she wants u.n.i.t.y bihhhh this so fake she only doing it cos everyone calls her out on it and she wanna stay relevant cos she fading after Cardi shat on her pffffft

    • 7E July 28, 2019

      cut the damn hate.

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

        Tell that your p******** supporting fave and her twitter fingers 🤷‍♂️

      • 7E July 28, 2019

        Jasmine The Real Princess w**** don’t see me because I never see you.

    • JaylaTooBad July 28, 2019

      7E they hate to see real talented b****** showing positivity!! And jasmine butch I’m tired of seeing your miserable ass on every Nicki post go collect a bag sis because they Way your ass be on every Nicki and Ciara set your ass most don’t have no job!!

  8. Xoxo Gossip Girl July 28, 2019

    Meg is just an all around positive, genuine, woman! She shows love to everyone!! She’s the same way missy is! Missy used to work with everyone even when some of the other women have beef they still all had that one common friend, missy….I can see Meg being the same way! Her energy is just EVERYTHING!

  9. Yolanda July 28, 2019

    Did Meg ask Nicki for suggestions or advice for recording her album?

    • Jasmine The Real Princess July 28, 2019

      Don’t think she wants to flop, so no.

      • Yolanda July 28, 2019

        So I was curious as to why Nicki offered Meg suggestions when Meg didn’t even ask. It’s clear Nicki wants to take credit if Meg’s album is a success.

    • KingKong July 28, 2019

      @yolanda Lmaooo. So let me get this straight… in your mind she told Meg to have a fun time recording her album and not to overthink it since that yields the best results…with which Meg agreed… as some ploy to eventually lay claim to being the reason her album is a success? Hahahahaha. Whoa Nicki must be Megamind. This reach must’ve thrown out your back cause damn.

  10. Bella July 28, 2019

    I respect that ❤️
    Queen 👑 stays together “
    Period!!!!!!!! 💯

  11. Antincia Foster July 28, 2019


  12. Antincia Foster July 28, 2019


  13. JaylaTooBad July 28, 2019

    Yasssss I love this UNITY when real talented b****** LINK UP and shows each other love !!

  14. NickiBarbz July 29, 2019

    Go Nicki!!! Starships are meant to flyyyyy!!! Hands up and touch the skyyyy….

  15. Jez July 29, 2019

    That was cute and the comments are as expected the usual Nicki haters with nothing better to do.

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