The Stream Scene: Beyonce, Janet Jackson & Countess Vaughn Rock YouTube & Spotify

Published: Sunday 7th Jul 2019 by David

Welcome to another edition of The Stream Scene, the original TGJ feature designed to keep you in the loop with all things streaming.

Making moves online this week are three ladies whose looks, sounds and unique styles shaped contemporary black culture and Pop culture at large.

Hit the link below for updates on releases launched by Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Countess Vaughn.

Excitement surrounding the release of Disney’s ‘Lion King‘ and Beyonce‘s role in it is to thank for the increase in streams the golden-voiced performer has enjoyed on Spotify this week.

Today, her 2003 hit ‘Crazy in Love‘ kicked through 393 million’s door on Spotify (393,280,003 to be exact) as ‘Me Myself & I’ glides to streams of 59 million….sixteen years after both tracks appeared on her romantic debut ‘Dangerously in Love.’


On higher ground? Her ‘Perfect’ duet with Ed Sheeran which sings to the tune of 449 million spins on the platform.

Things are going just as swimmingly over on Planet Janet.

The days following her Glastonbury set reignited interest in her discography in the United Kingdom and brought with them new milestones for a number of her tracks.

‘Together Again’, the feel-good song she penned to honour the lives of friends she lost to HIV/AIDS, now stands tall with 41 million spins as ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’ ( a song which helped to propel a young Jennifer Lopez to Pop superstardom) found itself elevated to the 49 million milestone thanks to fresh spins it earned in the United Kingdom.


Countess Vaughn also has much to celebrate this week.

As her solo material is absent from the likes of Apple Music and Spotify the majority of Countess’ streaming figures are generated on YouTube…home to hundreds (if not thousands) of user-generated videos designed to celebrate her success in television and music.

When tallied this week, Countess Vaughn-related videos stood tall at the 10 million mark….powered by clips lifted from her hit show ‘The Parkers’, talkshow appearances and her single ‘Wifey (Do You Love Him).’

‘Wifey’s official video has been streamed 1.2 million times to date.


Here are some other artists who are making moves.

Over in the UK, R&B newcomer Bellah has learned that her visual for her launch single ‘Never Loved’ has been watched over 4,000 times on YouTube as the song itself bags 94,000 streams on Spotify.

This, as Roc Nation’s Kasai watches her new single ‘Habit’ cruise above and beyond streams of 500,000, Lauren Faith‘s ‘Just a Little’  touches down on 2 million across all platforms, and Qaadir Howard‘s discography enjoys small but steady gains on Apple Music…driven by the songs ‘Bloodied & a Mess’ and ‘He Sits Across From Me.’



Who have you been listening to this week?

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  1. olusheyi banjo July 7, 2019

    Wow congrats ladies

  2. TheOneAndOnly July 7, 2019

    All slaying! Beyoncé has had 7m or more streams a day since Homecoming and Lemonade released on Spotify. She’s accumlated 10m or more views a day on YouTube since Homecomings release. Lion King will only push those numbers higher. B7 will do well rolling out on the back of all this hype/promo. Really hope those rumors of a south america stadium tour are true. So many fans deserve.

  3. Jeans July 7, 2019

    Slow news day eh?

    • Echo July 7, 2019

      Right! ?

      • Jeans July 7, 2019

        Shut your ass up too for co-signing too dumbass

      • Jeans July 8, 2019

        GTFOH dumb ass!

    • Fifi July 7, 2019

      Not anymore since you commented and gave them website clicks dummy.

      • Jeans July 7, 2019

        STFU HO!

      • Echo July 7, 2019

        Fuuuuck u bittch! We said what we said!! Slow news day! And your momma is the dummy h0£!


    Like I stated in a previous post bey scored 2 CLASSICS right out the gate… Crazy in Love‘ and ‘Me Myself & I’. ? bey has more CLASSIC material than all her contemporarys past or present

    • Echo July 7, 2019

      Gurl stfu and go choke on a weight watchers shake you fat pig ?!!!!!

    • Kenny July 7, 2019

      Lies. Janet got the classics.

      • Boytoy1814 July 12, 2019

        Janet has MEGA classics?????

  5. MUSICHEAD July 7, 2019

    David, do you sit back and have a good laugh before you post these dumb articles??? You just made up a whole article by grouping meaningless unrelated information together and calling it “noteworthy”. This is an all time low.

  6. AJ July 7, 2019

    Countess Vaughn was so randomly placed in this line up ???

  7. Pat July 7, 2019

    Bye ?

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