Breaking: A$AP Rocky Found Guilty In Swedish Assault Case

Published: Wednesday 14th Aug 2019 by Sam

In breaking news, a judge has found rapper A$AP Rocky – and two of his team – guilty of assault in Sweden.

Details below…

The incident, which made headlines internationally, saw the trio jailed for a month after attacking a national.

They long maintained that they only reacted after being harassed.

Yet it appears their defence has fallen on deaf ears because all three were convicted.

However, having been released pending the verdict and returning home to the US, they won’t be spending any more time behind bars. As they were handed suspended sentences.

With this bringing a close to the episode, what are…

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  1. Jay Jay August 14, 2019

    See when you do clownery….

  2. China August 14, 2019

    Spelling errors, smh. He’s a hoodrat who thinks he’s above the law. BYE GIRL

  3. Clarkson August 14, 2019

    Muslims are very problematic. That Muslim boy kept following him and his crew. He deserves that beating.
    Europeans pls stop allowing muslims in ur counties. They destroy everything they touch

    • Oh plz August 14, 2019

      There goes ole hatin Clarkson again. You have to be the most vile, unsavory, despicable devil on TGJ. Ain’t no one on here taking your racist, bigoted ass seriously. Give it up.

      • Clarkson August 14, 2019

        But did I lie? Muslims are causing a lot of trouble in Europe, prove me wrong, I will wait

      • Oh plz August 14, 2019

        Yes, you did lie devil. Using sparse and sporadic events to make a generalization about an ENTIRE GROUP of people is WRONG and weak. This is the same argument Nazis used during the holocaust. This is the same basis white supremacists use to justify there assault on minorities. You need to go back to school and/or get your ass whopped.

      • Clarkson August 14, 2019

        Gurl u are not saying anything. Muslims cause a lot of problems anywhere they go. They hate women, they hate gays, the hate modernization, they hate science etc u name it. I will say it as it is.
        The most homophobic countries in the world are muslim countries.
        The countries with the worst women rights are Muslim countries

        Crime rate, gang violence, homophobic attacks have all gone up in numbers ever since they started allowing muslims in Europe.

        Europeans pls defend your country. Don’t let them take over ur countries. Their way of life is different from that of yours.

      • D August 14, 2019

        Clarkson isn’t wrong, TBH. Arabic Muslims look down on ‘infidels’ and their religion calls them to slaughter said infidels on site. Can you name a thoroughly democratic Muslim country that isn’t Turkey (and even Turkey is on shaky ground). Hate is wrong, and racism is equally wrong, but trashing a religion / set of beliefs is quite alright if they’re downright destructive to your way of life. Islam is not compatible with Western society. END! Anyone arguing otherwise is delusional.

      • Oh plz August 14, 2019

        @D…the peaceful, law-abiding, respectful Muslims of the world would disagree.

      • Clarkson August 14, 2019

        @oh plz
        Peaceful law abiding muslims dont exist.
        Anywhere u see muslims there’s gonna be problem in that area. Dont get me wrong Christians are trash also but Christians dont go about throwing gays from buildings and stopping women from driving and voting.

      • Oh plz August 14, 2019

        I ain’t mincing words with you, devil. You are ignorant trash…that’s it.

      • Clarkson August 14, 2019

        @oh plz
        I gave u facts and now ur emotional. Ur a clown, sit down and be quiet

      • Oh plz August 14, 2019

        Wrong again, fool. You ain’t got enough clout to get me emotional. Your arguments regarding race/religion are juvenile and poorly thought out…both hallmarks of an ignorant person; and I don’t argue with ignorance. But I will check it when I see it. So lemme say it again, STFU.

      • Clarkson August 14, 2019

        U are displaying clown behaviour. Give it up. Ur dumb and emotional. I presented u with hard facts and u couldn’t handle it so u got emotional and threatened me with violence. Girl u are not civilised, u are an animal that belongs in the jungle.
        I dont mince words. My comments have triggered u, u are bothered, I feel sorry for u. Ur kind can never succeed in a civilised society
        U are gutted trash now run along. I will never exchange words with a peasant, bye. U want the last word, so I will give it to u. Bye fo0l.

    • Tyty August 14, 2019

      You are a complete degenerate…why is your cave monkey ass on this site?? Shouldn’t you be helping your fellow white folks in the breeding department so they wouldn’t be allowing so many immigrants in their countries if they actually had a young population to keep their precious European countries functioning ?? Then again your loose booty self can’t perform since you prefer it in your loose asshole.

    • Romeo August 14, 2019

      Sigh… I’m so tired of the ignorance.. for the 100th time…Muslims are not a race it’s a religion…

    • Tyty August 14, 2019

      @D just like Western society is not compatible with anyone else since they have a tendency to annihilate whole groups of people. Death, destruction, diseases, loss if identity and culture… That’s the result many people have faced after getting a dose of white Christians. So Now Europeans are crying for what?? Nobody invited these people from their caves in Africa yet they saw fit to destroy a whole continent and it’s people… The Tasmanians didn’t ask for white Christians to come with their unwanted religion and values.

      • D August 14, 2019

        That’s true. I’m not disputing that. I’m black and have been fortunate enough to live in North America (Cali), the UK, continental Europe, and a small majority black (and prosperous) island. White supremacy and Western hypocrisy is being called out, named and shamed—rightfully so! That doesn’t change the issues regarding Islam. Muslims are people and all people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. But their religion is trash and is not compatible with the lifestyle of those in the western world (when their beliefs are actually adhered to). You’re not wrong but I’m standing by my statement.

        Anti-Arabic racism is extremely wrong. But Islam is trash.

    • Anne August 14, 2019

      TIP of the day: Call the police if someone keeps following you, as opposed to beating them.

  4. The Real Princess Jasmine August 14, 2019

    Whew Chile they ain’t going back to Sweden Ever Again so it doesn’t matter

    • Rosanna August 14, 2019

      Yes it does, they can ask for extradition (the us never extradites national citizens). But if they ask for a international arrest warrant (IAW) or European arrest warrant (EAW) he can be detained and extradited to Sweden when he steps in a country that have a extradition treaty with Sweden and there are many countries with this!
      So I guess his career will resume to the US and Middle eastern and African countries ahahahaha

  5. Alex August 14, 2019

    They probably convicted him because if they didn’t, they would have to pay him over $2 million for money he lost from shows he booked during the time he was locked up.

    So find him guilt but suspended his sentence. Clown s***

  6. Anne August 14, 2019

    Not surprised.

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