Cardi B Readying Collaboration With Four Female Rappers

Published: Wednesday 14th Aug 2019 by Sam

After years of mono domination, the female rap landscape is not only plentiful – it’s united.

And Cardi B wants to spread more of the U-N-I-T-Y!

Find out why below…

In an interview with Real 92.3, the femcee revealed that she’s piecing together a track featuring four other female rappers.

Citing a Lil Kim song as her inspiration, she opened up about the exciting concept:

Watch the full interview, during which Cardi dished on her dive into the political sphere with Bernie Sanders. 

Your thoughts?

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  1. Belcalis 4 EVA August 14, 2019


  2. jess August 14, 2019

    yuck fake b****

  3. blanca August 14, 2019


    • Queen 👸🏾 Missy August 14, 2019

      That chick with multiple #1s and a Grammy. But continue…

      • The Real Princess Jasmine August 14, 2019

        A stripper h.oe with Sympathy & Payola

      • Queen 👸🏾 Missy August 14, 2019

        Gow quickly y’all forget… Baby was accused of buying Nicki’s albums back when she was poppin. That payola s*** doesn’t faze me. Further more y’all are the reason why she isn’t a lot of people don’t f*** with her. Y’all are so f****** childish.

    • 2bad2bme August 14, 2019

      @Queen 👸🏾 Missy GET THEM HATERS TOGETHER!

  4. Moana August 14, 2019

    no thanks, we dont need or want stripper h** to spread her dirtiness to any of the other female rapper

    • Qua August 14, 2019

      Actually some female rappers were strippers before they come up. I know two females who are on they way to becoming doctors who used to strip to pay for school

      • MCalling you h*** out August 14, 2019

        They don’t wanna hear that tho cause those strippers they talk down about getting they PHD while they living with mama.

  5. kurt August 14, 2019

    lol this is funny

  6. Rico August 14, 2019

    Only if it includes Lil Kim

  7. Bloom August 14, 2019

    now she wanna be about unity after threatening them girls at the strip club… FAKE

    • Qua August 14, 2019

      Didn’t she link with city girls and been giving girls who haven’t popped credit ???

      • Boobooinyourdoodoo August 14, 2019

        Pls get a life

      • The Real Princess Jasmine August 14, 2019

        They are on the same label Quality Control that doesn’t count

    • Ronna Simmons August 14, 2019

      I’m about female unity too. But if a chick is pushing me I will beat her ass. It stops being untiy when u coming for me

  8. Reno August 14, 2019

    It better have Nicki or I’m skipping it

    • YAS BIH August 14, 2019

      Well get ready to skip it she’s not needed

    • Darron August 15, 2019

      Skip b****

  9. Meme August 14, 2019

    I can’t even imagine who the 4 can be.

    My first guess would be Meg and City girls. But Meg letting Nicki persuade her and Young Miami preggo.

    Ari Lenox would be cool, kash would be cool too but I don’t see them on a record with a mainstream artist like Cardi.

  10. The Real Princess Jasmine August 14, 2019

    She’s so fake and trying to do everything that Nicki Minaj didn’t do find your own lane and stop being a Puppet for Atlantic Records you don’t even like 4 female rappers it won’t be genuine your just trying to save fast but America sees through u stripper ho.e your wack AF

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 14, 2019

      *Save Face

    • Qua August 14, 2019

      If you actually check her ig page she shouted out several female rappers that she thought was dope soooo I’m not sure where you got hat logic

      • The Real Princess Jasmine August 14, 2019

        A shout
        out girl are you serious how many female rappers did CardiB put on her album she’s claims she friends with lil Kim , Remy & MariahLynn but won’t even do a record with any of them we been peeped the fake love she’s just trying to do everything Nicki Minaj has been called out for she’s a Fraud that’s why we call her Fraudie B

    • Dc August 14, 2019

      And u think meg collaboration genuine 😂😂 can’t wait till Trina tell her side tomorrow nicki don’t want no smoke wit Trina will have 🍿 ready tomorrow

      • The Real Princess Jasmine August 14, 2019

        Girl no one is scared of Trina let’s not act like Khia didn’t dog walk her in her Podcast Show

  11. Clarkson August 14, 2019

    Poor nicki. Hot girl summer ain’t going no where. Another L for miss minaj
    This will go number 1 watch and see
    Lil Kim
    Foxy or dej loaf
    Young ma

    They are going to win a grammy.

    • AJ August 14, 2019

      That line up ? Won’t even get radio play let alone a number one. No one will care if Nicki ain’t on it

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 14, 2019

        Cardi‘s team is SMART – at this point in her ascent they will not link her up with 4 female rappers without the intention of mainstream crossover potential ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾

        I think it’s great she’s doing what Nikki has failed to do since she popped off at the start of her career – we NEED unity now – NOT division, and what better place to start that now than in black music

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 14, 2019

      It’s 2019 CardiB hasn’t had any number ones in 2019 or Grammies 2018 is over let’s move forward she’s flopping this year

      • Thatflopjuice August 14, 2019

        Just reading your posts saying literally the DUMBEST things about Cardi. You’re so pressed. Please continue I’mma grab my popcorn. 🍿😂😂😂😂

  12. Jeff August 14, 2019

    I respect Cardi for her music and accomplishment, and more so for her political views. I’m team Cardi all the way.

  13. Dc August 14, 2019

    Y’all think she done cause meg out but cardi queen Grammy winning 3 number 1 s still here and can’t wait while hot girl summer went away already 😂😂😂😂

  14. Jackx August 14, 2019

    Cardi get stefflon don, Megan and swaeetie

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 14, 2019

      Get a job CardiB can’t read your comments she’s illiterate and can’t spell

      • Lucy August 14, 2019


      • Jackx August 14, 2019

        Get lost, go lay down with your street rat boyfriend and “ride his magic carpet” h**

  15. Besty August 14, 2019

    Goodbye Nicki Minaj, it was cool to know ya.

  16. #TheTruth August 14, 2019

    Wasn’t she recently ranting about not enough female rappers being supported in the industry ?
    She now has a platform to do was she was criticizing yet not doing anything about it while she could.
    Now I don’t know who’s on the track, and I’m not expecting 4 underdogs. If she does : great. But it would be nice to have 1 or 2 female MCs that need exposure.

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