Bryan Michael Cox: JAY-Z Told Jermaine Dupri To Decline the Exact NFL Deal He Just Signed [Watch]

Published: Saturday 17th Aug 2019 by Rashad

Thanks to newly emerged details and continued conversation on social media outlets from celebrities, fans, spectators, and insiders, Jay-Z‘s recently announced partnership with the NFL continues to prove itself a hot topic (click here to read).

The controversy around the business move is not only centered around the league’s problematic relationship with its players of color, but also Jay’s own public statements damning the organization – even declining an invite to perform at the Super Bowl.  Shortly after the news initially broke, Grammy award-winning songwriter/producer Bryan Michael Cox – credited with some of the biggest R&B hits of the last 20 years (Mariah Carey, Usher, Mary J. Blige, etc.) – added fuel to the fire when he revealed his longtime friend and fellow Urban hitmaker Jermaine Dupri was offered a deal similar to Hov’s.

The issue?  Cox says Jay personally contacted JD and told him to decline the very deal (to co-produce the Super Bowl) he’s now signed.  Ouch!

Skip to the 14:35 mark:

As of time reported, Dupri has not corroborated Cox’s statement.

Your thoughts?

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  1. and why no one talk about her trying the Aaliyah look August 17, 2019

    if that true jay is one of the most opportunist b**** in the world

    • Rosy August 17, 2019

      He is diabolical jay z is sad he has no morals and I hope people see this as a diss to the black people what a trash of a man this will be his downfall for making such a deal this is not a good look people in the industry is going to turn their backs watch

  2. Clarkson August 17, 2019

    Jay z a snake.
    Now I understand why Solange beat his àss on that elevator.

    • FMcL August 17, 2019

      This took me out ! ?

  3. MCalling you h*** out August 17, 2019

    I notice whenever a black person does something big all of sudden these new reports and secret conversations suddenly come out.

    • Clarkson August 17, 2019

      Scooter bauns did something big and news reports and secret conversations came out

      Stop the conspiracy theories. no body is after black people or stopping black people from being successful

      • MCalling you h*** out August 17, 2019

        So all those black ppl being killing for no reason is just coincidental?

      • MCalling you h*** out August 17, 2019

        So i guess racism is also a conspiracy theory right?

    • Queen Lizzy (Of England) August 17, 2019

      No. It’s whenever a devious block person in the public eye signs a selfish and vindictive business deal and tries to fool black people into thinking said deal will help us. The man is a bonafide bumbaclart.

      • Jasmine August 17, 2019


      • Rosy August 17, 2019

        Rass Clauut !!! If you ask me him a de scum of the earth ?

      • Bey Best August 17, 2019

        Yah mon. Big up to the patois speak in the comments section

    • Jasmine August 17, 2019

      When Obama won first black President of the US there NO stories like this. U don’t make any sense. Jay-z is not a good person. He sold crack cocaine to blacks, screwed over a lot of blacks to get ahead, and he worships Satan.

      • Queen ?? Missy August 17, 2019

        Sis, not a good example… he’s muslim. He was born in Kenya.. he supports ISIS.. he hates white people… he’s gay… he married to a man…

      • Rosanna August 17, 2019

        Missy would be ashame if you spreading all these conspiracy theories!
        Maybe sometimes you should take that tinfoil hat off and turn your tv off or change the channel FoxNews is hurting your brain sis.

      • Jasmine August 17, 2019

        Bob Johnson sold BET to Viacom. No backlash like this. That’s another example.

      • bettie clayton August 22, 2019

        Jay z GET IT JAY

    • Rosy August 17, 2019

      This is not big he told everyone to turn down the nfl even Rihanna and now he wants to be in charge of their entertainment I hope the musicians turn his ass down if you can’t stand for something then wtf u really about he that greedy for money to sell his soul he can be bought listen to what Harry belafonte say about jayz no one listen then I hope you blacks stop putting him and Beyoncé on a pedestal ask Barney’s of New York jay work with them after two black kids profile in that store If you have any decency this is wrong all money ain’t good

      • Howard August 17, 2019

        Stop lying, Rhi disapprove of the situation.

  4. King of Kingz August 17, 2019

    The thing is nobody knows the FULL details of this deal yet but is ready to assume the worse but I bet they all still foortball games. I highly doubt Jermaine was offered part team ownership

    • king z August 17, 2019

      jd was offered the chance to co-produce the super bowl. that was jay’s first deal. the part ownership part only came out yesterday.

      • Rosy August 17, 2019

        Jay z don’t have no money for part owner ship he bad business man Forbes ain’t credible about no ones income Kyle lip kit sinking and they claim she a billionaire I love my rih rih they even lied about her income

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 17, 2019

        @Kingz.. – He isn’t a “PART OWNER” he has a “significant” interest per articles I’ve read but that doesn’t mean much. Ciara and her husband have an interest in a soccer team so do other entertainers. Jay Z’s could just be much more than what people with NO DEGREE and are in entertainment get. Layman’s terms: Instead of .10% he could be a 25% interest holder.

  5. Lmfao_Hoe August 17, 2019

    And there you have it folks your answer. More details will come out whatever’s in the dark. Jay truly is an opportunist

  6. SMH August 17, 2019

    Snake Z strikes again. It’s Dame Dash and Roc a Fella all over again.

  7. Felicity Formation August 17, 2019

    That’s why Solange tumped you.

    • Jasmine August 17, 2019

      I wish that elevator had sound so we could hear the convo

      • Fancy BISH August 17, 2019

        Omg yes ✅ ? I still laugh at how calm Bey was…she was like, fck him up sis ?

      • Jasmine August 17, 2019

        Lol Bey was probably thinking about those cameras. Bey don’t ever let her guard down in public

      • Fancy BISH August 17, 2019

        @Jasmine, lol true ✅ ?

    • MCalling you h*** out August 17, 2019

      Now had he beat her ass and had her looking like Rihanna u would call him a woman beater.

      • Jasmine August 17, 2019

        No that would NEVER happen. Jay-z ain’t some 18 year old punk like CB was! He was a while grown ass man in his 40s with maturity under his belt. Solange is just an “Exit next floor” situation. Bet standing right there too. Ain’t nobody gonna lay hands on Solange, including security!

      • Jasmine August 17, 2019

        No that would NEVER happen. Jay-z ain’t some 18 year old punk like CB was! He was a whole grown ass man in his 40s with maturity under his belt. Solange is just an “Exit next floor” situation. Bey standing right there too. Ain’t nobody gonna lay hands on Solange, including security! I bet as soon as those elevator doors open that ho stop acting like a fool! She think she a celebrity too. Last hit that ho had was the Elevator song featuring Jay-z lol

  8. High Price August 17, 2019

    Damn. Smh… that’s messed up if true. It may only get worse now.

  9. Tyty August 17, 2019

    How many times y’all going to report on this story. Who cares!! None if this will stop the deal going down Jay z tax bracket is above all this whining he doesn’t care ?‍♀️? Why did JD listen to him anyway? Business is a cutthroat world. Should have taken the deal.

    • High Price August 17, 2019

      Lol! You must not understand the status of Jay z’s business empire to ask “WHY would JD listen to him”. Plus JD doesn’t have a GOOD track record when it comes to business anyways if you don’t remember Lol. Hell JD should’ve been blessed he wasn’t charged for the consolation from Jay. And true, it may not stop the deal but he can definitely get canceled IF the black community decides they want to stick together. The move wasn’t/isn’t good on Jay’s part. It’s basically deflecting everything Kaepernick kneeled for and what jay himself stood up for as well.

      • Tyty August 17, 2019

        Yeah yeah cause cancelling someone over a deal nobody even knows any real detail to is clever. Y’all so quick to band together to cancel your own but can’t cancel a system that’s been suppressing you for 400 years?? Make it make sense please. If you had that much power the mayonnaise nation wouldn’t still be dominant and walking all over AA like dirt beneath the ground.

      • High Price August 17, 2019

        @Tyty … Lol! Wow! Sounds like vital advice that Jayz should’ve heard before the deal right? And yeah, blacks are quick to SAY they’ll cancel other blacks but does it really fall through? Protesting the the NFL was a good step. Then Kaepernick basically did the same thing… he took the hush money… but I think what people are more so CONFUSED about (if anything) is how ironic it is….. ok, we don’t know the “details”…. But based off the surface and Jayz VAGUELY addressing the situation.. what else is there to know? You’re mentioning blks joining and fighting against the system but based of the dumb concept that ONE represents all, Jayz isn’t proving your point wrong either. So why are you defending this? Do you have some inside details?

    • Meme August 17, 2019

      Just because you don’t care, doesn’t mean others aren’t interested and having these important conversations. If you rather talk about cardi and Nicki feud and other bull ish that’s on you.

      • Tyty August 17, 2019

        That’s all you guys ever do have conversations try action it will serve you better. ??

    • Tyty August 17, 2019

      I’m not defending I am just waiting till I know more… I’m tired of black people and their hypocrisy, selective outrage amongst other things. I’m just under the belief that black people don’t want anyone to win they just want every other black person in the same boat. All this passion we have all the injustice we suffer and yet when you constantly ask people how much more can they take. What real action will we take to change things. It’s silence. Everyone is comfortable hiding behind twitter, behind marches and placards and that’s it. Kap is no more of a sell out than Jay is but somehow his a gate keeper to the movement now?? The man took his check, Nike deal and bounced. But people are happy for him to go get his job back and play for the white man but they are not happy for a black man to possible get a seat at the table??? We are comfortable accepting black players playing under slave contracts cause it’s easy. But we are not comfortable when one of us has the potential to get a seat at the table.

      • Stella August 17, 2019

        @Tyty YES!!!! ?????? EXACTLY!

      • musiclovah August 17, 2019

        Hi TyTy,

        Can you explain how Cap taking a Nike deal is a sell out? Or if not that, what exactly what makes him a sell out?

        The big issue with the Jay Z situation is that he took the deal while Cap had yet to get his job back. Yes he would will working for the white man, but that tends to be the case for everywhere black person as white people own a lot of things in america. When it comes to the Black fight against “The Powers That Be”, there is a saying. “What one negro won’t do, there will be another negro that will”. When this happens we, it underminds our ability to stand as a people against injustice. I think many people see Jay Z as that negro that sold out his people.

      • ChocolateBeauty August 18, 2019

        I have to say you are keeping it ?! No lies were told, even I had to check myself to see where I stand on this issue and others that are parallel towards it. After reading your post, I have come to the conclusion that just like you said and others have said the same thing about blacks (whether the criticism came from various ethicity of races or our own people). We as blacks should stop with the “hot and cold” (lukewarm) method of thinking and living. Furthermore, we as blacks should’nt waste our time on matters that create injustice opportunities for our community, rather birth the ones that bring justice! Not that I am proud to say this but, it is embarrassing to see that I, myself have been hypocritical about certain things, not all the time but sometimes. We as blacks should desire and practice to do better (it’s easier said than done but, it’s still the truth nonetheless). Thanks for you profound post!?

    • Tyty August 18, 2019

      @ musiclover His a not a sell out per say but if we use still working with the NFL as a measure of betraying our people like we are doing with Jay z then he is a sell-out. Nike supply uniforms for NFL why wasn’t there an uproar for him to get Nike to get him his job back as part of his very lucrative contract with them? But black people not holding Nike to the same standard as Jay which again proves my point if we hold jay to the same standard we have to accept he is different and on another level and we not ready for that (crabs in barrel mentality) as per his GF tweets his very much ready to go back and work for NFL again despite them still being racist and still not progressing on their support of social justice. But we as black people are happy he goes works for them but are not happy for Jay z to potentially work with them but in a much higher capacity??? He signed his NDA got his settlement and whatever conditions were set forward means even if he could work with NFL he probably wouldn’t be allowed to kneel or publicly protest, denounce or criticize the NFL but again according to those people close to him his willing and ready to play again despite these likely conditions placed on him? Knowing that you still think him and jay are any different?? Really?

  10. Cingwitma3rdi August 17, 2019

    Jay Z is nothing more than a Judas. I ain’t bought one record from this dude ever since he did what he did to Dame Dash. This negro is nothing more than a self-centered opportunist. Too many folks idolize him…no doubt he’s gotten farther than most and has used his street smarts to acquire riches but what is riches when you integrity and character is questionable. I’m not surprised he pulled this on Dupri. This n**** shady…that’s why Solange had to check his ass.

  11. Phyllis L Burkes August 17, 2019

    Very simply, how can one comment when you have stated that Dupri has NOT corroborated. This whole thing May not even be true!

  12. Gee August 17, 2019

    JD was asked to co-produce, as well as perform in the super bowl halftime show last year as it was in Atlanta. He turned it down to support the movement of Kaepernick, and JayZ. That is what BMC is talking about for those that are unsure or confused.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 17, 2019

      @Gee – Yes, you are exactly right.

  13. kay August 17, 2019

    Different person different deal!

    people are way to in their feelings

    JD has been a grown ass man for a while now he made his dissension!

    Black people hate their own sooo much especially when they see them winning

    yall as a people need to get it together! and unite!

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 17, 2019

      @kay – “Black people hate their own sooo much especially when they see them winning” – This I wholeheartedly agree with.

  14. Hotep Master August 17, 2019

    Leave the brother alone. All you ninjas and loose women commenting need to know your place and let the black man do his thing!

    • Jasmine August 17, 2019

      Get off his nuts. He like women and trannies not gay ninjas like u

      • Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew #TROLLmineTheIntern August 18, 2019

        TROLLmine don’t try and lump yourself in (trannies/hèrmáphrodites) in with women.m, just to feel validated.. he likes girls.. not “others” like you.

      • Jasmine August 18, 2019

        Never Forget the FACT I own you. I knew you wouldn’t last a day without stalking me. I control your mind. The only t***** hermaphrodite is u freak. I am all woman. That is why u stay mad and jealous of me and resent the fact I play mind games on you. You are not mentally capable of keeping up with me so accept your place as my b|tch and fall in line puppet.

      • Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew #TROLLmineTheIntern August 18, 2019

        Take your bipolar meds TROLLmine. Your boy side can’t get your girl side out of this scenario sis(bruh)!

      • Jasmine August 18, 2019

        Take your schizophrenia medication FAGmine! Your obsession with me is getting the best of you. Out of all these comments u zoom in on ME and only ME your master. Bow Down ?? to me your Queen B u shemale slave peasant!

  15. SNF August 17, 2019

    Yall believe anything anybody says… ?

  16. Dc August 17, 2019

    C*** ass N****

  17. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 17, 2019

    According to another website’s article ” Jay-Z and his label, Roc Nation, will now help coordinate performances for NFL events like the Super Bowl halftime show.” So there is that. It sounds much like what was offered to JD but not the Super Bowl but other shows they have surrounding it I believe.

  18. Cleotha Webster August 17, 2019

    J is a sell out

  19. Irving Zarate August 17, 2019

    Damn, this the real life Lion King right here, with Jay-Z playing real life Scar.

  20. johnZ August 17, 2019

    He never was worth and piece of @@@@@ Now he really proved it

  21. Dee August 18, 2019

    Jay Z co-opted Kap out of his own movement. This move by Jay Z lacks integrity.

  22. B Glass August 18, 2019

    Kap settled out of court and got paid. 70%+ of the NFL are Black millionaire athletes. They’re not refusing these contracts or refusing to play. It’s settled. Time to make money and power moves. What is he supposed to do? Not make money? Boss move by Jay Z.

    • Jasmine August 18, 2019

      He is supposed to make business moves in silence like the men you are talking about! Jay preaches one thing but then does the same thing he preaches against. That’s a No No. That is an evil hypocrite move

  23. Brenda Nichols August 18, 2019

    I don’t know if the statement by Mr C** is true or not. I believe I the NFL was truly trying to get beyond this issue they would have invited Colin Kapernick to the meeting along with Jay Z so they (NFL) could understand why he was kneeling he was not disrespecting the flag but fighting against police brutality in the USA.

  24. Truth August 18, 2019

    I don’t believe this… jermaine is nearly broke… he would have jumped on that if Jesus told him not to.. why on earth will you let someone tell you not to take a multi million dollar deal.. come on this is common sense. I do believe jermaine may be telling people he passed on it for clout.. But I don’t believe they offered him this deal.

  25. What would Whitney do. WWWD August 19, 2019

    But we’re not taking business advice from Jay-Z anymore…..

  26. bettie clayton August 22, 2019


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