Huge! Jay-Z & Roc Nation Join Forces With NFL In Unprecedented Deal / Will Co-Produce Halftime Show

Published: Tuesday 13th Aug 2019 by Sam

Jay-Z is not just a business man – he’s a business, man.

And he keeps adding to his portfolio of colossal deals. This time by way of a new pact with the NFL.

Full story below…

In news which hit the wire moments ago, it was revealed that Hov has teamed with the football force for an entertainment and social justice initiative – which’ll play out over the course of the 2019/2020 season.

As part of the deal, Jay and his Roc Nation entity will contribute to the league’s Inspire Change activism drive and serve as the “NFL’s live music entertainment strategists.”

The latter will see them involved in the NFL’s entertainment endeavors and also co-produce the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show. 

And while that’s led some to assume a Hova Halftime is incoming, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says that’s not Jay’s immediate goal:

“He was very quick to say that he does not want this to be about him performing, that it was broader than that. It quickly went beyond that. Do I hope he’ll perform in the Super Bowl sometime in the next several years? Yes. But I think we’ll all know if that time comes. He’ll know in particular.”

Jay himself said of the deal:

“I think we have autonomy. I anticipate that there will be a lot of—with any big organization, in this building right here we have internal problems. Anything that’s new is going to go through its growing pains. We put what we want to do on the table. The NFL agreed to it. So we’re gonna proceed with that as if we have a partnership.” [Source]


This is major – and also a little surprising.

Primarily given reports of Jay and others “allegedly” advising Travis Scott to not participate in this year’s Halftime Show (with Maroon 5) due to the on-going drama with benched player Colin Kaepernick (see: kneeling).

Whatever the case, it’s clear Mr Carter is taking a proactive approach to mending the NFL’s relationship with “the culture.” We’re excited to see what the partnership yields.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rita Ora August 13, 2019

    His business deals always FLOP or he abandons ship. Hey Tidal.
    This partnership won’t last

    • Luca August 13, 2019

      Year because he earned a billion by flopping…the same can’t be said for rita whora though ??‍♀️

      • Rita Ora August 13, 2019

        B**** Kylie Jenner is allegedly a billionaire too. The Knowles are famous for planting false tea to the media. He aint sitting on a billion nothing. Show me the bank statements then I will be convinced. Until then sip on an acid shake b****!

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 14, 2019

        @Rita… – Preach! NONE of these people are billionaires.

    • Bey Best August 13, 2019

      He did not earn a billion. His name is tied to a bunch of things that are worth a combined billion dollars. Celebrate that smoke and mirrors, sis.

      • Clocked In August 13, 2019

        Yet he’s worth more than both of you lmao imagine broke people arguing over someone’s millions

    • Andrew August 14, 2019

      He created Rihanna though

      • SMH August 14, 2019

        He SIGNED Rihanna, he did not “create” her. Big difference.

  2. SMH August 13, 2019

    So when Travis Scott did the super bowl it was a problem. But he decides to work with the NFL and get paid while doing so and we’re supposed to support it? Meanwhile Colin is still unsigned….Jay can have 200 seats. The whole ‘business man” crock is nothing but BS.

  3. Bey Best August 13, 2019

    So the woke, the queeers, the feminists, BLM and pro Blacks are celebrating this but canceled Travis Scott earlier this year for participating in the Super Bowl. Y’all love being sold out by the Carters. HUGE!!! ?

  4. Bey Best August 13, 2019

    This is NOT a win for “the culture.” This is a win for the Carters. Y’all sisssies, Black feminists and BeyHIVe will celebrate anything Jay does and never see any of his earning benefit Black people (unless you count drinking his liquor brands and partying at 40/40).

    • Rita Ora August 13, 2019

      Clock teas sis!!!!! He is a FRAUDDDDDDDDD

    • Clocked In August 13, 2019

      Why do you capitalize the H I V in hive ? You rat.

      • Jasmine The Real Princess August 14, 2019

        Because the HÎVe is too stupid and slütty to use protection ?

  5. Bey Best August 13, 2019

    And this “win for the culture” further narrows the gap in the music industry because musicians will have to go thru Live Nation to perform at NFL events, live music venues, etc. wins for white people, another major loss for Black people at the hands of Jay (Roc A Fella, Roc A Wear, Def Jam, Roc Nation, etc.)

  6. Bey Best August 13, 2019

    And why you think Jay begged Travis not to perform…because Jay wanted to the be the first rapper to “overcome” the “racial tensions” with the NFL, stupid.

    • SMH August 13, 2019

      Agreed, that sounds EXACTLY like Jay Z.

  7. Meme August 13, 2019

    Well there goes all the prestige the half time used to back. He just be doing too much.

  8. Blaine Kelley August 13, 2019

    While people are rightfully skeptical, I honestly do hope that the social justice component ends up being legit.
    I mean, it would be rad as hell if positive change comes as a direct result of this.

    Not that the impact should solely be determined by the benefit it could bring to CK, but how long til Kaepernick ages out being a viable player in the NFL? Is he past that point, or could he actually be a signed player again if the appropriate cultural shifts take place?

  9. Dc August 13, 2019

    So now the god Carter’s have embraced the NFL lmao such an opportunist so is it ok to not kneel since black people’s god Jay-Z said so gtfoh

  10. Jah August 13, 2019

    Proof that the more powerful(Preceived), the more they hate!

  11. Jasmine The Real Princess August 14, 2019

    LOL….wasn‘t I saying just last week how the Farters are using and playing y’all? Lmao!!!

  12. Kurtz August 14, 2019

    Can we see Mariah and Rihanna on the half time then please

    • Rosanna August 14, 2019

      Mariah will never perform at a halftime show her time has gone sis.
      After NYE and Xmas three lightning she’ll never be invited to do an halftime show.
      But Id love to see Rih there

  13. ??‍♂️Shrug August 14, 2019

    The word choice is all too telling. They went to that man and asked him again. They said no but said this is what we CAN do. They (the nfl) wanting the name attached is all for it. Why ??? Bc it gives them one of the biggest urban artist names to try to resway the masses. It seems like more of a PR move for the NFL than Jay. Especially considering last years flop of a show. They aren’t really in the position to swat away any olive branches. Jay doesn’t even seem like he’s confident in them following through. If he jumps ship we can almost guarantee they either wouldn’t help CK or just wouldn’t follow through with the justice initiative in general. But, Jay eats lawsuits like they eat dinner. I’m sure he made sure he’s covered. Even them saying within the next several years. That man is producing the show. Meaning I’m about to come up with a pro black ass half time and push as many black players to the front as possible and y’all aren’t really in a position to argue and if you do — legally imma bounce and they’ll most likely end up settling out of court. Let’s see where the chips fall.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 14, 2019

      @Shrug – How will “he,” Jay-Z, be pushing any Black players to the front if he is only PRODUCING a half-time performance? Anyhoot, this horse crap and I give it (1) SuperBowl before this crap falls back to the nothingness that it is.

  14. Romeo August 14, 2019

    Obviously people didn’t read exactly what this is about ..this isn’t about him performing…he is working with NFL to try to work on racial relations. And Kap was spotted leaving Roc Nation Sports…

  15. Beylover August 14, 2019

    Based off the comments….. Nobody read the article! Why am I’m not surprised? ??‍♂️

    I think Jay-z using her many platforms to help the NFL, team owners, players, and race relations is DOPE! Hopefully we can get better showtimes in the future because of this ❤️

    • Connie F. williams August 17, 2019

      with all that is going on in the world,…With ao much ar stake for people of color, all you’re thinking about is better half time shows???? WHAT ARE YOU 12 YEARS OLD OR SOMETHING!!!! SMH!!!! WOW!!!!

  16. ~The Arcade~ August 14, 2019

    So the NFL is out the cancel culture now, huh???? #hypocrisyatitsfinest

  17. H M Olivet August 17, 2019

    Give him the opportunity to prove his true intentions. A little trust and belief can go a very long way. Pray for his spiritual guidance. Ultimately God is in control!

  18. Connie F. williams August 17, 2019

    with all that is going on in the world,…With ao much ar stake for people of color, all you’re thinking about is better half time shows???? WHAT ARE YOU 12 YEARS OLD OR SOMETHING!!!! SMH!!!! WOW!!!!

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