Charlamagne Hits Back at Nicki Minaj: ‘We Never Banned Her from The Breakfast Club!’

Published: Friday 16th Aug 2019 by Rashad

Nicki Minaj has been atop headlines almost everyday this week thanks to a slew of reports that indicated she was beefing with everyone from Rick Ross to Trina, Joe Budden, and even rumors she’s reignited heat with Cardi B.

One of her targets – Charlamagne Tha God – is hitting back, however, after she took to Twitter yesterday (August 15) to say:

The comment was one of a couple aimed in the direction of the ‘Breakfast Club’ DJ after he weighed in on her on-air squabble with Joe Budden (click here to read).  He’s since tried to clear up the misunderstanding, but apparently his statement wasn’t enough (as evidenced by the tweet above).  Now, taking to our friends at Page Six, CTG is responding to Minaj’s report that she’s been banned from the popular New York radio station.

Read his words on this and more:

Via PS:

“There was never a problem with her,” he told Page Six, “we never banned her from the radio station. There is not a consequence to what she has said now, or in the past. I don’t know why she is saying that.” He added that he and Minaj “talk on the phone; we text each other” and that “rappers are going to be rappers,” and compared the posturing with “wrestling.” He said, “I would be happy and welcome her to come on the show.”

[photo source:  Getty Images]

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    • R@$putI@ L@tt!m0re August 16, 2019

      How he do all that dancing and living like that? He need to clean that apartment.

  1. Adonis August 16, 2019

    She lies so much!

  2. Michael Peter August 16, 2019

    Watch here

  3. Jasmine The Real Princess August 16, 2019

    Can’t she just die already?

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 16, 2019

      Go brush your teeth ? and swallow your mothers nutts your always the first to type something negative about Nicki Minaj who doesn’t give 2 fu.cks about your refrigerator built asss

      • Jasmine The Real Princess August 16, 2019

        Nicki is a w***** and so is your slüt mom

    • 7E August 16, 2019


  4. Clarkson August 16, 2019

    Can wait for someone to put a bullet in that chalamgne ugly face.
    He is so annoying

  5. Tyty August 16, 2019

    When is TGI going to do something about this jasmin troll??? The comment section are a shambles with its different accounts..

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 16, 2019

      As the real Jasmine I’m so tired of all these CardiB knock offs trying to be me I’m the Nicki Minaj of this Blog Site ?????????????

  6. China August 16, 2019

    Nicki is an AttentionWhore

  7. Boytoy1814 August 16, 2019

    This is all Cardi B.’s fault!!! Cardi came in & SNATCHED Oneeka’s rap crown & her record sales. Oneeka hasn’t been mentally sane ever since the Cardi Hijacking.????

    To stay somewhat relevant, Oneeka starting fights w/rappers & CTG. Stay in yo lane Oneeka! You’ll never win!

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 16, 2019

      No one thinks about Fraudie B in 2019 it’s all about Meg the Stallion

      • Dc August 16, 2019

        Meg flop Won’t see half of cardi success she’ll stay a top 50 artist ?

    • The Truth August 16, 2019

      I agree that Nicki hasn’t been the same since Cardi hit the scene. Nicki was not mentally prepared to have her time at the top to end so abruptly, and for someone from a reality show to get everything she wanted (a man, a baby, #1 hits, a GRAMMY, a classic hip-hop album, etc.)

      As a former barb, I am seriously concerned for her mental health. She’s not in a good spot and I am confident that this man she’s with will end up leaving her once he secures the bag and gets a little fame. I hope she truly finds peace and happiness. Jealousy is a disease. There is enough room for ALL female rappers, but Nicki wanted to be the only one…which honestly worked against her. Having other female rap albums to compare to hers shows how bad her pen game got (i.e. Queen v. Invasion of Privacy). Hell, even Iggy’s new album is better than Queen and that is a REAL kiiiii

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 16, 2019

        @The… – “Hell, even Iggy’s new album is better than Queen and that is a REAL kiiiii” – The lies you tell.

  8. Gee August 16, 2019

    Honestly Nicki needs to take a break from everything after this next album start a family and enjoy the fruits of her hard work and allow herself to be missed for a while. Because I understand that she feels isolated but she is expressing and channeling it in the wrong way.

    • Just Sayin’ August 16, 2019

      I thinking the same thing. She needs to drop the album and disappeared for a year or 2 cause these days she just looking more crazy which is destroying all of her earlier achivements.

      • The Real Princess Jasmine August 16, 2019

        Your opinion is like an asshole no one cares besides the buttt buglers (the Gays)

  9. The Truth August 16, 2019

    Nicki, girl, GO AWAY! Playing the victim isn’t working for Taylor Swift and it’s not working for you. You cannot be the BULLY and the VICTIM! You bullied Lil Kim and created a hate train towards her! This is called karma, darling. I hope you and her are becoming acquainted with each other because she is THAT b**** 😉

    Almost 40 years old talking about “hot girl summer”. Girl, it’s called MENOPAUSE!

    A Former Barb

  10. Barb-wire / Thee Stallion Hottie August 16, 2019

    ??? Yes! I love the new Nic. I think Kenny just might be good for her. He gave her enough courage to speak out against the BS. No more Nicki Maraj bullying. My bih coming and putting these h** ass n***** on blast.

  11. The Truth August 16, 2019

    Dear Grape Juice Staff,

    Please begin monitoring the comment section on this site. These comments are truly despicable. This section should be a place for people to peacefully express their opinions, but this is the only blog I see where the comment section is to this level. Throwing playful shade is much different than bullying. I have seen nothing like this.

    Calling people s**** because they don’t like your favorite artist? Sad.

    This blog has gone downhill and it saddens me.

    • Jasmine The Real Princess August 16, 2019

      Shut up slüt

  12. Barb-wire / Thee Stallion Hottie August 16, 2019

    Cry me a f****** river Charlamagne! You allowed yourself to be bought by Atlantic. You’re a dumb ass b****. Not only did he allow a non-rapping ass ho to trick the masses into thinking she has sold something when she hasn’t (All Payola and still no real sales) you disrespected a black Queen in the process so yeah, fucckk you and that dishonest h** Crackhead B.

    • The Truth August 16, 2019

      This is an honest question and I’m not being rude, but why does this make you so mad? There’s room for all female rappers.

  13. bunz minaj August 16, 2019

    #1 guilty party at the breakfast club=”DJ ENVY”

    he’s admitted multiple times to BLACKLISTING nickis music and having a PMS attitude everytime nickis name/projects were mentioned!!!

    example-go back and look at how he acted when they asked him if nicki was on “hot girl summer”

    charlamagne is just a side kick NOtT the the RINGLEADER

  14. The Truth August 16, 2019

    One thing I cannot stand is a pretty person with a bad attitude. That is what Nicki is. She is GORGEOUS (the look is never the issue), it’s her attitude. I bet if she was humble and had a pleasant attitude (a la, Beyoncé, Ciara) that she would have #1’s and would still be popping on the charts. Nobody wants to support a bully.

  15. LUCKI August 16, 2019

    I figured she wasn’t banned. TBC doesn’t care for her, but what would they get out of banning her from their studios? Nicki loves to talk out of her ass.

  16. Dc August 16, 2019

    Hot girl flop number 21 iTunes already ??????????????????????????

  17. The Truth August 16, 2019

    The fact that her married name will literally be “Mrs. Petty” lol the jokes write themselves. She is setting herself up

  18. Bettie Clayton August 16, 2019


  19. ken August 16, 2019

    She is such a liar!

    Like she lies for NO REASON

    who is 30 something and lies like this!


    SHES a K U N T!

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