Charlamagne Responds To Nicki Minaj’s #QueenRadio Episode: “I Love You, But Don’t Become Rap’s Mo’Nique”

Published: Tuesday 13th Aug 2019 by Sam

Last night saw Nicki Minaj set the airwaves ablaze with a drama-filled episode of Queen Radio on Apple Music. 

As reported, she sounded off on the likes of Joe Budden, Trina(‘s team), and ‘The Breakfast Club’ – notably Charlamagne and DJ Envy – many of whom she accuses of fuelling and choo-choo’ing “The Nicki Hate Train.”

This morning on Power 105.1, The Breakfast Club weighed-in. And while they were endorsing of the femcee (expressing that they love Onika), Charlamagne warned that she needs to stop claiming everyone’s against her, so as not to become “Rap’s Mo’Nique.” Yikes.

Take a listen to segment below…

It’s a touchy topic. We want to know, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. SMH August 13, 2019

    Become the rap world’s Monique? Meaning a strong black woman not afraid to stand up for herself and knows her worth? Charlamagne the Clown needs to shut his c00n ass up just like Monique told him when she was there.

    • kiki August 13, 2019

      Meaning all do do is complain about things you have yourself created!

      No one is trying tpo hold her back!

      she holding herself bACK!
      that just sounds stupid and immature

      Grow up and act your age woman!
      Screaming and yelling aint it! blamming EVERYONE aint it!check yourself

      • SMH August 13, 2019

        Looks like you need to sit your ignorant c00n ass the f*ck down too. You don’t even know what you’re talking about, you only saw Nicki’s name and jumped right on the train.

      • Thatflopjuice August 13, 2019

        SMH I just chanted an obeah spell on you to HEX YOUR BLOODCLAAT!! Shake your head 10 times and it’s gon fall right off. Think im joking? Give it a try b****!! ?

      • SMH August 13, 2019

        LMAO. Yeah ok, go get a job after you cast that spell dummy.

    • Jasmine August 13, 2019

      @SMH Mo’Nique is an OLD FOOL who plays herself over and over! Her whole thing is trying to dictate how much a producer pays an employee. It does not work that way in life. Mo’Nique has to take the risk and invest in her own projects, step up and be the producer and hire employees at whatever rate she feels is fair. She cannot dictate what other people do. She can only dictate what she does! Mo’Nique has never taken the risk in investing in her own projects so she can shut it.

    • Jasmine August 13, 2019

      @SMH Not long ago Nicki was hanging out with A list celebs and on her way to crossover success in music, television, movies, and fashion. She aborted that career track to get engaged to a convicted felon who murdered a man and r.aped women and be associated with reality stars like Rah. She literally put all her opportunities on a silver platter for Cardi B to grab because she made herself unapproachable!

      Cardi is now the crossover celeb with the career track to be successful in music, television, movies, and fashion. Nicki worked hard for that type of career but it went to Cardi B (who has not worked nearly as hard for it).

      You are quick to defend Nicki and Mo’Nique but slow to analyze the realities of their situations objectively.

  2. Kell August 13, 2019

    Nicki is tired of people trying her, she has every right to speak out and what better way to do it then on her hugely successful radio show.

    • Thatflopjuice August 13, 2019

      Toxic radio show, she’s self imploding right before your very eyes and ears but y’all live for the drama and the antagonizing and the shade. She’s been a whole troll to female rap for over a decade! Keep free passing her and fuel the hate train at the same time.

    • Me August 13, 2019

      How’s Megatron doing? Rappers rap not podcasting.

      • Kell August 13, 2019

        megatron has done well it went top 20 and Is almost gold . you look stupid trying to use megatron as a dis.

      • Kell August 13, 2019

        and rappers that have a net worth of 85 million can do whatever the f*** they want.

      • Me August 13, 2019

        I asked your loose sphincter having ass WHERE TF IS MEGATRON. You look goofy tryna say it’s almost gold when it’s bubbling below the bubbling under. Go fleet, sis.

  3. Thatflopjuice August 13, 2019


    Thanks Spongebob for putting the world on to your ignorance, colorism, hatred and mental illness for over a decade!! ?????? Mr Petty short ass can’t find your battle with karma, you dumb bird!! Just wait!

    • Faf August 13, 2019

      When she said blackgirltragic she was talkin bout y’all ???? bye wide back gorilla
      What karma? Cardi album shelved
      Remus a jailbird flop
      Kim is on a flop reality show with other Hasbeens

      • Thatflopjuice August 13, 2019

        Praising a 1/4 coolie b**** who ain’t even black to destroy real black woman was always the agenda. We gon possess your fave to meet her maker. ????Mr Petty gon s*** her in the stomach. She’ll never bear kids or live a happy love life. Miscarriage tingz. ??Keep f!cking with karma silly b****. And yes Cardi dropping an EPIC remake of Ladies Night just wait on it and album #2. You gon spit dem wrists.

      • Dc August 13, 2019

        Cardi album still on billboard top 50 album hater working on follow up now ??????????????

  4. tina August 13, 2019

    Why is this 30yrs old woman acting and screaming like a teenager!

    why do people accept this! She is soo Mad and Unhappy!

    I never heard someone happy act like this

    She buts oiut neg energy and expect to get good energy back!

    Shes lied and been screaming for over a year!

    ROW UP!

    • Faf August 13, 2019

      Bc u can do what u want when u poppin? Who gon check her ???? nobody seeing her sales even with payola antics

      If u notice the Grammys lost their validity nobody even calls belcabar a Grammy winner cuz they know it was paid for

      • ken August 13, 2019

        Check your grammar!

        cant explain logic to a dummy! hahahaha

    • Me August 13, 2019

      Poppin? Where’s Megatron? WHERE’S QUEEN??

      • frost August 13, 2019

        where they need to be. where is your father?

      • Me August 13, 2019

        Sitting with his feet up after retiring. Like your fave should be doing but alas she’s a clown like your half d3ad granny. Fleet more, hon.

  5. tyty August 13, 2019

    Everyone who had a problem with Nicki where biting their tongue when she was popular and making monies… That safaree interview when they initially broke up, shether, meeks beef with drake plus cardi b success was just a combination of s*** that broke the floodgates. And everyone who hated her just let it be known ?‍♀️?All these people hated her or had problems with her for years…but her being super successful at the time they couldn’t say ish

  6. Thatflopjuice August 13, 2019

    You minions keep victimizing Nicki having a hate train yet feel no way about shitting on rap vets like Lil Kim; that narrative doesn’t work! Ignorance is bliss, ain’t nothing bonafide about St Nick’s come up. Birdman wanted a Lil Kim Jr. Nick can’t troll Kim her whole career and expect the world to praise her. She either makes it right and humbles her self or the hate train continues. PERIODT. And trust, we have NO PROBLEM driving the c*** baths!t crazy. It’s already working!!! ???

    • Faf August 13, 2019

      Bc Kim isn’t a victim she’s a delusional s*** who was f****** someone else’s husband and thinks she’s a light skinned woman

      • Faf August 13, 2019

        She has had beef w foxy eve charli faith etc b****** that could out rap and out write her ?? the dif is ppl who don’t like Nicki don’t have no talent

      • Thatflopjuice August 13, 2019

        Nicki has the most UNSQUASHED beefs among female rappers and that’s a Discontinued K-Mart Collection FACT! Y’all Garbz refuse to believe the same woman you idolized for 10 years is imperfect like every other human being, oooh she gotta be so perfect and always right. Little do you know y’all conducting the hate train yourselves with the evil you put into the world. It’s coming back like a whole boomerang when you least expect it. Nicki sooooo scared at what’s to come, talking bout witch doctors and sh!t. Buhahahahaha! She know what’s coming!! ???????

  7. ken August 13, 2019

    she reminds me of those annoying ghetto girls that get on NYC subway after school being loud and ghetto for no reason, screaming for attention!

    ughhhhhh throw her away!

    • Faf August 13, 2019

      They probably gay bashed u cuz u think ur a woman ??

      • ken August 13, 2019

        Sorry im not a Bard! those and the ones who think they are woman!

        just lil monsters like you and your mama

    • SMH August 13, 2019

      You mean like how lil Kim used to be back in the day, and still is to a point even today?

  8. Queen ?? Missy August 13, 2019

    Bratz are reason why most adults can’t rock with her… that and she needs help writing her own shhhhit. Her stuff lately is garabj.

    • frost August 13, 2019

      f*** them hating ass adults she has done well for herself without em

  9. SMH August 13, 2019

    Sexism at its finest. Kanye West throws WAY more temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, and far worse than Nicki Minaj ever has, and yet he’s labeled as a “genius” and a “free thinker”. But a woman does the same thing, and she’ll get all these ratchet ignorant comments like the ones on this post.

    • Dc August 13, 2019

      Stfu he’s labeled as crazy

      • Jason August 13, 2019

        She’s called crazy too..

      • SMH August 13, 2019

        No he’s not, so you can go ahead and stfu while the grown ups talk.

    • Barb-wire / Thee Stallion Hottie August 13, 2019

      Exactly! Nicki is supposed to shut up and rap like some good little girl while the man get all the praise in the world. The hate is blatant here. They are trying to silence Nicki and create false scenarios where she is a bad guy. I’m glad she’s tired of taking the sh!t. She tried the rise above it approach and these losers are still coming for her, time to put all their asses on blast now. F*** this s***.

    • Danny Bey August 13, 2019

      Nobody calls Kanye a genius or free thinker excpet Kanye. Lmfaooooo you really tried that. Dont nobody f*** w him. You Barbz are so goofy and just say anything to try to make your illegitimate point

  10. Paulo August 13, 2019

    Regardless of the rights and wrongs of Nicki Minaj, Charlamagne is a coward and Joe Budden is a bigot and I’m glad she put them two right back in their places.

  11. Barb-wire / Thee Stallion Hottie August 13, 2019

    F*** this Transgender M**********. Anyone sucking Cardi B c*** gotta be a clown for real. That’s why this idiot will never progress to anything more than a radio personality. No person of worth really f*** with him like that. He’s a c00ning as b**** for real. Nicki don’t need advice from this whack ass h** Cuntlamagne the b****.

    Nicki Minaj will always be Nicki Minaj, this bozo won’t tell her what to do on any day. F*** him and that moron Joe Budden.

    • Paulo August 13, 2019

      F*** both of them but f*** your transphobic ass too!

    • Me August 13, 2019

      So, you’re upset? How’s Megatron doing?

      • 7E August 13, 2019

        You are so corny, you got to have born this way. because there is no way your level of corny and dumbness is learned.

      • Me August 13, 2019

        So, Megatron is flopping incessantly? Projection doesn’t sell records. Do better, powerb0tt0m.

  12. Rico August 13, 2019

    I’m guessing Nicki forgot she started the hate train for female rappers especially the ones that came before her. She’s always said forgot what has been done and allowed her fans to bully all the other girl bases. Nicki it’s called karma

    • Queen ?? Missy August 13, 2019

      Right. Stupid ho. Calling other black women monkeys and old bishes. Never NOnika.

      • frost August 13, 2019

        what black woman did she call that ??with your lieing ass…it damn sure ain’t Kim she Asian now

      • D August 13, 2019

        @Frost – she referred to Lil Kim as ‘Bubbles’. I’m sure that was the name of Michael Jackson’s per m***** / c*********. She’s made similar references as well (in songs and interviews).

  13. Gee August 13, 2019

    Honestly Nicki got angry with a lot of DJ’s when they said that she went too pop. Personally her and Charlamagne relationship went sour when he said Anaconda was trash she in turn tried to have him fired and personally if you are trying to take food out of mouth and money out of my pocket over your sensitive feelings I would have a problem. Nicki has used her platform to spew anger and range instead of using her platform and influence to celebrate and grow. I really need for Nicki to focus on creating a great body of work for her next album and continue to let her success speak for her.

  14. Apostle Denise Clark-Bradford August 13, 2019

    Nicki is on some hardcore drugs. It’s not just pills sweetie. Since Nicki idolizes Bey so much, why can’t she take a page from her book? Move in silence and collect your coins. Throwing tantrums daily will get her nowhere. She’s tarnishing everything she’s built over the past decade. I’ll pray for her sanity. In Jesus name honey.

    • tyty August 13, 2019

      She doesn’t idolize her she just knows a more dominant female when she sees one same thing with Rihanna. Rihanna doesn’t like nicki yet she has never openly attacked her.

    • Warning August 13, 2019

      Just to let you know that your iP address can be tracked and you can be sued for slander.

      • Manuel Irving Zarate August 15, 2019

        VPN B*TCH!!!

  15. MissGuided August 13, 2019

    Nicki is a f****** pick-me personified. She is so male identified it hurts. The #BlackGirlTragic hashtag made me officially cancel her coked out bird ass. She took a hashtag that represented everything positive about Black women and turned it into something dark and nasty. Nicki, why don’t you chase behind White, Asian, Indian and Native girls since you’re so mad at us? Oop that’s right! They don’t support you b****!

    • D August 13, 2019

      Most Sagittarius people are a lost cause, anyway. Lacking foresight, hindsight, and common sense.

      • MissGuided August 13, 2019

        I won’t even blame her Zodiac sign. Nicki is a vile, mean-spirited individual overall.

    • 7E August 13, 2019

      fck you.

  16. Gio88 August 13, 2019

    I don’t like Charmaine but let’s be real I doubt all this “hate” comes from nothing , in my experience if a lot of people have a problem with a person, maybe it’s this person who is the problem!there are a lot of strong black women who don’t need to argue to everyone just to show it

  17. Jason August 13, 2019

    I’m confused, all people do is hate on her in the comments of ANYTHING, but they hate if she’s upset about it and has an attitude. I guess she should quit writing and mumble more to be taken seriously? ?

    • SMH August 13, 2019

      Exactly, idiots are just bandwagon hopping on the train.

    • 7E August 13, 2019


    • gag August 13, 2019

      You’re so right! they want that dumbed down mumble music

  18. Ariana Grande August 13, 2019

    Can y’all leave sis alone? It’s pretty sad that we used to uplift our idols, praise their talent and support them. Now we savagely attack every breath they take. Miserable times…

  19. Just Sayin’ August 14, 2019

    Can Nicki Minaj just keep her mouth shut for 5 minutes!! Why is it everytime this bish releases new music she cause a s**t load of drama. Goddamn it like this bish cant let the music for itself. She can continue to destrory what little relevency she has left but please bish don’t ruin’s Megan’s carrer in the process.

  20. Babyboo August 14, 2019

    Ok let’s be candid here, Mo’Nique is running around here ghb hollering about ppl’s pay and what th es y doing to her! Truth be told she is no A-list star! Ain’t t.c nobody gonna invest in her when she only mostly do straight to DVD movies. She cant act if u ask me and she’s a B rated comedienne!

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