Rihanna Expresses Dislike For Jay-Z’s NFL Deal

Published: Friday 16th Aug 2019 by Sam

Jay-Z‘s polarizing partnership with the NFL continues to be the subject of ample debate.

For while some have praised the mogul for attempting to mend fences with the league and garnering potent pull in the process, others are less impressed given how vocal he was during the fall-out from Colin Kaepernick kneeling protest. The latter of which, despite a hefty payout to the player, remains unsolved in the eyes of some.

And it appears Jay’s protégé Rihanna seems to agree.

Full story below…

RiRi reportedly declined several offers to play the NFL’s coveted Super Bowl Halftime Show in allegiance with Kaepernick (who remains inactive til this day).

And in making clear that her stance hasn’t changed, she liked an Instagram post from cultural commenter Shaun King who branded Jay “wrong” for striking the deal.

Suffice to say, Ms. Fenty’s action should answer speculation from many about whether Jay/Roc Nation’s involvement means she’ll be taking to the Halftime stage.

And while we imagine some will be wondering whether her very public move indicates some kind of discord, we’re see this as little more than Rih being her outspoken self. Sometimes it’s ok to disagree, even with family. What are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme August 16, 2019

    Yes Ri! Girl speak out

    • Clocked In August 16, 2019

      She took her like down though

  2. Apostle Denise Clark-Bradford August 16, 2019

    Jay-Z is dark sided. He needs Je-Zus in his life. Let us pray…

  3. Bey Best August 16, 2019

    I love how Sam tiptoes and pvssy pops around Jay-Z’s deception by avoiding a definite opinion, which is unlike him, to remain in Bey’s good graces.

  4. Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 16, 2019

    Before everyone jumps on the Carters Hate Train (because we know everybody loves to ride the train ?) but hasn’t a Black Man just got a Seat at the table? Shouldn’t we judge him on what he PRODUCES for Black people from this opportunity?? Which other black celebrity out here exercising this Clout?

    People be too quick to judge ??‍♂️

    • Tyty August 16, 2019

      AA I have found don’t actually like taking action they love hashtags and trending on Twitter but forget work actually has to be done. How much longer can people kneel? What happens after kneeling?

    • The Brain August 17, 2019


    • Cingwitma3rdi August 17, 2019

      Let’s make this clear…Jay Z is doing this solely for the purpose of that almighty dolla. Power moves my ass…and let’s keep it REAL my people. Jay Z is going to make a mere pittance compared to the NFL and owners. They have continued…on the “under” try and outrightly treat black players like they 25 million slaves (which many in fact are…unfortunately) while letting guys like Peyton Manning slide by using PEDs with minimal character damage and Ben Rothlisberger raping a woman with NO serious backlash or character damage. Jay Z may have played his money “position” well but he will suffer the backlash from woke black entertainers who know this is some corporate white boy b**** s*** just for the benjamins.

    • Peter mathew August 18, 2019

      So getting a seat at the rable is worth selling out the struggle. This crab in a barrel mentality will keep black people down always . We never stick together. If you supporteing karpenick why acvept a deal that does not include him

  5. Datredd23 August 16, 2019

    She will be able to buy him in the next few years. Her businesses are booming extraordinarily

    • DC3 FOREVER August 16, 2019

      L M F A O

      Honey Jay Z can afford to buy Rihanna 100 times over! Rih ain’t in the same tax bracket by any means!

      I will agree Rih is most definitely in her bag right now but NEVER will she have a Billionare bag like Jay in the next 10 years…. she knows her place

      • Rick August 16, 2019

        Last time I checked Ri Ri was worth 600 MIL…what makes you think she won’t catch Jay Z in few years?

      • Why Tho…. August 16, 2019

        You sound stupid if you think Rih won’t be a billionaire in a few years. She’s already passed his wife…He’s next h0£!!

      • Maxx August 17, 2019

        DC3 Forever your post may have sounded good in your head, but it is highly unintelligent. You know the saying think before you speak, well you should think before you post & post based on facts. Rihanna will most definitely surpass Jay-Z in the next 5 years let alone 10. She already more than half way there.

      • The Brain August 17, 2019

        These people act like Jay z gone stop making money while Rihanna makes hers ..you people clearly don’t know “the money game”…

  6. Tyty August 16, 2019

    What does this deal actually entail? Kap and jay are not besties stop exaggerating. Aren’t some of Kap friends still working in football and ain’t seeing them giving up millions to stand in solidarity with jobless kap. In fact, why hasn’t the man himself spoken?? Everybody seems to be speaking for him. Shaun needs to stop pretending to be black and stfu as well. Fake outrage y’all will be whining about something else by next week. ??‍♀️

    • Jamie August 16, 2019

      Lies. AAs have more then any other African descent in non dominant societies. HBCUS, Banks, Historic Neighborhoods, Real estate, laws, Corporations, Chains, Politics, Media Platforms, Magazines, Production Companies, Churches, Burial, Land all over, ect.. All fought for by AAs! Despite slavery, red lining, jim crow, police brutality, medical wars, ect.. Get your facts right.

      • Tyty August 16, 2019

        Oh shut up I’m very well versed in what AA have done in the PAST to further the movement…but this new generation is nothing but whingers who think twitter hashtags is the be all end all. You said all that and yet you didn’t address what’s being done after kneeling? You’ve kneeled okay but the majority-black players are still on the field playing getting their checks from the very white man whose system the ”fight against”. Kap is jobless signed an NDA, got his money and Nike deals and been relatively mute since. Last I checked when blacks were not allowed to sit comfortably in buses they got off and walked. Instead of just complaining whilst using the buses anyway…. Which is what this generation does. Kap takes NIKE checks despite them sponsoring NFL. AGAIN IT IS ALL FAKE OUTRAGE!!!

  7. DC3 FOREVER August 16, 2019

    Seriously doubt she got offered to do halftime. Her performance skills are trash. I can’t hate on Jay Z the way the world is now you can only look out for you and yours so get your money as best as you can HOV.

    The gag is tho Rihanna or no one knows what’s been discussed between JAY & Colin and the NFL this whole move could be secretly bringing him back (if Colin wants to come back) and then once that happens everyone will be singing JAY Z’s praises.

    People just want something to complain about.

    • Why Tho…. August 16, 2019

      No the gag is you sound stupid asf!! And trust and believe, Rih has been offered the Super Bowl halftime a few times. Her catalog is definitely bigger than the one you Stan for dummy!

      • Maxx August 17, 2019

        I 2nd your emotion. DC3 you are just talking to be talking….You really sound like an idiot.

    • Cingwitma3rdi August 17, 2019

      You’re missing the point and the big pic…it’s definitely okay to make your money. BUT the fact that this negro fronted like he was down a very serious cause for which Kap took a knee in the first place…the unjustifiable murders of UNARMED black men and women by a united police state that has always used force and violence to control the black community. Theoretically, Jay Z has basically “cashed out” on the cause and has used some real janky ass ways to do it. While it may be true that it’s just “business” and Jay Z made a smart move… the fight for justice for our very existence as human beings is not for sale or rectified in a business for corporate America. Like the intro to “Ether”….f*** Jay Z. This n****’s character and integrity is real questionable.

  8. Barb-wire / Thee Stallion Hottie August 16, 2019

    ??? @Black people acting like Jay is their savior. This man has never cared about y’all, he only cares about the next person to fill his pockets and that’s that.

    • Why Tho…. August 16, 2019


  9. The Truth August 16, 2019

    I am glad Rihanna spoke out. Jay-Z is very self-centered and only cares about his pockets and acquiring all the businesses he can. Now how will this impact her album since he’s still over her imprint, right?

    And I swear I love Rihanna more every day. She is a class act…even though she shaded Ciara at the party years ago. Poor Ciara’s career hasn’t be right ever since (but her bag is secured, and she is STUNNING, so no shade towards Ci).

  10. SNF August 16, 2019

    There are no billionaires who don’t do shady sh!+… Black or white.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 16, 2019

      @SNF – Jay-Z isn’t a Billionaire. He’s just a natural born snake.
      #Smoke And Mirrors

  11. Clocked In August 16, 2019

    She took that like down quick, so is she really standing her ground?

    • Urg August 16, 2019

      Doubt it. She know better than to cross Hov.

  12. Lex August 16, 2019

    Great job Jay Z!!!!!

  13. C.N August 16, 2019

    I must be the only person not afraidddd of a successfullllllll blackkkkk mannnn periodddddddddd. Y’all so hateful. Anything a black man gains is because hes evil? A taker?? A sellout?????? ….. You are all crab in the barrels. Why is a good rich black man such a mythical thing for y’all…?? …As a a black man i always think if they hate our greats theyll definitely hate me for achieving anything. Hes not ur God. Hes living his life helping. And because he didn’t put money in your CRAB IN THE BARREL ASSES DOESNT MEAN JAY Z DID S*** WRONG. YOU HAVE TO LOVE AND UNDERSTAND YOU’RESELF FIRST BEFORE U CAN SOMEONE ELSE. THUS ALL THIS HATE

  14. Gee August 16, 2019

    Fact is Rihanna was offered to perform at the halftime show but she turned it down to support Colin K . She has a right to her opinion and she can still have respect for JayZ even if she disagrees with his decision.

  15. Anne August 16, 2019

    It is not okay to publicly disagree with family. Family should keep family disagreements among family and out if the streets. Jay Z and Rhianna are not family, they are business partners. Nothing wrong with her voicing her disagreement publicly as long as she’s prepared for the damage that it might do to their working relationship.

  16. Diao August 17, 2019

    I’m Wana to

  17. Lisa Ann August 19, 2019

    I think everyone that does not agree Jay Z, should turn there channels when the halftime show starts then they can see the ratings drop. Jay Z was in charge of the performance that his wife did when she totally disrespeced every Man and Woman in uniform by that performance that seem to honoring the black panther or just black people alone. Jay Z is all about the money and power.

  18. Catherine August 20, 2019

    I support Jay Z and Kap. What’s after the kneeling? Jay does a lot for AA. He’s a smart business man as well, he achieved billionaire status from being talented and a hard worker. Kap cut a deal with NFL to get money and I see nothing wrong with that. We as AA have to support one another without all the name calling. We can agree to disagree. The white folk love all the dissension over this issue right now. To call Jay Z a sellout is crazy in my opinion. The man does lots for his people with his own money.

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