MTV #VMAs 2019: Normani, H.E.R, Big Sean, & More To Perform

Published: Tuesday 20th Aug 2019 by Sam

It’s official! Normani is heading to the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.

Full story below…

The singer, who is enjoying breakout success with new single ‘Motivation,’ has been confirmed amongst the latest list of names set to take to the stage at this year’s VMAs.

Also added to the bill are Big Sean, H.E.R, Ozuna, and A$AP Ferg. 

The quad join previously announced performers including Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award honree Missy Elliott, Taylor Swift,  Lizzo, Lil Nas X, Camila Cabello. As reported yesterday, Megan Thee Stallion is amongst the list of names set to rock the VMAs pre-show.

Airing live from the Prudential Center on Monday August 26th, the 2019 VMAs are increasingly looking like a must-see.

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  1. pat August 20, 2019

    …already doing well on itunes and spotify.. i smell a top 10 hit w no feature

    • Jasmine August 20, 2019

      Congrats Notmani and Missy. Looking forward to your performances

  2. AnonymousTruth August 20, 2019

    Oh what… Normani performing on the main show .

    Sidebar – If Camila really show up and perform Havana one more time then I Oop..

    • The Truth August 20, 2019

      Camilla will probably perform with Lashawna Mendes.

    • Meme August 20, 2019

      Camilla has had multiple hits since Havana. She currently has a massive single called senerita

      • AnonymousTruth August 21, 2019

        Oh really , thats awesome for her . Since she performed it at the Grammys I thought it was going to be a rolling thing .

  3. The Truth August 20, 2019


    • Xtina4life August 20, 2019

      It will take normani forever to reach camila status. Camila just has the it girl factor and she’s not trying to be anyone else unlike normani. All you see is wanna be beyonce nothing else.

      • The Truth August 20, 2019

        You’re kidding, right? Camilla wore that bow on her heard in fifth harmony to get attention because she knew she wouldn’t stand out otherwise. Camilla left the group before everyone because she knew she couldn’t compete if she went solo when they did (namely Normani). Camilla does not have staying power, trust me. And she’s not that cute (see her video with Mark Ronson).

        Camilla is a 99 cent roll of paper towels…forgotten once you dispose of them. Normani is going to be an icon…watch.

      • shawn August 20, 2019

        u a hater and a lie normani is not like no n beyoncé. why do y’all think beyonce is the only one that can dance her choreography isn’t even like beyoncé where u getting that from.

      • Angela D Wesley August 21, 2019

        Y’all Camillia fans are delusional. She is more like talent less and her voice sound
        horrible. The only reason that she kinda relevant is because she is friends with
        Taylor and she is dating Shawn Mendes. Normani is just starting and she is already
        getting some good support from her fans and celebrating too. I think that Normani
        will do well in the future with her career.

  4. The Truth August 20, 2019

    Normani’s team has done EVERYTHING right! From the features, to the tour, to the video, to the performance. EVERYTHING has lined up perfectly! I smell a top 5 hit (at minimum) and with no feature?! BYE CAMILLA!!!

    • Meme August 20, 2019

      Thank you for pointing this out. EVERYTHING RIGHT. They didn’t miss a mark. Honestly if normani doesn’t make it, it’s because of us. We have to support this queen.

      • SMH August 20, 2019

        Totally agreed.

      • The Truth August 20, 2019

        YES! We have to support her!

      • Iamme August 20, 2019

        I agree

    • Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew #TROLLmineTheIntern August 20, 2019

      Everything right except make standout music. She has an Ariana Grande b-side and vocal tribute song. What’s most important isn’t right- original material.

      • Stacey August 20, 2019

        Why does this make sense?

        Anyway, her team got everything right BUT the music. Better song or some orginality and we would have no choice but to buy and stream a great song. Move away from Beyonce styling and samples it’s bordering on trolling now. You can’t want your artist to be branded a tribute act, tell her to find inspiration in underground artists art or fashion?

      • Jasmine August 20, 2019


  5. busy bee August 20, 2019

    Who cares? Todays talent and star power isn’t up to par to keep people interested in the VMAs. #NextCase!

  6. Meme August 20, 2019

    This is going to be a hot show. Looking forward to normani, missy and her

  7. SMH August 20, 2019

    Perfect! This is it, she’s about to take off.

  8. Stacey August 20, 2019

    She should be on the preshow and Megan on the Main stage. Megan has the song of the Summer with two big name feature artists on the song everyone wants to see her on the main stage, not Normani performing a new song nobody knows.

    One major awards show performance now her fans are putting too much pressure on her to out perform serious performers.

    • Erica August 20, 2019

      Girl go lay down ugh

    • The Truth August 20, 2019

      You sound ridiculous. Meg has only released mixtapes. Normani has performed at the VMA’s before with 5H, has two top 10 hits, and has a current MONSTER hit on her hands with Motivation.

      I love Meg, but she’s not main show performance ready just yet.

    • Gworl Bye August 20, 2019

      Girl shut up, nobody knows who Megan is except the ratchet crowd.

  9. Da’Veed August 20, 2019

    Megan is slowly taking over. I see she has more likability from the industry than any other female rap star right now.

    • The Truth August 20, 2019

      Stop pitting female rappers against each other. Damn. There’s room for everyone!

      • Gworl Bye August 20, 2019

        Where was that energy last year when cardio b came out? Y’all was praying she would take Nicki Minaj out, now there’s room for everybody? Stfu.

    • High Price August 20, 2019

      Actually females in this last year of the decade and more than likely the next decade (2020) are being more receptive and appreciated.

      • Gworl Bye August 20, 2019

        Lol no they’re not, they’re just stripper rappers like Jermaine dupri said, and none of them are selling.

  10. The Truth August 20, 2019

    Off Topic: I still feel like Sam Smith paid Normani dust with DWAS. They didn’t perform that song once. And now suddenly he’s dancing in his videos? Hmm. Sounds like homegirl didn’t want to be upstaged by Normani on his own song.

    But I digress. I still love Sam, and I absolutely LIIIIIVE for Normani!

    • Erica August 20, 2019

      I agree

    • Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew #TROLLmineTheIntern August 20, 2019

      You’re thinking too much into it. He gave her her biggest hit, just as Ariana is donating her unreleased track “motivation” to her.. Be grateful.

      • The Truth August 20, 2019

        Girl, bye!

      • Gworl Bye August 20, 2019

        Wrong, her biggest hit was Love Lies with Khalid. you dont get to give her credit to the white man stupid, so sit your hatin ass down.

      • Jasmine August 20, 2019

        Ignore FAGmine

    • High Price August 20, 2019

      Makes sense to me! Smh a shame.

  11. Banks no tyra August 20, 2019

    I bet you they wont be asking Fantasia lol

    • The Truth August 20, 2019

      Now I love me some Fanny, but you KNOW nobody wants to hear her perform “Enough” at the VMA’s lol.

    • Raja August 20, 2019

      Why mention Fantasia? She is 30+ and doesn’t sing pop music.

      • Banks no tyra August 20, 2019

        Because they trying to promote her as if she will have a career like beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, alicia keys, nicki Minaj, cardi b, Jennifer Hudson, Janelle mone fantasia is a has been period

  12. High Price August 20, 2019

    Didn’t plan on tuning in but I JUST MIGHT since BIG Sean and Normani’s impacting the scene!

  13. I love big black c** August 20, 2019

    Split legs….. I know her legs are always wide opened. Lol. Bet she will do whatever it takes to become Beyoncé. Desperately thirsty…..

    • The Truth August 20, 2019

      Girl, STOP! She has made it clear that she is a fan of Bey, Janet, Ciara, etc etc. She wants to be NORMANI! She is not trying to steal Beyoncé’s spot. Nobody can do that. What Normani can do is bring a dark skinned pop girl to the mainstream and that is what 2019 needs.


  14. Clarkson August 20, 2019

    Normani is going to do the most on stage and end up embarrassing her self.
    Heavy dancing doesn’t equal good performance. She has one shot to make an impression and I have a feeling she’s going to blow it.
    Everybody is going to realise her vocals live are lame and basic

    • 2bad2bme August 20, 2019

      The haters said the same thing about Queen Bey when she first came out solo comparing her to Ashanti and look…BOOM! Ya’ll said the same thing about Cardi B and look…BOOM! Hahahaha!!! Stay mad hater.

    • The Truth August 20, 2019

      @clarkson, what is your issue? Seriously. You’re a hater and for no reason. Aren’t you the same one that said nobody does hard dancing? Yet the masses are eating up Normani’s video? Jeez, let this girl LIVE and do what she WANTS! Criticizing every damn thing. This is why there aren’t many black girls in the mainstream because of people like you that down everything they damn do!

      • Clarkson August 20, 2019

        There are no black girls that are mainstream cause u guys keep paying them dust, making excuses why they didnt pop. Teyena Taylor, keke palmer, Justine sky, tinashe, Ciara, natalie la rose, jordin sparks etc the black community paid them dust.

    • The Truth August 20, 2019

      @clarkson Teyena Taylor, keke palmer, Justine sky, tinashe, Ciara, natalie la rose, jordin sparks ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL have terrible music! Every single last one of em! ALL OF EM! Tinashe had 1 hit. Ciara is hit or miss (very miss these past 5 years). Natalie La Rose was sleeping with producers and had ONE hit that sampled ANOTHER hit. Jordin Sparks hasn’t found her sound. Justine Sky is missing something….some of her music is okay, but it’s like she needs to let people get to know her personality. KeKe Palmer hasn’t found her sound (the only song of hers I liked was Bossy…and that was a song from Star). And Teyanna has everything but her music is lacking…she needs to leave Kanye, he messed her up. I love Teyanna.

      MORAL OF THE STORY IS IF THEY PROVIDED GOOD MUSIC AND HAD GOOD TEAMS, MAYBE THEY WOULD BE DOING BETTER! So don’t blame Normani because she has a good team! And also, Normani is from a girl group so she already had a fanbase and foundation built before Motivation.


      • Clarkson August 20, 2019

        Sevy stretter was from a girl group, with a fan base, so why didnt she pop? Same with Kelly Rowland?

        Tell ur self the truth, is motivation a good song? that song is basic pop trash.

      • ERIC August 20, 2019

        Sevyn’s problem was that she wasn’t consistent in style and sound. She took her focus off the music and became more and more provocative to hold people’s attention, but it had the opposite effect. Fans were on her Facebook asking what was wrong with her. I still listen to RichGirl’s music, but I’m not a Sevyn fan anymore.

    • Gworl Bye August 20, 2019

      B**** stfu, when was the last time ANYBODYS vocals mattered at the VMAs? Just admit youre jealous and stfu already.

    • The Truth August 20, 2019

      Sevyn is from a FLOP girl group that had NO fanbase itself! And Sevyn is talented as hell, but she had a TERRIBLE team! Signing to Chris Brown’s imprint wasn’t good.

      Stop being bitter that Normani is doing what the other girls couldn’t. There is room for all of them! But don’t be mad at Normani because SHE and her TEAM got it right! I don’t see you having this energy with everyone from Beyoncé’s generation? Where’s that energy for Kelly, Michelle, Ashanti, Truth Hurts, Nivea, etc etc. Sometimes not everyone gets it all correct, and sometimes they do. Normani got it correct.

      Spread love and positivity.

      • The Truth August 20, 2019

        ADDITIONALLY: Sometimes it boils down to not everyone has star power. Normani has star power that this generation has not seen. She is our generations premier black pop girl. And I don’t mean she’s replacing anyone that came before her, just that the other girls you listed (Tinashe, Jordin Sparks, Sevyn, Justine Skye, Keke, etc) cannot command a stage like Normani.

        Stage presence like Normani’s has not been seen since Janet, Beyoncé, Ciara…and you KNOW that’s a fact. You cannot tell me any of the girls you listed above have better stage presence than Normani.

        I love everyone, and this isn’t me throwing shade. There’s room for all of them! Spread love and positivity!

      • Clarkson August 20, 2019

        “Stop being bitter that Normani is doing what the other girls couldn’t. ”

        What is normani doing that hasn’t been done before. Intense choreography, twerking, hair flips, serving poor vocals, singing forgettable pop songs ? They’ve all been done before

        “But don’t be mad at Normani because SHE and her TEAM got it right!”

        Gurl calm down, we need to see which position the song will debut next week before we can start saying her team got it right. Let’s see how the song will perform on the charts. forget about success outside America tho cause Europe will pay her dust.

        I want normani to win but come on that motivation song sucks and it’s going to flop, when it flops she will do a collab with a hot rapper like juice wrld or offset or da baby or even cardi.

      • The Truth August 20, 2019

        At the end of the day, f*** Camilla! I cannot stand that h*e!

        *Now goes back to spreading positivity and love*

      • The Truth August 20, 2019

        @clarkson see my above comment about them not being able to provide stage presence like Normani.

        And did you really just say “a hot rapper like juice wrld or offset or da baby” Lord if those are what you consider GOOD rappers then that is the equivalent of considering bologna a rare delicacy.

      • Clarkson August 20, 2019

        “Command a stage like normani”

        LOOOL. Gurl u play too much. Normani is a popular meme. she was performing love lies (a song that doesnt belong to her) and she shouted WHAT ,pointing the mic to the crowd to sing along (she thought she was beyonce, LOL) and she got no response, crickets.
        the funniest thing I have ever seen.

        many people who saw her at the Arianna Grande tour said she is rough live , poor vocals and her style of performing is very drag queen.

    • The Truth August 20, 2019

      @clarkson you sound ridiculous. You’re bitter and for no reason. It’s clear that Normani can command a stage.

      Tinashe, is that you behind that keyboard? That would explain your bitterness since Normani is signed to RCA…the same label you were on but didn’t pop on.

      • Clarkson August 20, 2019

        Kelis, cassie, dawn Richard’s was from a popular girl group danity cane, she is artistic, she sings well, she dances well, she dark skin but yall paid her dust. so why now are u guys standing and hyping normani up?

    • High Price August 20, 2019

      @Clarkson lmao you guys are wishing the worst for her. Well let’s all meet back here on the night of the VMAs to discuss your review and PLEASE keep your same account. No shade but some of these users on the site be the same person with different accounts/names smh.

    • The Truth August 20, 2019

      @clarkson, stop talking to me. At this juncture, you’re only debating with yourself. The fact that you mentioned CASSIE as if she actually has the talent that Normani has – that is a joke. And Dawn? She’s INDEPENDENT! And her music is hit or miss too! Sorry, but you have to have a GOOD team behind you and a LANEL if you TRULY want to pop.

      Kelly’s music sucked up until she released “Motivation”.

      LEAVE ME ALONE! I know that’s you Tinashe! I know that’s you behind the “Clarkson” name.


      • The Truth August 20, 2019


      • Clocked In August 20, 2019

        @The Truth? B**** I know you lyin! Justine Skye, Teyana Taylor and Tinashe have great music! They don’t get the shine they deserve. And stage presence? Gworl Tinashe And Teyana Taylor year stages up. Watch their videos on YouTube. Tinahses Aquarius album and Amethyst mixtape were very good and a lot of people agreed. The damn truth girl bye

    • Stacey August 20, 2019

      This. People had no expectations at BBMAs unlike now, her fans and the GP expect something spectacular and if she don’t deliver it’s not a good look when that’s the only thing she has.
      Her team should let her develop than just a dancer before pushing for main stage and making her the headliner. Pre show would be a smarter choice.

      • Pat August 20, 2019

        GP doesnt even know her like that yet to b dissapointed. They will b impressed

      • shawn August 20, 2019

        u sound silly ass f*** she been performing with 5H, and also just came off tour performing solo. so stop ur s*** she going to do well why all this negativity.

  15. 2bad2bme August 20, 2019

    This is her Crazy In Love moment. I need all the celebrities (Black) to be on their feet to support her like they did Bey at the BET Awards in 2003.

    • The Truth August 20, 2019

      I’ll be on my feet!! But, at my house…not in the audience :'(

      But I KNOWWWW Normani will deliver! She’s ready! She. Is. Ready. 🙂

  16. iamdiego August 20, 2019


  17. Raja August 20, 2019

    I’m not sold on Normani just yet but I’m interested in seeing what else she has up her sleeve.

  18. YAS BIH August 20, 2019

    I just wanna see missy bring everybody out to help deliver and destroy her performance she will be the number one talk of the night.

  19. ~The Arcade~ August 20, 2019


  20. Clocked In August 20, 2019

    @The Truth? B**** I know you lyin! Justine Skye, Teyana Taylor and Tinashe have great music! They don’t get the shine they deserve. And stage presence? Gworl Tinashe And Teyana Taylor year stages up. Watch their videos on YouTube. Tinahses Aquarius album and Amethyst mixtape were very good and a lot of people agreed. The damn truth girl bye

  21. Beyhives August 21, 2019

    Who is she? She is so trying hard and beyonce wannabe. She is arrogant and no appeal to the GP. She is no Beyonce, Nicole or Camila Cabello . She is not even Kelly or Michelle. She is on La Tavia level

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