Nicole Scherzinger Offers Update On Pussycat Dolls Reunion

Published: Monday 19th Aug 2019 by David

Nicole Scherzinger is currently on the hunt for fresh  faces in Australia as a judge on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ and sat down with ‘Sunrise’ to explain why she is committed to finding a new star in the sun-kissed market.

Keen to celebrate the nation’s diverse culture and honour the artists she has met from Polynesian and Aboriginal cultures, the entertainer also revealed how she feels about the Pussycat Dolls and talk of a reunion.

Her answer may surprise you…

Talk of a reunion was recently marred by claims that the band’s handlers were forcing/coercing its members to sleep with powerful figures in the entertainment industry to create fresh opportunities.

Hit this link to read the upsetting claims.

Your thoughts?

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  1. lucy fur August 19, 2019

    botox? fillers?! her face doesn’t move anymore.

  2. China August 19, 2019

    She can sing. BUT her NASTY Attitude shines through. HER GRABBING THAT MIC from that CONTESTANT on that Reality show was HORRIBLE. She is a HORRIBLE human being.

  3. L’ORANGE August 19, 2019

    Nicole has a beautiful voice. She is not aging gracefully and she need to stop abusing Botox and fillers. The record companies allow Nicole to have so much input in her music as result she never rise to the top like PCD. Her voice is better with R&B music.

  4. Clarkson August 19, 2019

    She thought she was going to have a beyonce type career when she left the group, LOL
    Now look at her, a judge on a talent show.

    She broke the group up, she was mean to her other band mates.

    • 2bad2bme August 19, 2019

      She was mean to her other band mates when she was in her first group Eden’s Crush too. Now look, A FLOP! LOL

  5. Tyty August 19, 2019

    Surgery cannot stop a face from doing what it naturally does which is age I have no idea why people think they can defy nature…always end up looking a hot mess. Now look at her she can’t move her face and looks weird

  6. #TheTruth August 19, 2019

    She’s a beautiful woman. Beautiful mix : Ukraine, Hawai and the Philippines.
    She can sing, she can dance, she’s got talent for sure.

    I don’t think she needed all that surgery but it doesn’t look horrible… for now. Hopefully she stops.

    A PCD reunion would be her + 5 background dancers basically.
    She didn’t really have the right material to blossom as a solo artist and kind of missed her shot. Maybe coming back under the PCD label would bring some attention back. But I doubt certain members like Melody would accept the very same conditions.

    She may pull a AMA once again, that was absolutely horrible to listen to ??‍♂️

  7. XYZ August 19, 2019

    Sorry, but they’re too old to be the PCD now. I mean, they could do a real housewifes type of show and release some Songs that wont Chart. But no one is here for aging strippers…

  8. Charli Cheer Up August 19, 2019

    At this point it might be too late..and the fact that it didn’t happen in 2018 means that the other band mates still have issues with Antin & Nicole. All I can see now is a mini-reunion like what Beyonce tends to do when she calls Kelly & Michelle to perform with her at Superbowl & Coachella

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